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    So this means either 3072 ender pearls or 1856 emerals.
    Both are horrendous!
    I would not know how to ever get them in these masses without spending weeks or even months of gridinding (and I already built quite some other expensive gregtech items, but this is a whole lot more effort.
    Am I missing something (maybe a recipe)?

    Don't be a n00b and whine for the highest tier item in the game to be made easier. Just build a fully automated enderman killer, and you'll receive dozens of pearls a second.

    All one is is a platform in the end that is located out of chunk loading range of the island. Run high voltage cables in the floor. Due to location, dozens of endermen will spawn there per second, and they die to the extreme voltage you run through the cables. (you can generate the power you need with wind mills)

    Collect the pearls on the ground somehow, I think one of the gregtech blocks sucks items up, if not, figure something out.

    Suggestion : when Redpower 2 is released, if Eloraam has still not fixed the block breaker recipe to require tungsten, fix it for her :P

    Swap that pick out in the recipe with a "tungsten cutting head" that has to be made with tungsten ingots from your high temperature furnace.

    Also, I suggest you stop catering to n00bs with individual configs for every feature that fixes game balance. Just have a single flag to enable "n00b mode", and make sure it tells everyone that n00b mode is enabled whenever they start the game...

    Wolf : first of all, your tin numbers are either wrong or you are using multiple mods to generate tin. I've mined much larger areas than a single quarry can cover and have gotten a lot less tin using Tekkit. In that modpack, only IC2 is allowed to generate tin.

    Second, the fusion reactor is not worth it for the iridium production because you have to spend 300 hours before it even pays for the iridium used to construct it. (ignoring the mountains of other resources needed)

    On the other hand, a lame geothermal generator spam farm doesn't require any iridium. That's "only" 204 geothermal generators : could spam that in a couple days.

    Anyways, since a fusion reactor takes 300 hours to pay for itself at present, after the tin problem is fixed, it ought to be buffed to pay for itself in about 1-2 real life days. (24-48 hours).

    That would mean increasing the output by about 6-12 times. Taking the average, that would be an output of 32,000 EU/tick.

    Now that's a worthwhile source of power. (and, assuming you use my suggestion to 10x the cell life so that each cell lasts about 2560 ticks instead of 256), a fusion reactor would create much less server lag than vast farms of HV solars or other popular power sources. So, fusion would be clean power as well.

    No need to implement pipes, lets say that electric translocator has some internal piping. Then it slowly transfers liquid as long with items. Actually... if we could get Deuterium/Tritium buckets we won't even need RP to automate i think.

    It's a fine idea, but the "cell" mechanic is already here and well established. It's basically just a bug that the reactor doesn't return empties. That, and I think that for a long time, almost no one was playing Greg Tech besides, well, Greg. Now that it is featured in Feed The Beast, there's a huge amount of interest.

    Add a way to remove tin cell cost to use fusion reactor, that would be a very significant buff.
    Maybe :
    Machine that produces both D-Cell and T-cell (idk if its centrifuge or electrolyzer anymore) + pump combo -> produce Liquid Deuterium (internal storage) and Liquid Tritium (Produced only when Deuterium internal storage is full) and allow Electric translocator or whatever you use to transfer liquids.
    Liquid can be transfered using buckets if player wants to automate with RedPower.
    Even BC (later RP) liquid pipes integration.

    Liquid pipes are glitchy and require buildcraft, or Greg to implement his own. Adding another output slot (the industrial centrifuge has one) for the empty cells is a 5 minute fix and doesn't require other mods.

    I just figured out that fusion reactors are completely useless, as is. Even if you spawned in a machine that made free tin cells.

    Greg : if the tin cells aren't supposed to be produced by uum, how are they supposed to be produced?

    If you think a player should mine for a perpetual supply of tin, then
    a. This is lame, because tin isn't even consumed in the reaction
    b. It makes the fusion reactor uncompetitive with renewable energy sources

    Anyways, it sounds pretty simple to me : just add another output slot to the side of the fusion reactor that the products go, and put the empties in that slot. I think this is the best solution, as it makes the most sense. It doesn't sound like a whole lot of coding, mostly cut and pasting.

