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    The problem with nuclear is twofold

    1. Without CASUC cooling, reactor outputs are not worth the tedious labor to set up a reactor and refuel it every 2.8 hours. If you cannot get 1000 EU/tick out of a single reactor, it simply isn't worth the effort to set up. Massive windmill farms are much easier to spam in large numbers, and they never have to be refueled.

    2. Many of the parts involved in reactors are non-stackable items. Especially the complex layouts that are required now with the new reactor modules. This makes it extremely tedious to set up reactors to run, making them essentially non-viable.

    As this new feature is broken, please either remove it from the game next release or restore CASUC cooling.

    Ironically, this "heat" having to be dumped somehow, where you cannot recover useful amounts of energy from it, is in fact how real life generators currently work. Your car engine has to vent a bunch of waste heat via the radiator and exhaust, nuclear plants vent 2/3 of their energy output as waste heat via cooling towers.

    This is just how the universe works, or at least how we can best exploit it without our current understanding of it.

    I have made self-refilling nuclear reactors. They are very very complex machines, at least 10x more complicated than a mere CASUC. There's computers, filters, sorting machines, relays, lots and lots of mag tubes, lots of wiring bundles, and so on.

    The only way these were even viable was that you could get 2000 EU/tick from a CASUC with no materials requirements other than more uranium. And, to be worth it, you needed to have a bank of at least 4 to 6 2000 EU/tick casucs to be worth all the effort.

    I actually built a self-refilling reactor bank that also ran a bank of breeders automatically, for a fully automated complete fuel cycle.

    Anyways, these are now pointless - 300 EU/tick or whatever is not worth it.

    Now that CASUCs are gone, building a viable reactor requires a much more complex internal layout than before. A lot of parts have to go in the right places, and so on.

    This makes the tedium of refueling every 2.4 hours or so even more irritating, and quite honestly makes reactors a waste of time compared to wind mill spam. Reactors are fun, but you'll get more consistent power output per hour of gameplay spamming those windmills.

    Real life nuclear reactors have a big advantage : once fueled, they can run for years without refueling. The latest reactors used in aircraft carriers can power the ship for 25 years before refueling.

    I suggest the following changes :

    Increase fuel life in reactors by 10 to 20 times. This means they would last between 24-48 hours without refueling, at least.
    To avoid disrupting uranium rarity and balance, increase the uranium ore needed to make fuel by a similar factor. For instance, the new uranium refining method would be macerate the ore, then place a stack of 20 uranium dust in the compressor to get the uranium ingot.

    Add a new reactor component : the "U-235 target plate". This would be made by compressing a bunch of uranium ingots together. This target plate would then need to be placed in the reactor and exposed to a HUGE flux of neutrons, much more than are needed for breeding. (so it would require a skilled, advanced reactor design)

    After enough neutron exposure, the target plate becomes a "plutonium plate". You would be able to make plutonium fuel cells from this plate, which would last almost forever inside a reactor, and they would be a required component for the nuclear bomb. (instead of the current lame recipe).

    Making the nuclear bombs this much more complex and expensive would possibly make them more viable on multiplayer servers since griefers can't log in and get them in 1 hour.

    Nothing at all stops a griefing player in SMP from setting up a force field projector outside your base, installing a block cutter upgrade, and then sending the field into your base like a knife to destroy everything. The original version of the mod (the one I ported back in December to bukkit) had a feature where the inhibitor upgrade would prevent any field that was projected by a generator on a different frequency than the one the inhibitor upgrade is on from forming.

    Why did you remove this feature, and how do you plan to fix this problem?

    I agree with the 3 color toner idea. 4 colors, tops.

    Tonor recipes :

    red dye surrounding a diamond, green dye surrounding a diamond, blue dye surrounding a diamond. Why a diamond? It's a bribe to pay the printer manufacturer...

    I understand that the cropnalyzer duping bug has been fixed for the development version of industrial craft. A large SMP server needs this fix right now, because players are using the cropnalyzer to dupe massive numbers of items, and we would rather not ban all of agriculture instead. Will you please PM me the portion of the code that had to be fixed, or explain to me what the mistake in the code was, so that I can decompile the code and apply it?

    By the way, I asked the second question because everyone is dropping the vanilla server in favor of Bukkit. That's bad for a number of reasons, so I'm asking if anyone would use a hardcore SMP mod for the vanilla server.

    The bukkit team works for Mojang now. The vanilla server will more than likely have the key features of bukkit implemented. (such as event triggers)

    1. Bug found : if you adjust the power output of a solar panel for an SMP server, it still states in the GUI that it is generating the original power output.

    I calculated that in order to make this mod not grossly overpowered, I had to reduce all the generation values by a factor of 4. With that nerf, it requires a nuclear generator (several CASUCS) to generate enough power to build your first few ultimate hybrids, but after a while the ultimate hybrids produce enough UUM to pay for themselves and then some.

    I meant that i don't think that reactors have an API currently when i said that i wasn't sure if i could make a coolant.

    You can just access the reactor heat variable directly, without any problems. Just subtract from the reactor's hull however much heat your cooling system is capable of removing.

    Several addons do this : look in their code if you need help. Thermometer/Nuclear Control/Modular Force Field and others.

