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    Possible suffix -CAIHD constantly applied integrated heat dispenser. My thoughts on this are such. This is insanely resource intensive. If you add up the cost to macerate/furnace/all-the-other-stuff-you-need-to-do. This might not work so great compared to the original Ice/Water bucket cooled system. Also if your timings off by a fraction of a second then there is a major chance of kablooey. I don't see how this would be practical unless you become superrich selling EU to a server. Then theres the cooldown factor. You have to let EVERYTHING cool down that might take awhile unless you make so many IHDs that you can continuously loop. You need this many resources to make 1 IHD

    ResourceRequiredStacksRaw orecopper dust158glowstone dust2iron dust42lapis lazuli2redstone6rubber6tin dust95

    Multiply that by 100?

    ResourceRequiredStacksRaw orecopper dust1,12517 stacks, plus 378 stacks, plus 51glowstone dust2003 stacks, plus 8iron dust2503 stacks, plus 581 stack, plus 61lapis lazuli2003 stacks, plus 8redstone6009 stacks, plus 24rubber6009 stacks, plus 24tin dust2774 stacks, plus 212 stacks, plus 11

    Holy crap thats exspensive. I'll let you do the rest of the math the resource calc I used is have fun.

    Crap the chart didn't show. just plug that into the resource calc sorry.

    I'm very hands off so I tend to use low key designs that don't require the CA part of CASUC but I personally would cool it with ice because it stacks and generation can be made quite simply I'de take the EU loss on the ice vs water because I work more on improving and maintaining my factory and mining. I also don't use RP2. However thats just me. Might get into RP2 when I have free time in the summer.

    Sorry its really not relevant but its bugging the heck out of me. You only use "an" when theres a vowel next to it like an octopus or an apple. you use A when its a consonant. like a fighter or a doctor. I know the English language is weird. But you've got really good English compared to some people who were born English. Keep up the good work two thumbs up :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: or 6

    Really good thank you very much but waaaaay outta my league my advice? If your like me. just use the 240 lava buckets that you could get rather easily convert them into cells and use geothermal (win!). However major props Nuke power ftw! the ultimate test in MC abilities. I commend thee! also. If you run in a multiplayer server. With this tut you could setup a "breeding shop" charge people supplies EU etc in exchange for uranium cells (prolly need a money back guarantee if the whole thing goes kablooey)

    Gorzak has a point there but I must put my two cents in. Cooling cells will hold more heat but that takes time. Thats where just SUCs come in. I don't use CASUC reactors because I don't play enough so I was playing around one day and found that adding in 4 stacks of ice into a reactor design of mine (loosely based off another design) actually made my reactor better. I could then run it for two cycles in a row instead of 1 and still having a massive cooling time. Thats as far as I got it it wasn't the best reactor per say. But it worked for what I needed. So I tend to now think of ice and cooling cells this way. Ice is like a chocolate bar. Great instant gratification. Whereas Cooling cells are steaks. Taste way better but take longer to eat and fill you up more.

    EDIT: sorry a little more than 8 stacks of ice heres the design


    You can't have a nuclear reactor has a main source of power without watching it constantly. I use my generators has secondary power for UU and teleporters, and only that because of my extra uranium. You missed the point of the new system.

    Wrong, on one world I made a MKII-(porlly something else)-SUC wasn't that hard and produced 80 eu/t however I have small energy needs my factorys tend to consist of 9 machines and caput. however people have built CASUCs that can run for cycles on end with zero surveilance.

    But that requires time. Time in which I could be mining well my solars produce energy. I could, in fact, be mining coal, which means I am getting energy as well, or diamonds, or any number of things. In addition, solars don't require anything produce energy other than daylight.

    Yes but if you load em up with 64 cells of lava each your set for a long friggin' time. I'm currently trying to switch over to geothermal. Where I used to need 10 solar panels now only needs one geothermal and Alblaka is introducing Buildcraft pipe compatability to directly feed them.

    EMP fries electronics disabling them temporarily or forever... But how do we determine which? Plus the circuitry in the emmitters need to be shielded so I'm suggesting that the circuits have to be covered in rubber or some other simmilar shielding device.

    Corn Tier III or IV
    Just like real corn
    Green stalks as it grows which turns yellowish at the end
    It drops 2 pieces of corn and 1 seed per.
    Can be used to attract animals within a certain radius can be cooked to produce food same as bread

    Had a friend who used technic pack... So I looked into it. The next day during band I cussed him out for it. There is a saying that goes like this; "possesion is 90% of the law," I believe the technic pack should be routed out, however on Mojang's TOS I didn't see any real clarification on whether or not a modders work is protected by their copyright, would be cool if i could get some clearance on that.

    While working with my miner I ran into water... this in of itself isn't weird but the fact that the pump i had next to it wasn't filling the cells OR buckets after pumping the right amount of liquid is/was. The pump did have energy. It was right next to the miner and was pumping the water just not filling the containers. Help please? If anyone else has experienced this please say something. :Miner:

    EDIT: Issue solved. Merely a fluke i didn't have it setup right testing results show positive all is working as should be. Leaving the topic up so people don't re-report it.

    LEgit idea, will be added.

    Wait macerating or glowstone ball? I'm inclined to believe glowstone ball atm, someone please verify?

    Also, there is a certain scientific law that states that you cannot make or destroy matter (disregard mass fabricator it takes energy and scraps to create something else entirely) I see the random drops of glowstone dust as fair because when someone mines something there is a chance you can mess it up to the point of "f it it's not worth it". sortof like coal miners getting covered in coal dusts they could get some money off of enough stored dust... but the companies don't bother.

    Does anyone NOT use RP2 with IC2? I know some small minority is in that camp, but I can't imagine doing so myself. That being the case, I find I treat RP, IC and BC like competing companies. I use the products that I need to fit the circumstances. I use the RP Lights for when I need them to turn on and off. I use the IC Luminators for when I need something that will hold a charge. I use BC for when I need leaky pipes :whistling: ! I know the RP lights don't run off the power grid, but I can simulate that with the new EUD wires.

    Not really trying to make a point, just my 2 cents.

    I don't use it, I disagree ALOT with RP2, so even though I'm an Rstone geek I won't use it, besides that I think the stuff is a little (lot) costly.

    Possible Solution: doesn't transfer energy but instead you can make a minecart track that teleports minecarts (including chest minecarts wink wink hint hint) into the nether with an item i dunno being maybe a battery? either way this nether-portal block would be crafted with three power rails over the top two Advanced circuits on the sides of the middle a flint and steel in said middle and 2 obsidian on the sides of the bottom with one dirt in the middle. it would be "powered" by nether portal next to it teleport the cart instantly and create a track on the other side. Would probably be a pain to code but then you wouldn't need and inv. full of crystals leaving you to carry building supplies for that reactor you decide is safer in the nether.