    Second, you should total up the total amount of energy invested to make a fusion reactor, and make it pay for itself within some defined time period of continuous operation. The EU/second output can be defined by this. I'll do the math here in a minute.

    Third, another nasty problem with your fusion reactor : it requires absurd amounts of water to be processed. (the base ingredient). This is laggy, especially in SMP. (pumping water in minecraft sends a block update to all clients, and you have to do it a LOT). For this reason, I would multiply the fuel durations for fusion fuel by a factor of 10 or so.

    Fusion reactor iridium cost : (0.5+ 1+ 0.25)*27 + 8+1+6+ 1+2 = ~186 iridium plates. That's 747 iridium ore. Rounding to 750 because I may have miscounted, these recipes are complicated. Each iridum ore is 7 uum. Each uum is 16.6 million energy. Thus, with default settings, you need to make 87,150 million energy.

    Fusion reactor makes 4096 EU/tick. Net result, a fusion reactor needs 300 hours to pay for the energy that had to be used to make it.

    Ok this really is pretty absurd. If a player needs energy, they aren't going to have 87,150 million energy to invest in a way to get more. Also, at the current absurd tin burn rate : over the 300 hours, it'll take 41,556 tin ingots. Or 20,778 pieces of tin ore. That's 6 doublechestfuls of pure tin ore.

    Greg, now that you have made matter fabrication insanely expensive, can you still make enough tin by matter fabrication to keep a fusion reactor running?

    If not, could you add a mechanism to recover the empty cells? A real fusion reactor would not consume empty fuel canisters in the reactor itself, lol. (for one that, all that tin vapor would cause the fusion reactor to break down almost immediately. Real fusion reactors operate on little puffs of gas)

    I just checked : the fusion reactor is useless as currently configured. (sure, someone could modify your configs to make it work, but they would have to make uum much cheaper, which unbalances the entire game and is basically cheating.)

    You lose a tin cell with every fusion reaction. Each tin cell is worth 1/2 tin ingot. It requires 3/10 of a UU-matter to get a tin ingot, so it's 3/20 of a UUM to get a tin cell. 3/20 of the 16 million energy that it takes to get 1 uum is 2.4 million EU. A huge loss.

    So, to fix either
    1. The fusion reactor needs to give a lot more power per fuel
    2. Those empty tin cells need to be returned.

    There's a solid reason for it being so hard.

    GregTech is meant to be played with in a huge modpack with other mods. (who doesn't?). If the stuff in GregTech were easy to get, it would obsolete a lot of content in the other mods.

    Fusion reactors are better than any base IC2 EU generator. UU-matter now makes almost anything.

    If Greg listened to you, and added some way of getting access to the GregTech stuff much earlier, you wouldn't bother building stuff from other mods. You'd jump straight to the good stuff.

    Some people on the FTB forums are already throwing a fit because he changes IC2 items, I don't think it's a good idea to mess around with yet another mod's work, especially so soon after getting accepted into the pack.

    The people who are creating the modpack are the only opinions who matter. They want this mod in the pack BECAUSE OF these recipe improvements. I'm sure they would be fine with a portal gun improvement.

    Your addon is now a keystone mod in Feed The Beast, a wonderful new modpack. What's great is that for SMP servers, your addon helps smooth out the most overpowered IC2 items in the game. (the OP solars, the massfab, the wind generator, etc)

    Anyways, I noticed that FTB has the "portal gun" mod. The portal gun is an insanely high tech item capable of creating interdimensional rifts on a right click. Perhaps you could add a more appropriate recipe for it, overwriting the current one?


    You can use a pneumatic tube underneath the miner to get lapotron crystals into it.

    I have never bothered with pumps because I don't like to burn up tin, and it increases the weight of the overall vehicle.

