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    The only thing I could see ice useful for would be the minimize cooldown times on high heat high eu/t reactors or to turn a lowish heat mark 3 into a (barely) mark 2.

    That being said, ice is irritating to make without using TMI or having some crazy BC+EE factory set up(which would change the game on reactors anyway) Using a stack to extend my meltdown a few extra minutes isn't worth it currently.

    It might be usefull to generate more eu over a longer period of time if we used ice to shorten cooldown times on mark 2's, or even get us higher efficiency by turning mark 3's into safer mark 2-suc reactors.

    Ice might have practical uses, I hate making it, so im not an expert on ice cooled reactors at all.

    the problem is how fast your gonna go through ice with that much heat.

    With all that uranium your generating tons of heat, once the reactor hits 200 heat in the hull its gonna start popping ice blocks.

    The ice block that gets popped wont reset the hull heat back down to 0, it doesn't work that way. Its going to absorb enough heat to keep the hull around 200-300 untill the last block melts, then your back to generating massive heat. 4 stacks of ice in your design will give you a reactor that will last about 5 minutes longer than it would previously, but still nowhere near a full cycle

    edit: someone else explained this way better than me, let me see if I can find the post.
    I could not find it but it goes something like this, all the HD;s and coolants in the system are gonna be close to the same heat the hull is. The ice is absorbing heat from all of those, cooling them and the hull down. So you have to divide that 200 cooling the ice gives by the number of components and then add 1 for the reactor hull itself. therefor what is happening is your hull and components are reaching 200 heat and the ice is melting and giving cooling divided by the amount of components. Since your reactor is generating so much heat, blocks will melt by the second to keep everything around 200.

    If you only have one reactor you shouldn't go into breeding just yet ^^

    Yes. 0 chamber reactors aren't good for breeding. They can shine in series as low heat high eu/t generators, but for a really stable breeder(oxymoron) your gonna need chambers, a good design, and time.

    The best advice i can give you is work on the math that goes into this or really get good with the simulator and start experimenting with it.. Its not hard once you get into it, especially with the sim.

    otherwise there are a few posts on here with good breeder designs and instructions behind how to use them to their full potential.

    your coolants are sucking up all the heat. it wont start heating untill they pop, and when they pop it wont heat the cells long enough to breed before a meltdown.

    heat is vital to breeding, you have to find a balance somewhere. It can be difficult with 0 chamber reactors, especially water cooled.

    Forgive me for not going into the math on this. I just dont feel like it. As such I have to say my opinion is theoretical at this point.
    Im going to throw this out here by example. Keep in mind the designs aren't optimal. So for sake of argument, there may come a certain point in eu/t vs efficiency that its more productive to increase our chamber size. But for the resources used and the optimal output im going to argue that multiple single reactors is the way to go. The designs I will be throwing out are going to be pretty crap mark 2's.

    Take this low efficiency single chamber design for instance:…XXXXXXXCHCHCHUCUUHUCHCHCH

    now take this 6 chamber design for instance:…XXXXXXXCHCHCHUCUUHUCHCHCH

    Its an exact duplicate of the first, except this one cant keep up with the heat at all without filling the other 3 chambers. We could fill those chambers, and make it a little more stable:…HXCXCXCCHCHCHUCUUHUCHCHCH
    For 9 extra coolant cells and 3 extra hd's.

    At this point i would like to point out that I understand that the design of these reactors, nor the cooling is optimal. MUCH LESS the efficiency of the uranium.

    lets drop a chamber:…HXCXCXCCHCHCHUCUUHUCHCHCH
    add a few coolants, its still relatively stable.

    instead of 3 chambers, we can save a chamber and use the 2 others plus some easy resources to make a whole new reactor, encase it in water, and end up with a reactor that still doubles our eu/t and has FAR less heat.

    Here's the issue, the 33 external cooling of the water is only good for one reactor, so we still end up with a larger cooldown time as we add chambers and uranium. The runtime drops, the cycles drop, and there's no good reason for it as far as I can see.

    There are some really awesome designs out there right now, but uran efficiency isn't really that big of a deal, especially with a separate breeder. Whats the point of chambers vs single reactors?

    your comments are going to be a bit misleading to ic newbies. The reactor doesnt make any ice for itself. Also im getting a blank reactor layout when I click on your link.

    Its a nice idea, and practically viable if you like to run buildcraft and IC together.

    It actually does work, I modified the design a bit and tested it myself on a test world. I've tried to overload a reactor 4 times so far, its always shut it off right before it hits meltdown.

    It might not work every time, and if you have enough uranium in it to set it to overload before the water hits the redstone torch your still screwed, but, it works.
    A not gate with a trench cut underneath for water to flow into is what you need, when the reactor goes into overload it will disintegrate one or 2 pieces of the wood floor, if you have a spot cut out to collect the water it will destroy the second torch every time.

    Its not overly useful for me as if im running a reactor that hot, its a breeder, and im babysitting it already.

    nevertheless, it does seem to work.. If your the kind of guy that runs a mark 3+ long(ish) term, and forgets to turn it off.. this might help you.

    Im having difficulties uploading the photos.

    ahh that makes sense if the sim is expecting them to be taking in some heat. I couldn't think of anything to fit in those slots so I just threw those in to bring the h/c surplus numbers down, but since they aren't actually cooling anything it makes sense I would get an inaccurate statistic.


    So im on my 3rd ssp world and decided to go through with absolutely no tmi use and I am at the stage where I managed to build a reactor and 3 additional chambers.

    Being so I screwed around with vendaria test a bit to see if I could get a relatively stable 3 uc design with the chambers that I have.

    I know there are tons of hd's and the design isn't great, I cooked this up in about 3 minutes but It made me wonder...

    If the heat/cool surplus is 0, shouldn't that mean It wont gain heat? because the hull is still heating up. Will it level off eventually? Im sure the u-cells will burn out before anything significant happens.. but still, im curious.