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    Hey guys, huge update for the WIN program. To see what changed, look into the changelog. ATM I´m focusing on the WIN version because 95% are using it.

    Okay, this function will be added in the future but first I want to fix the problems/improve the program Feature added!

    yes, the most popular add-ons (like GT) would be an option.

    Thanks for the ideas :)

    Edit: Again a huge update for the WIN program. Now the program can also install MC Forge! :D

    okay, thanks

    1. If you want to check the files, no problem :) Check the md5 sum of the files
    Wget: Link to the download website (I used the newest version)
    7za: Link to the download website (I used the 9.38 Beta (7zip extra))
    If you want to follow the steps, you can simply add a "pause" after each line and look what its doing. You will see nothing malicious. :D

    2. Jep, that´s not exactly brilliant, I´m looking forward to fix it.

    3. Good idea. I will add an option for it!

    4. Okay, I will add some more information!

    So thank you for your criticism, it is only helpful.

    Hey guys, I just scripted a little tool for automatic Forge & IC2 Updating/Installing. It automatically updates your IC version to the newest working build. It can be installed in the manual mode (=you have to start the script every time you want to update) or in the autostart mode (=the script will run at system boot).

    If you don´t trust me (virus etc.) look at post 3 and 4 ;)

    Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (not compatible with Vista/XP)

    OS X


    Will you use it? Tell me!

    To do list

    So, have fun with it :D

    P.S. Please tell me, if something isn´t working. It´s still WIP so expect mistakes.

    why is replicating so unbalanced? It´s okay to pay 120mb for 1 Iridium, but paying 10.86B for 1 Sticky Resin isn´t okay (my opinion). I know that IC is WIP so slap me if this was a wrong question...


    @messiagov: kannst mir gerne helfen. Ich werd eine aktuelle Datei hochladen, dann übersetz am besten die Bücher, damit wir nicht das gleiche machen. Ich werde dann die Itemliste weiter übersetzen. Schick mir die Datei wenn du fertig mit den Büchern bist.

    Meld dich aber bitte vorher nochmal kurz! Danke für deine Hilfe :)

    Hey all,

    I just started the translation of GregTech to German!

    You can see the status here:

    ITEM STATUS : 100% DONE!!!
    BOOK STATUS : 53%

    Downloads: (les´ die liesmich.txt)


    Thanks to:

    - GregoriusT for the awesome addon :P
    - me (fitnesstino) :D
    - Kulli98 for finding fails

    @ Sinnaj63: yes which is right with enderdragen, but there is also upgrade of the diamond drill (iridium drill) which was equipped with luck and, therefore, I remembered!

    @LeBratz: thx! I think him damage is big enough, but the memory could be raised to 1.000.000! And Fire Aspeckt and/or Knockback could be included, too!