    Richard, maybe his whining is annoying. After all, Raw Code didn't pay you to write the software (and even if he did, constant demands would still be irritating).

    With that said, his argument is absolutely correct. A big part of the fun-ness of industrialcraft is that things can be made automatic, but it isn't easy.

    The problem with beer is that it requires the player to do a bunch of micro-management, and there is no possible way to interlink a timer from redpower or some other control circuitry so that you can stop the brewing and auto-bottle the product.

    You know, like a real industrial plant.

    The problem with nuclear is that the fuel inside does not last long enough - heck, it's a joke compared to real life. Nuclear fuel should last for a long, long time with the reactor producing 24/7 power. The challenge should be building a reactor that doesn't leak or melt down or blow up.

    The same goes with coffee and crops.

    Also, Raw Code's second point : a lot of people I have seen that make bad decisions regarding gameplay choices don't actually play the game. If you sat down and actually playtested through your own tech tree you just might learn something.

    Multi block machines, if coded intelligently, cause much much less lag than a big bunch of single block machines.

    The reason is that only 1 "block" of the multi-block machine is actually a tile entity. The others are just static blocks with a special property that if they are ever destroyed, they tell the host block that they were destroyed (so that the machine will shut down if all of the blocks are not present)

    This means that the actual "lag" effects on a multiplayer server would be enormously reduced. Each mega-windmill would replace 50 or so of the small ones. Same with the water turbine generators.

    1. Windmills : remove these from the game. Replace them with a wind generator that produces a lot more power, but costs a lot more resources (higher density, like an "HV-windgen"). The block when placed needs a huge amount of clear space, and it has an animated entity drawn on the client that looks like actual windmill blades. (and the animation can be disabled in the config file and replaced with a static sprite)

    2. Solar Panels : A recursive algorithm combines all panels that are adjacent into a single entity. It does this upon chunk loading.
    Only once upon loading the chunk are things like a clear path to sky checked. Solar panels have a failure rate - several things can go wrong. Their internal circuits can melt down (you'll get a pool of melted rubber on top), they can get dirty, the glass can crack, etc. Solar panels either fail the very moment you install them, or they last for a MINIMUM of 3 real life days. (72 hours). After that they have a chance to fail, calculated just once per tick for the entire group of panels.

    The purpose? Eliminate the need for lame things like "HV solar arrays". You can create solar fields - but they will take up many, many chunks of area, and in practice there is a limited number of chunks that a player can load. Note : only if a solar array is actually providing power to something (to charge a battery, etc) does it count against the array's lifespan. The idea here is to not annoy people who are using panels as intended, to power a basic base (since they will never use their panels 72 hours in a row to run a few machines, not without playing for weeks) but to penalize people duping items using solar power.

    3. Water Generators - also remove these, replace them with big turbines that must have flowing water going through them.

    4. Generators - revamp the path for creating refined fuel to burn in a generator. There should be a path for bulk fuel production that consumes 0 tin.

    5. Nuclear Reactors - I propose this earlier, got shot down, but here's a refinement. By macerating huge amounts of uranium ore, you can create purified uranium dust. This can be stamped into ingots and used to make purified uranium cells. These last 10 times longer in a nuclear reactor, but require 20 times the initial uranium to make.

    6. And of course, Gregorius Tech's Fusion reactor addon is pretty close to a balanced addon for one final tier of power generation. Though it currently burns way too much tin.

    Not worth it. The reason is that scrap generation does not scale. It isn't possible to make enough scrap to keep up with very high energy power sources (10,000 or more EU per tick) without creating absurd amounts of machinery and therefore creating server lag. (if this were multiplayer, and if you aren't playing SMP, what's the point?)

    Scrap generators all create lots of lag because they have to create and destroy huge numbers of items.

    Anyways, you should base your efficiency numbers off of 0 scrap input - which means that this "casuc" is junk.

    Not your fault - your design is good. However, the game just isn't meant to be played this way any more.