    ONE Problem: The Cell will be ejected BEFORE the Reactor shuts OFF, but it needs to be AFTER it shut OFF. Thats why i said you need BC3.

    Good to know that the RP-Computer works, without restart on chunkload like the CC-one.

    You still don't need BC3. Once you detect the reenriched cell ejected, you know to shut the reactor down and cycle the cells.

    It's a bad idea to try to swap the reenriched cells for regular cells with the other reactor contents still in place. The reason is that ice still backstuffed in a filter (or in transit in a pipe) will enter the reactor while you have made the spaces by removing the re-enriched cells. That messes up your cell layout.

    The better way (and way that avoids several other related problems) is to completely dump everything in the reactor, with the ice supply turned off, sort everything, then rebuild the reactor layout from scratch. You need a computer to do this conveniently, since it would involve a whole bunch of glitchy state cells and counters otherwise (or an entire building of redstone dust)

    You need BC3 only to detect the fully Reenriched Cells in the Bucket-CASUC-Reactor to trigger the shutoff (nothing else), but i have not installed BC too. If you are very experienced with breeding then you can use a timercounter for that (RP's timer is a bit bugged with the time-set-command, Bed and reloading chunks, therefor an additional Counter to count the Seconds)

    Nope. The computer counts time accurately. The <x> Ticks word counts time by actual ticks elapsed measured by the computer. Assuming the computer is in the same chunk as the breeder, it will be perfectly accurate, always. Execution suspends when the chunk is not loaded. World time changes do not affect it. TIMERS, despite their name, are actually slaved to world time. Note that computers have a number of bugs, one of which is that additional IO expanders apparently stop working when the chunk is reloaded. (for this reason, unfortunately, I can't use a computer to run the breeder 24/7 without intervention. However, if the bug were fixed, I could)

    Also, RP2 can detect the fully reenriched cells if you want to do it that way. Just put a filter on an unused face of the reactor, with a re-enriched cell in the filter slot. (which is a completely new item ID, so the filter will not be confused). Item detector on the filter, wire the filter and the item detector to distinct colors on the bundled cable attached to the computer. Have the computer periodically pulse the filter and monitor the item detector color to see if it turns on. (have the item detector in backstuffed mode attached to a closed transposer).

    Once it turns on, wait a few more ticks, then dump the finished cells from the reactor. (actually the entire reactor contents is the way I do it)

    Already built one.

    I put raw uranium in, I get EU out. Nothing else needed.

    Here's how it works : raw uranium gets taken by a filter to a compressor, then the uranium ingots go to a tubestuff autocrafting table where they are made into near depleted uranium cells. A separate pathway makes coal dust from coal from uu-matter. An autocrafting table then makes the near depleted uranium cells into depleted isotope cells.

    The depleted isotope cells go into a large chest that has a filter on it, attached to a colored wire, attached to a bundled cable on a specific IO-expander.

    Anyways, there are 3 CASUC perfect breeder reactors, and 2 fuel burner reactors. A computer program runs that when the breeder needs to be refueled, it activates a filter on the reactor to vent the contents of the reactor, which are sorted into chests. The recharged isotope cells are sent to a pathway that makes them into fresh fuel.

    The computer then switchs IO expanders to one to order that reactor to be refueled. I use a transposer in the tube pathway that is closed normally, and I open the tube to select a particular reactor to receive the reactor contents.

    Anyways, I refill the reactor with the exact special layout needed for this particular breeder design. I then suck empty buckets out of the casuc (cooling timer is turned off) and replace them with lava buckets 5 times to heat the breeder to 10k heat.

    Upstairs there are 2 fuel burning reactors that are refueled the same way, using the same computer.

    The biggest problem this reactor has is that Eloraam's computers are very buggy : I am forced to smash the computer with a pick and replace it every time I want to use it to refuel the reactor. Otherwise, it stops correctly selecting the right IO expander. I know it isn't a mistake I made, because it works perfectly every time, multiple times in a row even, so long as I don't reload the chunk. If this bug were fixed, the automation would be 100% - all that would be required would be to insert more uranium ore from time to time. Each uranium ore becomes approximately 9.8 uranium cells, which each produce 8.6 million EU. I use scrap made from enormous amounts of ice (from 12 snowmen and 96 block breakers and 96 singularity compressors) so each 8.6 million EU becomes roughly 43 UU-matter. So, each uranium ore becomes about 421 uu-matter.

    All of this is built in SMP, legitly, with no cheats or op powers used, from material I personally mined or obtained legitimately.

    I won't give a map download, but if you log in to my SMP server at, you may examine this reactor system to your heart's content. Please don't grief, and have lots of download bandwidth when you visit - the complex eats about 80 kilobytes/second if you are there (if you can't download that fast, you get kicked by the game).

    If this server had a decent population, all the essential mods, and policies to guarantee a tickrate of 20 tps all of the time, I'd certainly pay to play.

    About the tickrate : the only way to guarantee that is to divide the server population into several smaller servers, each with only 8 or 12 simultaneous players max, with the chat shared and a teleporter mod to move from server to server. Each small server can be hosted on the same multi-core box, the reason to do this is that minecraft has horrible multithreading (as in, basically none) so if you have a 6 or 8 core CPU host but only 1 big server only 1 or 2 cores get used.