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    So with crysis 3 out i was suprised nobody suggested a nano bow. Essentialy this is a upgraded bow with some changes:
    -Bow recipe:

    S= Sticky resin (acting as glue maybe replacable with slimeballs?)
    C= Carbon plate
    E= Energy crystal
    T= String (or maybe a new super fiber like item?)

    Gives 1 nano bow

    -Requires nano arrows.

    N = Nothing
    D = Diamond
    S = Sticky resin
    C = Carbon plate

    This gives 1 arrow.

    -Arrows can always be picked up even if you hit a mob with it. Obviously you will lose them in stuff like lava.
    -Higher damage, more range, speed that kind of stuff. 1 hits most mobs.
    -Pierces through mobs (so when 10 mobs are in a line it will hit them all)
    -When having the invisibilty effect the bow will also be invisible.

    Now i hear you all thinking 'but we got mining laser for this'. Yes correct currently we use a MINING laser as a ranged weapon. Not only is it supposed to be used for mining it got a big disadvantage aswell:

    -Projectiles may destroy blocks you dont want to be destroyed. Not your weapon of choice when using it inside your base.

    I also think the mining laser would work just fine with lower damage. Its primary use should be mining anyway not combat.

    I was wondering already if ppl even read my posts XD.

    I think its a good idea to have multiple ppl manage that topic. It takes quite some time checking each design to see if they can be added to the list. Especially if you have to read though 20 pages after a short vacation.

    My final bore design actually had no thermopiles or any other energy regeneration in it when I learned that every block that needs to be moved actually costs more energy, and the thermos produce less than they cost. Eventually all I build in the end was a big bore head (10x20) with a frame of deployers creating the 'tunnel' to stop lava from entering, and a combined catapillar/worm engine (mostly to make sure the 2nd tick only happened when the bore actually moved) and added the pipes for immediate processing of the ores.

    In total this was just the bore head + deployers and an additional 20 blocks or so, and about 20 pre-filled batteries. This thing run for over 2 hours straight and created so many resources that I will probably never be able to use them up: almost 200 diamonds, over 2000 iron, and more red/blue dust than the chests could handle (had to thrash them eventually). Building that thing took about 5 hours, researching it about 2 weeks. The initial cost was about 300 iron and copper/tin for the frames as well as some stone and redstone for the logic.

    And the best about it: if I ever run out of resources, I just build it again in probably much less time and hook up the pre-filled batteries again. Unlimited resources thanks to Redpower. ;)

    Instals gregtech
    Storage empty????!?!

    I dont think the ppl in rome could even produce aluminium since it was discovered in 1825 and not until 1866 they discovered a way to mass produce it. There is no aluminium in the ground only bauxite (aluminiumoxide) and you need a special way to produce aluminium from it.

    1+ for research hope it gets added.

    I have 3 stacks of ITNT. Was 4, but I wanted to try using it as a weapon against the wither (this doesn't work).

    The coal+redstone-->gunpowder recipe is quite nice in this regard.

    But why (except purely for blowing shit up just for fun) would one do that? Its not effective as mining tool there way better ways to mine. Besides coal is used in carbon plates. So unless you got other mods that can mass produce gunpowder at a decent cost its not really a viable tactic.

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