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    I'm sorry, but everything about that statement is wrong. too much in fiction, when in reality,

    Lets review.
    You're sorry.
    The statement is wrong.
    We are discussing fiction.
    When in reality you feel the need to correct someone on the proper technical term. While being correct, he knew what i ment and so did you. I dont think its required to hand hold or spell out exactly what was implied. It should be obvious.
    We could get really technical about how alot of things in IC2 and "reality" differ.

    dezuman's reactor is just alittle better then yours, but a very nice design on your part.…CCHCCCCCCCHCHHCCCCCCCHCHC
    (credits to dez)

    Your Breeder isnt bad , but you enrich alot faster at 9k heat (4x as fast) and since your breeder gains heat you either have to manually cool it while it enriches or it will go critical. Several "perfect breeders" on forum. Mine is below (top of post)


    My reactor it can only run for 28mins , before it needs a cooldown period.…HUUUCHCHHCHCHCCHCHCCHCHCH

    i assume you are referring to the fact you drain water from else where and will run out and your reactor will explode? well that depends on your reactor. BC/Finite both off good storage for water. Finite also allows you to craft source water blocks that are infinite, not that the ocean doesnt give enough lol.

    That being said Finite liquid is a huge improvement over the way water works now.

    Welcome, hope you enjoy Ic2 =D

    1. It can put out all of the above. depending on how much power is being generated per reactor tick. so for most of the smaller simple reactors you can just use copper cables.

    2.The reactor should be build one block high then the block it sits on removed and replaced with a reactor chamber. that being said. only a 3x3x3 around the reactor itself is affected by outside cooling(water/air). If you built it directly on top of a MFE i think that would count as a solid and you would lose one block of cooling, ( but adding chambers and cables dont count that way IIRC so could just put a cable out of top or bottom and keep the cooling (air))

    3.Currently your best bet if running a hot reactor is to put a source water block directly above the reactor 2 or 3 blocks so when it starts to evaporate the water it only gets the flowing water around it. If you are looking for a good water mod to do something along the lines of real containment. You should check into Finite liquid 5.0 (which i just checked he finally released yay) its a bit more cpu intensive (best to make a world and wait 5mins lol) after it loads tho its ok.

    yeah kane in my setup i have nine 6chambered reactors wired to turn on and off at the same time just takes a signal being sent to stop it and keep it that way. can stop it even if its about to go critical.

    Urban : your first link fails rather quickly , second link runs to 1200 ticks and then goes critical. I dont use ice so neither are very much of a improvement hehe. :)

    Rick : Yeah dezuman's reactor is a real safe bet.

    with 6 chambers water evaporating starts at 8k but as long as the source block is above the reactor by 2 it will only get the water "flowing" around it and never run out. Granted your mark 1 should never get that high. If you wanted to build a bigger reactor with more chambers and get more out of your Uranium then you are going to have to run cooldowns after or let it melt parts and replace them.

    So as far as the construction on your reactor it was fine (minus that you are missing chambers) which you wont need unless you change setup.
    Mark I's are good for getting rid of Uranium and completely safe.I would rather get more out of them then just 2.3 eff. Its really personal preference on how much you want to produce / upkeep.

    So i run
    Mark IV EB

    Efficiency 3.67

    165 Eu/T

    1700ticks before critical. (28mins)

    Ment to be used in 10mins intervals with other reactors of same type

    (9reactors in 7x7x4)…HCHCCHCHCCHCHCH

    Wasnt knocking your design to be honest. i Just dont care much for plating (normally leads to something melting for me) The one i posted was same thing as yours with out coolant you could add it in obviously as you wanted and use the HD's you have in your design.

    i dont plan on building any reactors around lava or in it so.. air / water will be fine lol. I always dump water on top of my reactors tho 3 blocks directly above the reactor it pours over the chambers and all.

    Well assuming i am correct in what i have read its

    Fresh Cell will last 10,000Reactor ticks (10,000 seconds \ 160mins (166.666666666666666667 according to my calculator lol)

    x20ticks = 200000 per alblaka

    So when i say tick i guess i should change that to Reactor ticks.
    Ticks according to him are 20 every 1 second.

    Using the reactor test site, i put in a fresh cell surrounded by depleted started it watched it go till 1k on the fresh cell. checked the surrounding depleted each was hovering around -250 from the starting 9999, increased heat lvled it out at 3k500ish. Did the test again (started with a fresh cell and 4 depleted waited untill it ticked 1k times checked the Numbers it was around 500 ect.ect.)

    Its the same measurement just different method, no idea why there is a distinction but there is. a Reactor tick = 1second and also 20ticks over 1 second lol.

    The important thing is its 10000seconds for a fresh uranium to be used.

    That being said, i have no idea on how one would time that with Red Power.

    You seem to misunderstand..

    The Op wanted a design that does not make use of them. So he asked for designs.. that Does not use them. Seeing as he is looking for something he is comfortable using and the best option that would be a valid plan. just saying.

    After doing some testing,

    it appears that.
    0-3k heat with 4 depleted around 1 uranium every 1k ticks = 250 off the 9999 timer
    3-6k heat with 4 depleted Around 1 uranium every 1k ticks = 500 off the 9999 timer
    (give or take a little)

    i should of checked 9k plus but closed it lol , i would think it goes to 1k every 1k ticks. altho it should be more i get 4 full and 4 partial in my breeder. was thinking the partials are around 80%ish enriched.

    So thats a base to go off at least. it would enrich alot faster with more. Harder to test that with out more options on the test site.

    I read somewhere it doubles for every 3k heat in the reactor up till 9. then it stops.

    Well according to Alblaka
    Reactor Tick
    "A single uranium cell will "pulse" once. Pulses mean energy and heat production. Generally, all uranium cells will pulse at once every few moments (to be exact, once every second), which is called the "Reactor Pulse/Tick".

    Fuel lasts
    "Uranium Cells are, trivially, the part producing the energy. Each uranium cell lasts quite long, 200000 ticks to be exact. This is approximately a length of 160 minutes, in effect 8 full Minecraft Days."

    If you really plan on getting alot out of your uranium you need a breeder , turn 1 into 8 per ingot. as long as you enrich them back to full. i have 25ish uranium and a stable breeder so looking at 200 uranium right there. Going to take a bit too turn them all into full charged uranium cells, unless i build a secondary breeder.

    To breed all you do is. have empty cells next to a full cell, produces less power because they leech off the good cell untill fully charged (heat of the reactor speeds this up) (3k,6k,9k)