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    May we get back on topic please? GregoriusT this is meant for servers where power theres a central power grid and glassfibres are exspensive as crap. Also SpwnX -1 for derail. :P.

    Edit: and while it is from Buildcraft alot of people use buildcraft and I've never seen a pure IC2 server so tele tethers.

    It would really be strange to jump around on UUM.
    How about having to can the UUM first before you can compress them into a block?

    That would result in a different texture than the purple undefinable mass.

    (OMG wasting tin OMG)

    Tin pincher :P I like the gamma radiation idea. buuuut I don't too much effort for something nearly useless.

    Well Its time to take IC out of the Direct current age and into the Alternate current age. First some real life history. Alternate current was found by some guy named Nikola Tesla. He turned Direct current DC into Alternating current AC with the... Tesla Coil... But we use that for swatting mobs. So Alternating current is used for long distance energy transportation. It turned the effective range of electricity from 1 mile using DC to 100 miles using AC. Now I propose that we add AC into IC. :thumbup: . Basicly I'm suggesting that we have to craft a a motor sort of like tesla's using a HV transformer a couple copper ingots and an advanced machine like this
    :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot: :Copper Ingot:

    :Copper Ingot: :Tesla Coil: :Copper Ingot:

    :Copper Ingot: :Advanced Machine: :Copper Ingot:

    where the :Tesla Coil: is a HV transformer. Now this little machine here would be needed on both ends one to turn it into AC and one to turn it back into usable DC in our homes and factories. It will decrese energy loss by minimizing energy loss by, not 100:1 like the real Tesla Coil but more like 10:1 seems more fair. This will still cause fair energy loss over longer distances in a large city environment. Like huge. Like more thank a couple of MC Km cus. for Glass fibre to lose 1 EU with this setup it will need to travel 400 blocks O.o. But on a related note the HV cable will still lose 1 eu uninsulated and 1 eu every 12.5 cables fully insulated. Still resulting in a decent energy loss over say 400 blocks. This will also make it easier to build windmills a decent distance away to fix any lag issues the sounds cause. Also this will make our worlds prettier. Please give me feedback on this and if I screwed up and somehow missed a suggestion while using the search function I appologize. Everyone thank Mr.Tesla for pwning mobs for us.

    Yeah Mark 1-0s in my oppinion are the best and you've got it right there on effective output however efficiency out of all three is most important because it determines how much uranium you go through which has a direct effect on long term eu output. and you did a really good job on efficiency. Yes you do have a point with the building bigger reactors. You do eventually wanna bump that up to 6 chambers and get 4 uran cells ina square. there are probably some designs that already do that but i think they would be like Mark 3s or 2s or you know 4 and 5s. Also are you using google translate?

    Heres another reactor design. I modified yours and made it a little bit cheaper its a Mark 1-O you can use 1 less chamber but if you do it will become a Mark 2-12. however to autorefill your gonna need to put buckets in the empty slots. I'm not particularly good at designing reactors so if you haven't check out the list of good reactor designs if none of those suit your needs then ask someone here. Glad your having fun with your brandy new reactor. keep up the industrialism.


    Does beer and rum ferment in unloaded chunks? I am playing on the industrial rage server and someone decided to buy a barrel of beer. I then put the stuff in the barrel and promptly logged off to fall asleep. Does anyone know if booze ferments in unloaded chunks?

    I don't believe I can do better nor will I try. I'm a musician not an website designer I look at notes not at webdesign thingys. I can only offer a suggestion. Make it the first thing a player sees. Player see, player see which mod was made by who it also shouldn't be blue. Blue is a calm color red catches the eye more however red is harsh on the eyes so a nice burgundy would tone it down enough and make it quite noticeable. Then put the launcher down at the bottom of the list in a slightly different color. Green perhaps to catch the players eye so they don't automatically give up. Also checking the site. I now see a donate button. It says they don't accept donations to the mod pack and to forward all donations to the individual modders. I also see just below the launcher the major mods of the modpack. Which was harder to notice than the donate button just as going down through it as a mainstream player. Also. My problem with technic is not that what their doing is a bad thing its the way they go around doing it. It is said that its better to seek forgiveness than to seek permission but that doesn't mean its right. Its helpful it gets players into modding it does all that stuff yes. But it does it by being a dick to the modders.
    EDIT: Whats wrong with broadway? What do you like hate music or something?