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    All type of generators, and any machines except trade-o-machine and personal chest can't be wrenched.

    Confirmed it and tracked it down. The wrench was checking for owned personal blocks, but wasn't falling through that check to affect non-personal wrenchable blocks.

    Ore generation wasn't working in my installation either, I tweaked the OV Scanner to check. I copied over the lines from the old mod_IndustrialCraft's GenerateSurface and that did bring them in (though at their old rarities, of course).

    I'm Drashian, and I'm probably not actually a cat who taught himself to type. In fact, I've got nearly three decades of experience being a human (only part of which I was old enough to remember). I've been programming since I was a wee little thing and my father would sit me on his knee and tell me what keys to press, and it turned into a career as soon as I got out of high school. I work at a company that makes accelerometers. You might even have one in one of your electronic devices.

    I love everything. I love cats (but I can't hug them all), and dragons, and Java, and trees, and clouds, and Perl, and ponies. I love soda, and music (pretty much all music), and Minecraft. I love Improbable Island, the Elder Scrolls, and Diablo. I love reading, but I don't take nearly as much time to do it as I should.

    I play Minecraft solo and on a local server with my fiance (I love her, too). I haven't joined any public servers, because I'm terribly shy around people.

    Name: Drashian (same for the forums and in-game)
    Time Zone: GMT-4 (US Eastern)
    Position: Programmer, beta tester

    Looks like I'm a little late for the party! And there's some tough competition in here. No harm in putting the offer on the table, though, so here goes. I've got 10 years of experience programming professionally (another 5 or so as a hobby before that), both creating new code and maintenance, mostly internal systems at my job. More Perl than Java, but I've written enough programs in Java to have a decent familiarity with the JDK and Eclipse. No Minecraft modding experience to show off yet, though I've skimmed through source trying to resolve compatibility issues between different mods. I'm experienced in source code management in Git, Subversion, and CVS. And I am, of course, a big fan of IndustrialCraft.

    So there you go. I'll gladly help with coding, bug hunting, bug fixing, general beta testing, extracting and arranging information for the wiki, anything I'd be good at.