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    I was thinking it may be good to submurge my entire reactor and its containment under water.

    Has anyone done testing on how water does in dampening the blast of a reactor that goes critical?

    Plus it would allow me to build a causeway under water surounded by reinforced glass to get to it, which would be way cool ; ]

    1 Use Glass Fiber cable, its a little expensive but will allow you to play with more setups without rewireing. Also will let you set up the reactor FAR AWAY from your base with less energy loss (And you want the thing far away for when the first time it explodes on you)

    2 Get your power storage as far away as possible, so its not as much of a headache rebuilding it after an accident (Glass fiber X 20 to MFSU to 20 more Glass fiber and another MFSU as a minimum (Build a blast wall to protect second MFSU with reinforced stone))

    3 I just use source blocks above reactor and it can flow around entire reactor to cool.

    Pic of my reactor while I was still building the containment shell:


    194 Full stacks of Ice to run through complete cycle.

    Average 1.25 blocks melted per reactor tick (second)

    Conducted 3 seperate stress tests on design with no ice for 100 , 200 and 300 Reactor ticks.

    100 Tick stress test: Reactor recovered quickly and became stable after 5 min, max consumption of Ice blocks when reintroduced was 2 per Tick.

    200 Tick Stress test: Reactor took quite a bit longer to stabalize, 15 min to recover fully, consumed 3 Ice per tick for a short time, then 2 on average over the next 5 min.

    300 Tick Stress test: Reactor consumed 4 or 3 Ice per tick for 5 Min, then moved to average 2 per tick for aprox 10 min a full half hour to restabalize.

    And was left with 4 Nearly Depleted uranium cells at the end :D

    About half way through the cycle of this reactor and it will end up being about 200 full stacks of Ice to keep it going.

    Am having a problem with the bottom two centre coolant cells slowly getting near popping and am having to rotate them out with ones from another part of the reactor every 20 min.

    Am gonna swap out the two plates next tot em for reactor plating and see if that will keep them from needing to be moved.

    Tonight I am going to get 2 personal safes full of Ice stacks, and fill my inventory with Ice, then see how many I need to use up to run this beast through a set of Uranium.

    If I run out of Ice its a mad dash to get out of the blast zone and hopefully I will make it to the kill switch in time.

    Ok so now my energy grid is about done, just tweeking it so I can use it to store a bit of power and use as required.

    So I need to know a few things about MFSUs

    If a chain of MFSU one hooked to the next in series recieves power on one end I see the power all flows to start filling the last in line then it fills second last and so on until all in the chain are full. Question is if the last MFSU is redstoned and has a Mass Fab after it, will that last MFSU start to send power to the Mass Fab after its full, or will the chain of MFSU before it need to be filled before power is sent to the Mass Fab?

    :Nuke TNT::Reactor::Nuke TNT::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::MFS-Unit::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::MFS-Unit::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::MFS-Unit::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre: Redstoned > :MFS-Unit::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Matter::Advanced Machine::Matter:

    About half way through the run I swapped out the reactor plates for them two coolant cells like you suggested, I was thinking to make the reactor a little more melting resistant with them in there, just incase.

    And yes I love your 4 banger design, am digging a second quarry down to bedrock to place 4 reactors running together with that loadout in the bottom. :thumbup:

    Right now I am just having some fun with my first reactor ; ]

    Replacing those reactor plates with coolants (srslywhy?) we get:…CCCHCCHHUCHCCCUUCHCHCHCCH

    Mk2, won't burn a thing. 6-chamberers doesn't melt stuff till like 13k heat :D

    As buckets of water and Ice now work in a reactors extra
    cooling they are next to useless.

    Can we get a 10X increase in the effects:

    Bucket of water 500 heat loss moved up to 5000

    Ice Block 200 heat loss increased to 2000

    Please, with a cherry and cream milked by a buxom blond milkmaid with flawless
    skin on top?


    Would open the door for some crazy dangerous stuff that can't even be attempted
    now with the super low cooling values associated with these extra cooling

    yeah it is tricky sometimes in certain spaces to get the direction for energy storage correct.

    If you hadn't solved it on your own I would recommend checking the transformers, I always seem to have problems with them.

    nice looking system/base

    Tks, I always say why make it ugly when you can take a bit more time and make it awesome ; ]

    This is a floor of my ice factory i have six of them and they produce about 1 stack of ice every 10 mins. The workings are basically Sand>IC>Glass>EE>More Sand>IC>Glass>EE>Ice

    Would that be sufficient enough to work a reactor like that

    I make it out to be you would need to provide 6 full stacks of Ice to that thing every 25.6 Min to keep it from redecorating the local landscape.... best make it every 25 min to give you a buffer zone. so tripple your factory and you should be able to run it through a cycle non stop.

    So its only really good to use in something like this:…CHCUUCHCHCCHCCCHHCCHCCCCH

    Which goes 4140 ticks before melting but has 2 empty spots which you could throw two stacks of Ice in and that could possibly get it through a cycle. (10K ticks for a full cycle?)

    Or in a reactor that has a timmer on it to pulse it possibly.

    Wow Ice is almost useless I guess, unless you want to stand next to the reactor with an inventory full of it or have some crazy buildcraft contraption belt feeding it into the reactor ; p

    I am a sad Panda

    Think I found the post you talked about:


    so thats only 4 heat skimmed off the top for every Ice Block, which for 6 full stacks is 1536 overall reactor heat nullified, sans 76800

    ( oh and it was 6 full stack of Ice I had left room for in that monstrocity up there and not 4 )

    Well this is kinda new to me so lets say something beter than 3.33 Eff and about 150 EU/T or more. Not really sure what you can push through a complete run without maintenance on the components or a timmer cycling the reactor.

    I can produce Ice with a bit of effort but I don't want to fill the thing with just ice and uranium, lets say max 8 full stacks per run of Ice.

    Not sure exactly what I can push it to with using Ice stacks to help cool it, or how exactly Ice cooling works.......

    For example does it matter what other reactor components are close to the ice and their heat in the overall package as to if the ice goes poof or not?

    Am sure someone out there has got a few good setups with ice as a cooling agent that can let a 6 chamber reactor run through a full cycle without adding more Ice half way through.