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    Mhm, it sounds like a good idea, I will modify that soon. Although, I don't like the idea of getting 3. 7 is maybe a bit much, but 3 isn't enough. I think I'll make it be 5 instead of 7.

    Okay, I'm here to give you a piece of news. I've just updated EMT to version 1.0.8, and feel like I have to warn you.
    This version comes with a lot of changes, mostly the fact that the mod is now called Electro-Magic Tools.
    With that, comes the fact a new config will be generated when launching the mod, because I changed too much stuff.

    That's where the third point is: some blocks already existing might disappear, but that's only because I switched the way I stored my IDs to make it more efficient. Basically, I now use metadata instead of an ID for every block.

    Have fun, play, and give feedback!


    The addon is indeed updated to TC4.1.0x.

    - Electric Crucible : I don't really see how the Crucible could be made better, but if you have a more precise idea do tell :D

    - Electric Arcane Furnace : I don't really understand what you mean by that, but there are 2 options : if you are speaking about the Infernal Furnace, I do have something that's coming out next update, but I'm still working around balancing and stuff. If you meant the Alchemical Furnace, that is a really good idea, and I will probably add an Electric version in the future.

    - Support for IC2 Crops and Lamp of Growth in :
    > Lamp of Growth will speed up growing
    > Lamp of Growth will work like Fertilizer ^
    > Also decrease chance to get bad crops to less usage of Bug Spray : )

    I don't know a single thing about IC2 crops, but I've heard they were evil. I'm proably not going to touch that for a while, sorry :/. And there is also the fact that I can't add support for IC2 crops myself, that needs to be done by Azanor himself.

    - Industrial Hoe of Growth
    > On setting farmland cost 10EU/block
    > On let tree growth it take from 3kEU/try to 10kEU/try when
    >> Vanilla Saplings take 3 000 EU
    >>>except of Jungle Wood which take from 4 000 EU to 8 000 EU in case then
    >>>> 1 Jungle Sapling take 4k, 2 by 2 take 8 000 EU.
    >> Greatwood take 10 000EU in every case
    >>Silverwood Sapling take 10 000 EU.
    > Have changable mods to farm from 1 block to 5by5 also with certain amout of EU
    >> in suggestion >
    >>> 1 Block = 10 EU
    >>> 3by3 = 100 EU
    >>> 5by5 = 1000 EU

    I had something like that planned, but it's probably not going to be in the next version. I appreciate all your precisions, they help me having a clearer opinion on what I could do!

    - Make Thaumium Hammer for working like IC2 Hammer, but with 512 durability instead of 128 and make upgrade for it.
    >> Thaumium Electric Hammer which instead of using durability will use in crafting EU in it

    I did try that. That was going to be in the next version, but there is a bug in ic2 that prevents me from doing it the way it should. I would have to add every single plate recipe (which I could do, seeing it REALLY isn't complicated-- just a pain, but I'll see)!

    At all, recipes require scan of certain block / item !
    In this cases you need to scan IC2 Hammer, Hoe of Growth etc.

    I don't really like that idea, sorry about that :/ I preferred the lost researches, but they were removed :(

    - Lamp of Treebreed !
    > This lamp increase chance that you will gain Oak wood tree in mature state as that you can see in Magical Forest ! Which means, more wood ! Require 1 Point of Arbor Essentia to increase chance by 20 % ! : )
    > In default with this lamp it increase for 2 % then you'll gain in radius Magical Forest tree ! : )

    That can easily be achieved in vanilla, at the cost of a few blocks and some bonemeal (or hoe of growth) :

    - Add TCPB - "Thaumaturgist TCBP" ! With use with "Thaumic Terraformer" it will slowly change biome to Magical Forest !
    > In case up on it is Jar of Essentia ( Praecantatio ) !
    > In case up on it is Jar of Essentia ( Vitium ), it will change to Tainted biome or
    > In case up on it is Jar of Essentia ( Tenebrae ), it will change to Eerie biome : )

    Can't be. I'd need to make 3 TCBP, and wouldn't be able to use essentia. If you want specific biomes, move nodes.

    - Wand focus: Charge
    > This Foci can charge up your Electric stuff in inventory if you right click with it, but have huge cost of Aer, Ignis and Ordo aspects ! ( Because Potentia is Ordo and Ignis and electricity make sense to be potentia and aer. I hope so ) : )

    That is a surprisingly good idea :D. I don't know why I didn't think about it, but it's definetely going to get added in the next versions (this one or maybe the one after).

    I really thank you for your ideas! :D

    Version 1.0.7 for Thaumcraft 4.1.0e is now... OUT!
    It doesn't add any new item/block, but the electric scribing tools now work, and there is a whole ton more config options.
    I also add the recipe for the diamond drill, since it is bugged for ic2 build 993!

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Well, seems like I missed some action! Still not back, but I can finally answer!

    Supreme awesome. Totally gonna use your mod in my future 1.7 modpack (if you release 1.7 version). A small question: is it possible to use your tools in miner?

    I don't know, I never tried that. But in 1.0.7, I will add a config option (disabled by default) to make them worth being used in the arcane bore.
    And, I'm glad you liked it! :D

    Looks cool just 1 question can I disable Mjolner and Supercharged Mjolner in the configs. They look a bit over powered.

    Configs to disable researches are coming with 1.0.7. Thanks for the feedback :D

    Wait, isn't it called "Mjölnyr" or "Mjölnir"? Mjolner is the Name of AnderZELs Horse.

    It didn't compile if I used Mjölnir >.<. Wished it did though xD.

    Okay, I've got a couple of news to give you.
    First, I want to thank every single person who downloaded my mod, and got it to the state it is tomorrow.
    I have over 3000 downloads! (3042 at the moment I'm writing this :!

    Secondly, I've got to inform you about something : I'm leaving tomorrow for a 10 days trip, until the 22nd, so I won't be able to work on the mod. I'm not sure either about the internet access :/
    Thanks again for your support!

    Ive got a little feedback :)

    Using generators is pretty unbalanced, at least, using Potentia Generator for make EU.
    As far as I know, Potentia is gained from Redstone. If you put redstone on Arcane Furnace, you gained pretty much EU,
    but burn Redstone in machines gives you less, so id its not purpose, you could change it please to make less EU or make config for it, which I really apprechiate ?

    Cross of all, AWESOME addon ! :3

    First of all, thanks a lot for giving me feedback! Very few people did that, and I really appreciate it!
    Now, to answer your concern about the balance of the Potentia Generators. As far as I know, you cannot use redstone to give energy to your machines in vanilla ic2. The possibility to use redstone as a power source for your machines comes from the translocators mod.
    Secondly, in vanilla ic2 there is no way to get power from redstone, and that's why I used coal as an example for the amount of energy you got from 1 unit of potentia. As it is today, you get 4k EU per coal, and you get about 3500 EU per unit of potentia. Since there are 2 potentia per coal, I am aware that the yield can be considered as a bit OP, but I wanted to make it worth the cost, especially for crafting the machine itslef, since it is a rela pain to make.

    All in all, I will of course add a config option for the yield you get from all Essentia Generators, but the default value isn't getting changed any time soon.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback!! :D