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    First Thermal Dyanmics, now FastCraft corrupts my world (one world each). :p Got a crash on flatworld (overworld settings) testmap, using FTBInfinity, and Fastcraft 1.19. I flew to the edge of the loaded chunks where I had a FunkyLocomotion frame quarry system going. It's a conspiracy against the frame quarries I tell 'ya! ;)

    One thing that I did do was disable the Witchcraft mod after loading the world. I've noticed a few mods tend to crash if you load up chunks that had old data in it (I think Journey Map is one of those?).

    Found a bug with the Molecular Transformers (probably was never intended for anyone to use so much EU...). It seems that it can only accept a limited amount of EU.

    Setup - (test world) I have 60 Quantum Solars connected with fibre cable (says 3.145 million EU/t in the Molecular Transformer, although I would have thought it'd be 491k eu/t) and creating 1 nether star. I add 1 or 2 more EU from any source (another solar panel), and the molecular transformer stops using EU. If I break any solar panel, it starts running again.

    This setup is ok.

    I add 1 Solar Panel (seen below) and it stops.

    I also tested 1 Quantum Solar and the Molecular Transformer (MT next to the QS, no fibre cables).

    Quantum Solar - Max Ouput: 8,192
    Molecular Transformer - EU/t: 8,256

    With other solars -

    Ultimate Hybrid - Output: 512
    Molecular Transformer - EU/t: 516

    Or does the MT have an internal buffer?

    Player, just wondering, where's this mod going? Are you still going to work on it, just you've got other more important stuff to do, or have you abandoned it? Since right now it is pretty broken, with log spamming, and it not actually converting RF -> EU

    Yeah, seems to be breaking pretty badly with the latest versions of Buildcraft and Ender IO (looks like Buildcraft API) --


    EU <-> RF 3:25 (approx. generator vs steam dynamo with charcoal)
    EU <-> MJ 3:1 (traditional forestry ratio)

    I always thought EU:MJ was 2.55:1, since RF is 10 times the amount of MJ.

    Seems to be a gradual memory leak somewhere (Gravisuite 2.0.0). I'm experiencing occasional stuttering. I'm still very early game right now (stone tools, just built a starter house).

    [23/8/2014 13:18:02 PM] [Server thread/ERROR] [FML]: Detected ongoing potential memory leak. 2500 packets have leaked. Top offenders
    [23/8/2014 13:18:02 PM] [Server thread/ERROR] [FML]: GraviSuite : 2500
    [23/8/2014 13:18:23 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiFurnace
    [23/8/2014 13:18:23 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerFurnace
    [23/8/2014 13:18:27 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]:
    [23/8/2014 13:18:27 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]:
    [23/8/2014 13:19:04 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiInventory
    [23/8/2014 13:19:04 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerPlayer
    [23/8/2014 13:20:39 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiInventory
    [23/8/2014 13:20:39 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerPlayer
    [23/8/2014 13:20:56 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: Automatic stack replacement.
    [23/8/2014 13:21:46 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiInventory
    [23/8/2014 13:21:46 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerPlayer
    [23/8/2014 13:22:02 PM] [Server thread/ERROR] [FML]: Detected ongoing potential memory leak. 2600 packets have leaked. Top offenders
    [23/8/2014 13:22:02 PM] [Server thread/ERROR] [FML]: GraviSuite : 2600
    [23/8/2014 13:22:16 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiFurnace
    [23/8/2014 13:22:16 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerFurnace
    [23/8/2014 13:22:30 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]:
    [23/8/2014 13:22:30 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]:
    [23/8/2014 13:23:02 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiInventory
    [23/8/2014 13:23:02 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerPlayer

    Quantum Solars!? Nice! :D

    One thing that's always bugged me about solars, though, is that mobs seem to spawn on them. I would think that if it's glass based (the top), then mobs shouldn't spawn. I hate having to put torches all over my solar panels. (almost seems ironic, like a solar powered torch. lol)

    Just tried out a Solar Array setup - 25 solars on each "arm", 9 in the center). "Infinite Cosmic Power! Itty Bitty little space!" 8|8o I wonder if there's any new IC2 power storage unit (advanced version of the MFSU) or addon -- that's not GregTech related. The MFSU fills up so quickly with 109 Quantum Solars (done in creative mode - those wither skulls will probably come "easier" with some other mod... maybe nether stars from bees or something - still waiting on Extra Bees and Magic Bees, if they're not already updated).

    Yay! This version works for me. Now I have virtually all of my favorite mods for 1.6.4! I've been waiting for this mod to update so that I could put a private pack together that I can enjoy when I take a 2 week vacation from work at the end of the year (gotta love state government jobs. So many leave days!).

    Just one thing, though... nice recipe buff! Granted, I was expecting to still see uranium ore being used intensively in the recipes. My Forestry Bee business has now gone out of business. :( :p Sure, it's a lot of EU for the iridium, but so was getting the UU-Matter.

    Maybe some multi-block Extreme Ultimate Hybrid Solar setup (2048 EU/t, seeing that MFSUs support that now) that requires a(n un-)healthy dose of uranium?

    As for the recipe, I remember it getting a bit harder for the mid-tier solars in 1.5, and I actually liked that change. It made it more rewarding to try and get the Advanced Solar while scrapping every available EU for UU-Matter production (storing up EU in a bat-box, and sending it through a transformer going in reverse to give the Mass Fabricator more EU). Then, it was on to building Ultimate Hybrids, and watching the UU-Matter production slowly increase, while shaking my fist at the fact that I needed to quarry a 64x64 chunk just to find a stack of uranium (that's why I got into bees). Well, worth it in the end.

