MK I-I Eff C "Radiator" 6-chamber Reactor


    Reactor + 6 chambers. Total of: 12 Integrated reactor plating, 9 Integrated heat dispenser, 26 Coling cells
    Highest EU per cycle: 4kk, Uranium cells used: 2, Efficiency: 2 (Class C)
    Heat/Cool Surplus: -3.2 not counting outside cooling. As it does not generate heat and cools on its own its Mark I-I reactor.
    Cost-to-gain ratio: Bad. It uses a lot of heat dispensers, platings and uses 6 chambers only giving Efficency of 2 and 4kk EU.
    Safety: 100% safe (not mentioning intentional removal of cooling or pouring lava into reactor leading to critical meltdown)
    Tested: Working all right.
    Upgrade capabilities: Possible upgrade to design making it more cost-effective.
    Constructor: Proso, Me, Nihil (all one person). Using Liko2k private (somewhat UTS [see star-wars combine]) server and some of materials mined by him.

    Expansive but save and sound. No external cooling needed. No overseeing needed (only to put extra uranium).
    It got totally different name, but that name is offending (relating to nuclear catastrophic event) and thou shalt not be used officially.

  • not nitpicking , but personally i hate parts getting melted due to over heating. I do my best to get as much out of the uranium as i can. To simplify your Reactor a bit with no consumed parts.…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    (the parts getting melted bit was directed at plating dont care much for them lol rather enjoy having HD's, not at your design)

    I think you missed the bit where his is a mark 1-1 so you can run it anywhere (including completely surrounded by lava), and his design didn't burn up parts. (nvm it looks like 1 cooling cell next to the 2 Plating on the right will melt... eventually >1 cycle so still mk 1 as you could just move it when you refill the uranium.)

    Personally I prefer surrounding reactors with water, cos external water cooling is OP. :) [I was against it at first, but seeing how much it actually does it's a no-brainer, and a "just deal with it"]

  • I assure NO parts melts, even single one.
    I just got idea to put heat dispensers in neighbourhood of 2 plates, to prevent those situations (my projects before had there cooling cells, and they had to be replaced).

    Demork: Nice simplification, but it relies on external cooling. Mine is 9001% safe regardless of external conditions. Just use my design ;]
    And... Does not melt, only thing You could call that is melting is uranium cell (making EU :P)

    Why nothing melts? Sometimes I watch reactor (just for sure), even if it was about to end cycle, everything had nice green bar or even no bar at all :D
    Why doesn't melt seriously? Heat dispensers: Are damn awesome. Its just made to balance heat among EVERY SINGLE damn component. It is impossible to melt one part. None of them melts or whole reactor goes down :] Thats the magic, bro!

    Now I am thinking about external cooling too. I already calculated that... 6 chambered reactor + water around it (where it works, that is 3x3 area around main chamber only) is 33 heat dispensing. Replacing chamber with water makes it one heat point more (ex. 3 chamber reactor + water is 30 cooling).
    Its 1 point of cooling per water, 2 per chamber and 1 is reactor itself. So its 1+20+6*2 = 33 (just do 3*3*3 is 27 and subtract reactor and 6 chambers, 20 water must surround).
    I used it in theoretical Eff 3 reactor. It seems legit and even cools down! 3 chambers and 12kk total ;]

  • Wasnt knocking your design to be honest. i Just dont care much for plating (normally leads to something melting for me) The one i posted was same thing as yours with out coolant you could add it in obviously as you wanted and use the HD's you have in your design.

    i dont plan on building any reactors around lava or in it so.. air / water will be fine lol. I always dump water on top of my reactors tho 3 blocks directly above the reactor it pours over the chambers and all.

  • It seems slightly inefficient to me, but it looks excellent other than that! And no component melt-downs, you say? Let's try that one out... :evil:

    Also, just out of curiosity, what was the name for the reactor design? I can guess, but I like confirmation.

  • @ OP sorry but: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…58j3vr5mu4vgbzqszjx8w5tts
    platings are nearly never used and as you will discover once you build a reactor legit, 6 chamber reactors need TONS of resources to make
    also watercooling is OP so its better to make several smaller reactors than 1 big one
    note: the bottom 9 squares are water the rest is air , 2 air blocks would be taken for cable and redstone so it all comes down to exact Mark I