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    I fully support this idea. I like all the features, except maybe climbing. I don't want electric walls that are climbable. The reason this would be better than uninsulated wires is that it would not constantly EAT power to be on. I don't know if it would be the most useful, but I hate the look of iron fences and they are so yester-tech!

    This deserves a bump. I definitely want this. I did not know that this was a problem, but I was GOING to set up a system like this, and iron chests would be SO helpful. (It would help that all players could use it)


    I think the point of this mod is not to have some teleporter that uses energy based on distance, as we already have that. What is needed is a one use device, usable only by the player. Sure, you could recharge it, but it would add incentive to only use when far away, and make it easier to adventure, while knowing you are always close to home. It should have some sort of nether-portal-like animation, so that you could cancel by letting go of the mouse button if you did NOT want to teleport and used it by accident, as well as to emphasize the importance/awesomeness of it.

    I am actually in FULL SUPPORT of the nuclear bit, but I would like to modify the tier system. I think it could really be reduced to 2 tiers, one for diamond drill and one for mining laser. We could leave the miner as the sort of "zero tier". For the tier 1 generation, we could maybe have a combination of water and geo, maybe also with normal generator capabilities. I am thinking that the tier 1 all-in-one miner should accept a whole shitload of things to turn into power relatively efficiently, and the tier 2, made of the finest parts and mining tools (a mining laser), should use a high quality compact nuclear system. It doesn't have to be the most efficient, but it WOULD be nice to have a way to use uranium without having to create a reactor. It really does build up, and if we could even choose to use fuel cells or just plane uranium ore (for terrible efficiency), then it could be a great way to make a quick mining outpost. Of course, it should cost a nuclear reactor (or more likely a chamber) to make, but it would be well worth it.

    P.S. What about a higher tier of scanner, too? With all the tech, it would be nice to mine out over even LARGER areas xD

    TL;DR - 3 tiers? make it 2, and use a standard/water/geo generator for the lower tier, and nuclear for the higher. Better scanner would be nice too.

    Currently it is a bug that sticks cannot be recycled. Sorry, no comment on the rest of the post.

    Also, I thought this thread was going to be about something different, and would like to propose a generator, like a landfill-and-methane type generation, that produces energy from scrap. It should really produce only about a thousand or so EU per scrap, but it would be a nice way to turn old crap into power without using a mass fab. Besides, it wouldn't be as efficient for MF purposes as it would be to stick it in the machine itself, and would not speed up MF production (no duh, it just creates power).

    Why don't we give the under=loved extractor a job and have the ability to extract silicon from glass? I LOVE that idea, and the glass panels thing was genius. I would like to use this in conjunction with the panels & generator idea, by using silicon and glass panes (maybe even just TWO of each) to make a solar panel.

    Also, I will still advocate my idea of having a cutoff point of the distance the panels could be from the 'generator", instead of reducing efficiency every block. Oh, and could diagonals not count extra? Diamond-shaped solar flowers really start to get on my nerves.

    I am concerned with the legitimacy of your players' item gathering and/or the time they must spend on the server to gain such ludicrous resources in five days. Unless they are hardcore players who have run the routine before, then they may have simply hacked in the items. If they have somehow managed to acquire them legitimately, then I applaud their work, and you should too! They most certainly deserve the full effects of quantum armor, and I disagree that it is too powerful for the cost.

    While it would be useful to have pistons interact with wires, I am not sure I agree with OP, as it is hard to understand what he/she is saying. I would gladly support the cause if I could read the writing, so please, could people just use at least MOSTLY correct spelling and grammar?

    I am pretty sure the point of this is to have the Mass Fab take power automatically when there is extra power, and not require constant switch-flipping. But, for smaller systems, switches are good enough, and quite cheap.

    ‪"‪ The number is accumulated along the whole length of the cable, and then rounded down to the nearest integer. Therefore, if a distance is short enough, there EU loss will remain zero. For example, since Copper Cable loses 1 EU every 5 blocks, a 4 block long Insulated Copper Cable won't lose any EU." -Wiki‬‬

    This is an amazing idea! I hate moving the miner, and as I don't like to carry sh**tons of items around for one mining trip, I would love to have a self-contained one. I think the recipe should have not a batbox, but an MFE or MFSU, and you should be also able to power it with energy/lapotron crystals.

    Bump for great idea!

    This is what we need, some sort of low cost thing make with glass and tin(?). maybe, like 2 glass and 1 tin (vertically, glass - tin - glass) makes 16 of them.

    Edit: Spelling fixes.

    Why don't we have solar panels, instead of losing power every block, just have a maximum range? Cables already work by losing EU only after a set range, and it would be downright pointless to make them lose power so fast. I would rather keep my current solar bank, as it would render it complete trash, because it would drop the production to basically nil. I LOVE the idea, but I just don't want to lose efficiency every panel.