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    I noticed that a geothermal generator hooked up to a storage device that's powering low-draw machines with the "on-off-on-off" behavior causes a lot of lag in addition to being annoying if you have the sound on (was lowering fps by about 15).

    With the latest version of RedPower, the two-storage-block method of preventing this behavior is obsolete. You can just set your storage to "emit if full", then use that as an input for a state cell set to 60 seconds or whatever you want the minimum cycle time to be that in turn controls a splitter cable between the geo gen and storage.

    The same setup works (with the state cell output inverted) to make a mass fab use spare power but on a less laggy cycle time.

    Another note about the new RP relays:

    If you put them inline with a tube, there is a small delay before they eject items that come in to their inventory. This can be used to your advantage if you have a dense incoming stream of single items, because they relay will make them into small (5-6 items - depends on how fast stuff is coming in) stacks before sending them back out.

    Unfortunately, this really is only useful for very dense streams of items right now. I need to suggest to Eloraam to add a "consolidator" mode to relays so you can force them to hold onto stuff until a min stack size is reached...

    This seems like a frequent question, so I thought I'd share my current solution. This system is designed so that can burst a section of storage to mass fabrication while always keeping a reserve so that power from always-on sources isn't wasted. It should be easily modifiable to any number of storage devices.

    Power comes in to the MFSU on the left, and fills both. They're both set to "Emit when full." When they're both full at the same time, the AND gate triggers the RS latch to reverse it's outputs, which allows the mass fab to run, and cuts the right-hand MFSU off from additional power input. When it's empty the shutoff of the detector cable triggers the pulse former to reverse the RS latch again, disabling the MF, and allowing the second MFSU to charge again.

    The cables going down through the floor supply power everything else, and allow the rest of the equipment to use power from either MFSU regardless of what the system is doing. They need to have separate MFTFs, so that power can't bypass the splitter cable.

    If you have scrap available (I don't, here) you can connect the same redwire line that controls the MF to a RedPower timer that sends scrap while the MF is running.

    Same thing in SMP. First crop planted on this server. (Rose on crop sticks next to cross sticks)

    IC2 1.95
    RP2 pr5
    RailCraft 5.0.3

    Uhh, the image is broken for me, but I really do think that things like this show how Redpower is superior to BC. Except for those times when you want to do really weird shit with your things when you move them around, the automatic routing is far better than having to babysit your items along the route with iron pipes, overflow catchers with obsidian pipes, and the like. However, Buildcraft is still used as the dominant mod on servers due to RP's lack of autocrafting and mining systems, namely a quarry.

    Should work now... for some reason my web server was responding to everything with resets :P

    Wow I just noticed this, I love the fact you're using a mini-Recyclonator layout, the Advanced Insertion Pipe ring system I found works very very well, however it is prone to overloading your CPU with too many items in there, but I can't say I really ever hit that point (if you can load enough items to overload that many recyclers you need to reconsider your life anyway)

    I have a chest that most stuff goes into (pumped out by a wooden pipe/redstone engine) that then dumps into a transposer. If I really have a lot of crap to recycle (usually snowballs, since my base is in a snow biome, and they pop off of stuff constantly), I'll just throw whole stacks onto the transposer. That way instead of 16 or 64 separate items in the pipes/tubes, you just have stack items circulating, which is much less laggy.

    Or, instead of the slime spawning, have a small chance that instead of exploding, the reactor has a meltdown and spawns "melted core" blocks (50% for each u-cell in the reactor). These are like sand (obey gravity) but melt any block directly below them after a few seconds, including re-stone/glass, and maybe even a config option for bedrock if you really want to be hardcore. Blocks directly adjacent to a melted core block are changed to a radioactive block (damages entities like a hot reactor does). Basically you end up with a giant radioactive hole in the map. (Minecraft China syndrome) :P

    Edit: Bonus for having the melted core come through the roof of the Nether at the appropriate coords the next time you go down there. :)

    Creeper-Keeper - Tier 10-16

    -Plant with slow growth speed, producing only its own seeds, maybe low chance of sticky resin

    -Looks like green vines on the ground, until fully grown, where it obtains colored "sticky bits"
    -Immune to trampling

    -When fully grown, roots any mob that steps on it to that spot (also prevents endermen from TP-ing). Includes you, until it's destroyed.

