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    Kane I am sorry, but you really have no idea about the truth of any of this. With regards to monopolising the content she has, there are people who have already copied aspects of it. Buildcraft have façades, there are other mods that have logic gates etc. Given recent events, this is a subject that has come up a fair amount and I think it is OK to say that if you want to go out and create an alternative to say the wiring in red power. As long as it is done in your own way and using your own code there will be no issue.

    With regards to this particular subject and Gregtech making changes to recipes in red power. I will make sure Elo see's the message that Greg wants a response from her. However there was nothing sinister here. I was already on the forums, I have an account and was logged in. I know that Greg knows that anything that I say has come from Eloraam and I am not just making up messages. This is not a legal thing and its not meant to be a threat or anything. Right now Greg is technically doing nothing wrong. In fact the message was intentionally worded to not be threatening. It was just meant to be a request to not have an option which would allow for a partial rebalance to part of Red Power 2.

    Ask Eloraam why if the change makes Redpower harder, not easier. What possible objection could she have?

    The way I imagine this conversation went, it was something to the effect of "My Lady Eloraam, a heathen wishes to change one of your perfect recipes. Shall I smite him?"

    The config is completely meaningless. The default is how Greg chooses to present his mod. What's more, it says this: "I know how to balance your mod better than you do." Every time Greg alters a recipe, he says he's better than the original mod's creator. Whether or not this is intentional is irrelevant.

    And I am growing a pair. By not mindlessly embracing an exercise in bad design.

    The config is completely meaningless. The default is how Greg chooses to present his mod. What's more, it says this: "I know how to balance your mod better than you do." Every time Greg alters a recipe, he says he's better than the original mod's creator. Whether or not this is intentional is irrelevant.

    And I am growing a pair. By not mindlessly embracing an exercise in bad design.

    You somehow think that every modder (all 50+ individual people) have perfect understanding of game balance and all want the same difficulty for the overall game? That, say, Alblaka was incapable of making a mistake 2 years ago when he came up with the first recipes for IC2, for a game that no one had played in SMP before?

    It's not necessarily just that Greg knows better...though he arguably's that certain conventions are so ingrained that no one wants to change them. Or, in the case of Eloraam, she has stated publically that she DOES want to change the recipes, she just has not yet gotten around to doing so.

    Because that's unethical?

    Oh, and also because RedPower is copyrighted, and as such, falls under copyright law. (AKA legal ground.)

    Right, and what greg is doing does NOT fall under copy right law, or any law whatsoever. It is completely legal and ethical. Basically some code in redpower adds some numbers to a table. Greg's code reads that same table, sees numbers it doesn't like, and changes them. No redpower copyrighted material is copied or distributed.

    If the addon changes RedPower recipes without Eloraam's permission, this thread will be locked. End of subject.

    How is that fair or consistent? As long as it doesn't involve actually redistributing some of Eloraam's code as his own, pretty much everything else is 100% legal.

    Also, at this point, his addon adds nearly as much stuff to IC2 as the original mod itself.

    Found a bug. I immediately tried to set up autocrafting for one of the hardest possible cases, the one where you use a handsaw to create sub blocks

    Bug 1 : your table only returns cobblestone covers and not the specific subblock. Immibis somehow solved this with his.

    Bug 2 : You eject the used handsaw into the output slot instead of continuing to use it.

    Thank you very much for the instantaneous! bug fix, Greg. Not only does it work perfectly now, the manager is able to do some stuff that is surprisingly awesome.

    For instance, if you have a crafting recipe you think is more important, you can give it a higher priority and the managers on the autocraft tables for the lower priority recipes will give up their raw materials.

    And your autocraft table feels MUCH more balanced than the immibis one. A fast auto-factory needs some serious power supply, and it costs a fair amount per table. Can't wait to try a legit playthrough.

    Holy shit, I just realized that ANOTHER nasty problem that can occur that your table solves perfectly. Got a non-stackable recipe output? Just use a buffer chest for the output, with the output manager hooked onto the "all sides" part of the output. Your 'adjecent inventory" mode fixes this problem completely.

    Already there since 2.60b, as mistaqur complained about it (dunno where he got the friggin 5000EU/t back then).

    Mainly Bugfixes.
    A Config option for making Blockbreakers more expensive, which is OFF per default.
    Added Wolframium Grinder as an equivalent to the Diamond Grinder.

    Yep, just figured this out. I can't supply power fast enough in creative mode, lol. May have to cheat in a fusion reactor :)

    Edit : never mind. I just realized the reason they were so slow. duh! 2500 EU is a lot. Holy moley, I can't supply enough power even in creative mode! (compact solars isn't installed, so I was cheating in geothermal generators)

    The moment I fed more power, the whole factory started auto-crafting a crapton faster.

    While you're messing with the autocraft tables, I noticed another problem with them.

    They are very slow.

