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    Is there an original thread discussing this steam system? I haven't seen anything in 1.106 and have been toying with the idea of mod writing just to do exactly like what this sound like, creating a sort of metamod that makes steam to turn turbines to spin generators that output ic bc or rp power. Is al working on a more realistic system for huge power plants?

    Right now on my 1.3.2 world, I'm running IC, BC, Forestry, Railcraft, Ironchests and a host of IC addons. I'm looking for a few good mods to round out the world, specifically:

    A Gun mod (Heuristix doesn't seem to work with this build, at least I can get the armory but not the guns)

    Some kind of mod adding meta-blocks that turn large block builds into moving objects like zeppelinmod, prefereably that create floating/submersible vehicles.

    This may have been covered, but the search function isn't cooperating with me.

    I've noticed I can pipe water-cells into the isotope separator, and I can pipe the finished product out, but don't seem to be able to pipe out the empty cells. Is this already a commonly known problem? (Yes, i've tried every face of the cube, none seems to work for empty cells)

    Has anyone tried redpower pipes with these? I'm probably off to try that next.

    Try reading the forums or even possibly the wiki for a change.

    repeat after me: the EU a cable can carry is per *PACKET* not total. aka: it's perfectly possible for glass fiber cable to carry that much as it's only taking 120 or 30 EU/t packets.

    Exactly. Eu/t is a total bastardization of the concepts of power voltage and current. As a wire-rating, its like voltage, as a measurement with the eu-meter, its more like power or current.

    Maybe I don't quite understand things; but I've got an issue with the Small Electric Engine.

    From the BC Wiki: Steam engines are "matched" to pumping water with the pump.

    It would appear that Small Electric Engines are equivalent to the Steam Engine.

    Why then do the Small Electrics heat up and go red RAPIDLY whenever I attach them directly to a pump?

    I ran a little test with power pipes and a quarry and it appears they are maybe overproducing power because when I pipe them to the quarry they never overheat.

    Going to test putting power piping between the SEE and the Pump and see what happens.

    Turning crude into polymers would be great. (so would gasification/liquefaction of coal and other hydrocarbons like plant balls)

    1. Suggestions would be a better place for this.
    2. Please reform your suggestion in a format more compatible with the English language. I'm good with bad English and I still had a rough time with that.

    Yes, correct installation order, no it's DUH not out yet (not even in developement so far).

    Last I saw, it looked like forge isn't 1.0 compatible yet.

    Not to pry, but from a dev standpoint, does it look like we're just hung up on forge's release or will there likely be more 1.0 work to do after the 1.0 compatible forge drops?

    I realize its for game balance...but there should be a different cost for fusion than "explodes"

    fusion rx's don't best they would implode; more likely they just fail. Their true cost is: 1) very radioactive components after operation 2) high radiation flux around rx during operation 3) INCREDIBLY high energy costs to get one running.

    i like 3...easy to implement. like how Kentington's RS addon uses a battery to start the rx. I would make it require a FULL charge from either a lapotron or a nearby wired-on MFSU to start it up as well as some kind of cooling system.

    fwiw fission rx's don't even really explode. They release large amounts of high energy steam that "explodes" the containment structure (read explosion much much less powerful than equivalent weight atomic weapon) but by and large don't cause atomic/thermonuclear explosions. mosty they just melt things and kick lots of fission products into the environment on failure. Rad-waste / fallout deposition would be a better consequence.

    Yeah, the MC patcher issue was because it asked what folder in the forge zip file I wanted to use. I didn't use the root directory, so several .class files got left out. using the root directory of the zip works just fine.

    MC patcher otherwise does GREAT in linux. I've had some issues with the "archive manager" (both drag n drop and unpacking, copying and repacking via archive manager) I guess I should look into installing fastjar or something like that.

    I put modloader, modloaderMP, minecraftforge and optifine into the jar. (all using mc patcher)

    otherwise, IC2, BC2, RP2, EqEx and a LOT of IC2 addons. are all in and working. I gave up on BTW. after looking at a lot of what's in it I felt more of what I want is in the mods I installed. (though I'm thinking about bringing in railcraft or zeppelin or something vehicular)

    I should mention this is on a 1st gen intel macbook pro (1.83Ghz core duo, 2g ram, ati mobility 1600) I'm getting framerates in the low 20s after following the optimization guide in the MC forums. Fun little project after I finished my move before reporting in for duty tomorrow.

    So far I have gotten Modloader, Modloader MP, Forge and optifine patched into my minecraft.jar. Having problems when I put *anything* in my mod folder: generally the same thing:

    Any ideas?

    I used mcpatcher as instructed for loading risugami, modloader mp, forge and optifine. then dropped ic2 into the mods folder.
    I get a similar crash with BC2 atm too.

    Running mint 11 lxde.

    Going to try to assemble myself what I would consider the mother of all mod packs and runit on my linux notebook. Anyone have experience/advice for mod installs in linux or with getting this particular combo to work? I ran into some idea conflicts with this when I added eqex due to bc2 bucket filler. What's the easiest way to fix these?

    Yeah. walking into a running Rx compartment with Anti-Contamination clothing (Anti-C's) would do about as much as putting on an extra layer of clothes.

    I would like to see lead added and making lead-lined rx compartments to keep from getting some kind of fire-like damage, but I accept that al won't do this.

    If only i knew how to code, i'd add "nuke-craft" as an IC addon. factor this and several other nuclear concepts in.