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    Not to mention it would be easy for people to use "pin" numbers and have a sign to make 4-digit pin numbers good idea only make it one personal chest with a circuit on top instead of 3. Being able to link them all would be a plus say 3 at most. Lastly, a remote changer, should be an advanced circuit with a wire underneath on the sides and glowstone on top with redstone filling the corners. I give it a 7 out of 10 and would actually use it on a server.

    So does building a reactor X_X I honestly don't bother doing this sortof stuff but now that ice cooling is better than water buckets I've found a system (I've only done small scale tests and non CASUC reactor designs) regardless how big the factory may be(BC teleport pipes hint hint wink wink) if you have enough resources most any reactor design is possible. :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell:

    IDEA!@!@ use an ingenous route of cobblestone and stone pipes seeing as they dont connect it would be easy... then route them to a series of iron pipes slowly connecting them...also gold pipes.

    EDIT* sorry for double post

    In response to everything. I was talking about for people who were really insane enough to go the UU-Matter route personally I have a 2chamber reactor that powers my factory producing ice (not just ice) (the design uses 4 stacks of coolant per run its a MkII-something or other-SUC and if anyone finds that uran recipe tell me I sortof leeched the ground of its uran :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium: :Uranium Ingot: :Uranium Ingot: :Uranium Ingot: :Uranium Ingot: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond:

    well if your hell-bent on using fuel you can farm tin with UU-Matter (I wouldn't advise it) it isn't fast AT ALL but if you REALLY wanna get something working this is it. alternatively you can use coal although you get 3 less coal than tin for the same amount of matter X_X

    for the coal in a 9by9 square it is :Matter:
    there is a space in there :P

    for the tin it is :Matter: pp:Matter:

    EDIT* sorry about the P's the forum keeps destroying the recipes :O
    and again alternatively if you just wanna go nuclear roundabouts now... well I cant help you i forgot the recipe

    1.15 thermal generators directional sound is messed up (I only noticed the thermal generator nothing else. would like some feedback on that) the sound comes in the opposite direction of the actual generator like you stand right next to it with it on your left and hear it out of the right headphone/speaker but sound levels seem normal the farther you get the quieter.

    You need nuclear power 101. First things first, nuclear power is generated when two uranium atoms collide. This creates tremendous heat and tremendous pressure turning a turbine somewhere (how the heck should I know where? It's like rocket science) the turbine turns mechanical energy is turned into electric energy (shady on this part too). The electric energy can then be stored in battery silos or go straight to our homes. When the two attoms crash into eachother they have so much force they split and recombine this is called nuclear fusion or fission (not sure which but i do know there is a difference). (oddly enough its also what happens when we set of a nuclear bomb who woulda though? oh wait. everyone.) I apologize for the inconsistencies and the lack of knowledge therof. It's not like i work at one of these places heck I'm only 14!

    It's a Mark IV barely. You had the cooling cell that was pretty much surrounded by the sets of 3 U Cells get destroyed, but that was it. Besides that, it was a Mark II-1C.

    Personally I don't like reactors unless they get near a Mark II-10X, so I can't rate it too high on my personal ideology. You could have possibly replaced a lot of the reactor plates with Cooling Cells instead though to help with the cooling measures. But that's just nitpicking. For a first reactor design, it's not terrible.

    So close yet so far. so very very far.

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