    Suggestion : I am guessing the reason they are slow is that you have them scheduled to only activate every 100 ticks or so. I suggest a flag, "used recently", that you set after an autocraft is scheduled. A mere 5-10 ticks later, if "used recently" was set, check if the output slot is still satisfied. If it is not, autocraft again, else if the output slot has something in it, clear the "used recently" flag.

    This will cause it to be much more responsive when the autocraft table is actually needed, but not generate any more lag when it is idle.

    Lightning bolt for the power to adjacent block, the other icon is for the item transport to adjacent chest;

    I got the same bug, I couldn't seem to fill up all 9 slots of the electric crafting table full of one resource (like carbon cells); the stack at the last slot was always pushed to the adjacent chest thus making the electric buffer useless as it kept on transporting items bypassing the electric crafting table to the next chest.

    That is not at all the same bug. My bug is very simple : autocraft STOPS when the table receives a redstone signal. This new block from Eloraam, the manager, solves a massive number of headaches, but it emits redstone signals as part of it's normal operation. Greg needs to make the table either ignore redstone (why on earth would someone want to not autocraft?) or add the redstone ignore option to that gui.

    I've never used the electric buffer or other electric transport pipes. As long as redpower continues to work, I suspect they will be rarely used.

    Ok, the new redpower manager sends a redstone signal when it is "satisfied".

    This prevents a super-compact autocrafting design using your autocrafting tables from working. In fact, it breaks it totally. The manager needs to be directly attached to your autocrafting table so that it can "manage" the ingredients in it, and you won't get a situation where you have 9 slots full of one resource and none of the other resources.

    Please fix this in your next update, it's basically a bug. Either add a gui option to make the autocraft table not care about redstone, or simply remove that feature entirely. (if someone, somewhere, wanted an autocraft table to not autocraft, they could just cut the EU supply to it)

    Question : What does the upper gui button do? There's a lighting bolt, and another icon. Does this have to do with whether or not the electric autocrafting table relays power to the blocks attached to it? I was hoping there was an "ignore redstone" option but there is not.

    Here's the design I tried to use. Note that this exact design works perfectly with immibis's autocraft table, and it works with buildcraft's one as well (though buildcrash is super annoying because of the risk of dropping items on ground)

    While I think the resources needed for the components are a bit pricey, it works unbelievably quick and it's very easy to set up. You can recursively autocraft almost any recipe with this layout (for recipes that return an empty container you have to add a manager on the side of the autocraft table that handles that in order to get rid of those containers)

    You have manager(s) at the output side that keeps the output chest(s) full of whatever quantity you want of each product the factory makes.

    One limitation on managers : they can't remote pull like retrievers : means that your quantum chest is now very useful.

    The next lock may be the last

    Changing a recipe is not changing another mod in any way. It is simply editing data that both mods have access to in the vanilla game. There is no legitimate complaint that any modders have with regards to this. If Greg decided that buildcraft, computercraft, and half of IC2 were grossly OP and he decided to block crafting any item from any mod if Gregtech is installed, he has the freedom to do that. You have the freedom to not download and install it.

    Greg, I'm kind of surprised you haven't released the update. These mods beat you to it :

    Are you running into problems with compiling the new update? I've heard there's a few small changes that require code changes.

    mistaqurs NEI-Plugin-Pack has that too, you just have to enable Debug-Mode in the general NEI-Config.

    And in Case of Frames and Blockbreakers: Blockbreakers will get a Config (default will be OFF) to be more expensive and maybe also Frame Motors (still a Config with Default OFF).

    Make sure that in the "hard" difficulty level both of these are ON.

    This is important because if someone else is running a server on "hard mode", I'd like to know when I join that the operator actually means "hard mode" and I won't see 50 n00bs doing stupid stuff because it's allowed.

    After all, with the latest RP2 build, a "chunk deleter" machine is now simple enough to build that almost anyone can do it. (the back and forth thing, plus certain bugs in 1.2.5, made them hard to build)

    Feature request : At the top of the config file, have a setting for easy/medium/hard mode. (could name it to "n00b", tekkit_pro, IC2_master)

    Easy would be every permutation of the config on the easiest setting, medium would turn off the stuff that people complain about the most (all the recipe changes to items not in the mod, the forestry bronze setting, uncrafting metal blocks, etc) and hard would have everything on hardcore.

    Greg : are you intending to add a volume teleporter to your mod sometime within the next 2-3 months. I don't want to duplicate effort.

    By "volume teleporter", I mean a machine that can box up a volume of blocks, including tile entities. You must supply enormous energy to the teleport core, and there is a way to control distance and direction. The farther the distance or the bigger the volume, the greater the energy cost. The teleporter will also move entities such as players, monsters, items on the ground, arrows in midair, etc.

    You can both teleport the teleport core and energy supply machinery with the volume, or teleport the volume independent of the equipment used to move it.

    It will require the equivalent of a fusion reactor to power a teleport. The idea is to make it much much more difficult, but to provide an alternative to frames. (it has to be difficult since teleporting a whole volume at once is much more convenient than only teleporter blocks adjacent to your frame blocks. Also, it will be capable of interdimensional and extremely long distance teleports)