    Dye Weed - Tier 1-5
    - Fast growth speed, producing seeds, and its color of dye
    - Looks like normal crops, with flowers of the appropriate color when fully grown

    Thanks you. Your Design on youtube looks like a pretty nice design too.

    I guess I'm my own critic because the messy redstone wiring really bothers me. I'd like to build a bigger one but I'm limited to One snow golem per reactor because I designed it for Industrial Rage.

    One snow golem should be fine unless you plan on running the reactor 100% of the time. I'm designing an 1800EU/t ice CASUC that only uses one golem, and no adv. machines addon (which I'm avoiding for various reasons). Basically I'll just run snowball/ice production all the time until storage is full (will take about 22 real-time hours), then run the reactor from storage (18 double chests). Currently it looks like the whole system (ice maker, storage & reactor) will all fit inside of a 10x10x10 containment chamber, so with 3 layers of re-stone, you're right at one chunk.

    Effective eu/t is about 200, but I average about 10 used, so that's fine.

    I've been able to repeat this now... q-suit helmet running dry == crashed server

    1. 2012-01-05 14:42:52 [SEVERE] Unexpected exception
    2. java.lang.NullPointerException
    3. at jb.a(SourceFile:181)
    4. at ic2.common.ItemArmorQuantumSuit.performQuantum(
    5. at mod_IC2.OnTickInGame(
    6. at ic2.platform.Ic2.OnTickInGame(
    7. at ModLoader.OnTick(
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    9. at

    Staring on the outer wall. Will be something like 750 blocks long all the way around.

    A chunk-loader block deployer. I have to have 6 chunk loaders to cover the base, and didn't want to have to run all over the place putting them down and picking them up. This lets me just flip a switch in the control room to take care of all of them. Unfortunately the simplest way to detect the presence of a block (running redstone through it) doesn't work because it interferes with the deployer and block breaker. 90% of this crap is just trying to see whether the loader block is where it's supposed to be.

    When you deploy or stow the chunk loader, it retracts the piston, pulses the deployer or block breaker, then extends the piston again. Since the loader block isn't pushable, you can tell whether it's there or not because the dirt block get stuck in the retracted position and completes the circuit there. XNORing that output with the input gives you on when all is well, and off when it's not.

    Chunk loader section in the control room. Green == loader block matches switch postion, red == it doesn't.


    "Enderman wuz here"?

    Old temp shop area is now the top of reactor containment

    Making lots of re-stone for reactor containment sure is a lot easier with the Burninator! :)

    I think both grass and mycelium are obtainable in vanilla now with silk touch, so they're not hax blox any more. :)

    What I do for missing UUM recipes (ones that would likely actually be added, anyway) is just look at similar recipes to determine the cost, spawn in the items, and toss some UUM in the incinerator. :P Like if I need bones, I'll spawn 48 of them and toss 5 UUM. (or 6 for 16 slimeballs, 8 for 2 ender pearls, etc.)

    it is not so much an even amount of junk. with advanced insertion pipes there is no need to give them an even amount. the junk will just cycle round until it meets a recycler that can accept it.

    If you really want to give recyclers an even amount of junk go for distribution pipes, then you can assign even ratios for each recycler (takes forever, really boring :( ) so that your request works. However the only issue with this is that they don't take into account different types of junk, so if the distribution pipe decided a plank was to go into a recycler that was currently doing a large batch of cobblestone, it would pop out, unlike with advanced insertion pipes.

    Yeah, for recyclers, it doesn't really matter what goes where... just loop some adv. insertion pipes. For other stuff, I use a hybrid, so I can still get an even distribution without any out-poppage. The group of extractors in this pic has both an adv. insertion pipe ring, and distribution pipes to even the initial load.

    Actually the best solution (for solar, anyway) would be to have some kind of onWeatherChange event (in Forge, maybe?) that fires off when the weather changes, and at dusk/dawn, which would eliminate a lot of that checking completely. As for obstructing solars with blocks... they do have a battery in the recipe, so having them only check every few seconds wouldn't be that bad.

    Wind & water wouldn't need to react to changes instantly, either.