    EDIT: Just having some fun testing in Creative with my favorite mods (Ultimate Solars and Applied Energistics). :) (there's a level emitter hidden in the background)

    I was also just thinking, the Molecular Transformer could also use some sort of catalyst to turn the iron into iridium... (like cans liquid UU-Matter or some recipe involving UU-Matter). The Quantum Generator should have an editable field to change the EU amounts, too, rather than just clicking +100 a million times for testing.

    i lost at least 10 CESU's when i was new to the new energy system. :D

    i miss packets. everything was easy. :(

    What I miss is having large solar arrays that made them look like solar panels you see on space satellites. Nothing like having 2,097,152 EU/t (32x32 ultimate hybrid solars - not counting the ones on the ends of the fiber cable) coursing through fiber-optic cable headed for UU-matter production. Now it seems more than 2048 EU/t will make anything explode. Guess I'll have to use bees more. :) That being said, that's actually part of the fun of watching these mods progress. When one mod changes, or competes with another mod, it changes the pros/cons of using/interacting with other mods to achieve what you want. (now if only those uranium bees would update so that I can use the uranium dust... which, granted, will probably need IC2 machines to make. I'm dreading using uranium now in alveary mutator blocks... lol )

    (Yes, I know this is 3 months old, but I couldn't resist this reply)

    Gregtech, obviously. The Fission reactor would eventually create a Quanto-Endic singularity which would inversely implode any Mo'Creatures mob that dares enters within range, thus infinitely feeding itself until it engulfs the entire Minecraft universe! :D

    The new system is basically the same as the old, except:

    • Cable loss isn't implemented yet.
    • When it is, it will be proportional to the capacity, therefore glass fibre will be the most lossy - but with the highest capacity.
    • Cable explosions aren't implemented yet.
    • Packets merge instead of being sent separately <- This is the biggest change.

    That's the first thing I noticed when testing a power grid setup. (I thought I had read - or at least heard Direwolf20 (?) say that they were individual packets, so maybe a little confusing at first..)


    In the old system, this would be equivalent to only being able to send one packet/tick over any connection.
    The new system has several consequences:

    • You will need a lot more transformers.
    • Transformers in step-up mode seem to be useless - they would make explosions more likely.
    • With some types of generators, explosions are unpredictable.
    • You can't make arbitrarily big clusters of generators or storage units.

    I kind of like the new system, but yeah, I've noticed that you need a LOT more transformers. Here's what I tested.

    First, I had two HV solars (using the compact solars mod), going into a storage unit. Worked fine until I added more solars along the same line. *kaboom*! (Note that little explosion in the background)

    Then, I found this out -

    Pack 4 HV solars around an EV Transformer. Then, put an MFSU (carefully... putting it the wrong direction WILL cause it to explode) in front of the EV Transformer. Repeat the pattern. It looks like this (since I saw someone asking for a diagram) -

    (yeah, I'm partial to my spawn spots. Old Minecraft Alpha habit. :)) Still not sure why this doesn't cause the MFSU - not pictured since I was testing the Mass Fab. It was next to the EV transformer - to explode, but the "unprocessed" EU - for the lack of a better term - doesn't. I call this setup a "blade" since it looks sort of like a sword blade - or atleast a chainsaw.

    As for EU loss, I hope it's a variable setting in the config file to increase/reduce it, especially for people who like to make huge builds. I'm still wondering how I'm gonna get hundreds of thousands of EU into my Mass Fabricator now. :D

    Decided to try a bare-bones approach (IC2, Forge, ChickenChunks, Solars). Still got an error.

    Part 3 (one more coming - sigh, char limits...)

    Part 2-

    I am also getting the same message. I've been adding a bunch of mods to my 1.6.4 Forge folder (vanilla Minecraft launcher) to make sort of a "mini-FTB" (still waiting for a few mods to update to 1.6.x. :)). Got this error -

    M+Right click turns the drill to silk touch mode ;)

    Ohh... I have all of my key configs changed around, though (being left-handed, half the keys are changed up). M is the minimap menu. :D Ok, looks like I'm liking the IC2 changes a little bit more now - not that I didn't like the changes before (ore washing and getting that extra ore out of it is nice, especially when TE is so slow at it - never used that mod too much after setting up quarries).

    Yeah, like I said, that's what I figured. :) Too bad there's not an Iridium Drill with SIlk Touch... I always had two drills in earlier FTB versions - one with fortune III, and one with Silk Touch. I see that the Vajra does that now with right clicking, so I suppose that's a good trade-off.

    I've always enchanted my regular drills using the anvil and a book (giving it fortune III or Silk Touch) - unless this has been nerfed in the new version?

    I'd put this into the bug tracker, but seeing that all of the bugs are for the upcoming changes (which seems like a complete overhaul based on Direwolf's videos! 8| I miss my pretty refined iron already! ;( ), I'm pretty sure this would be obsolete.

    I ran a test setup with a MassFabricator connected to an MFSU at maximum storage (in creative mode). When it produced 1 UU matter, I broke the MassFabricator. The energy used was about 170,000 - I'm accounting for the time it took me to see that it hit 100% and breaking the machine). The MassFabricator had no scrap in it, but that energy cost is the cost of having scrap constantly in the MassFab.

    For now, I'll just chalk this up to the "teaser before the nerf". The nerf being that I don't think I can build up stacks upon stacks of UU-Matter. Granted, if I can put liquid UU-matter into cans...