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    There we go, we have someone willing to take up the task. Now, all we need is a mod willing to keep this person up to date on everything and we have a way to keep everyone on the pulse of what is going on :D

    I'll admit, I only got Facebook recently (due to academic studies). The only reason why I have it is to keep in contact with old friends of mine if I don't have them on Steam. What would be a decent idea though is a new Industrial BlaBla blog run by one of the other developers.

    Also, the only things to use Google+ for are
    1. Youtube
    2. Gmail (If your only making a Youtube channel now, it is mandatory so might as well use it)

    This idea is even reasonable. Having the last post on April 10th makes this seem more desolate than it truly is. Who will accept the glory of being the new voice of Industrialcraft?

    copper: centered at 40, triangle-ish decreasing to +- 30 blocks
    tin: 0-40, uniform
    uranium: 0-64, uniform
    lead: 0-64, uniform

    the height values are being scaled by the map's sea level

    This would look fantastic on the new wiki

    Why not have a Facebook page which keeps users of this fantastic mod up to date on everything happening, while also having the more casual function of showing builds and featuring videos that will draw popularity to the mod? I think it would work!

    Thanks for the reply

    While I was waiting, I went onto YouTube to research how to install Forge. It was about as clear as mud from when I first came in from the world of not installing mods. I know the Industrialcraft team isn't responsible for forge, but since it is a dependency, I was wondering if the dedicated installation instructions thread could be updated or replaced to give a guy like myself with no background on installing mods a step-by-step on how to do it.

    I downloaded the forge installer, then had to right click. On the drop-down menu I selected "open with" and chose "Java" from the programs.
    I clicked ok for it to install itself for the client.
    Then, I had to launch minecraft and switch my user name from my own to "Forge" on the dropdown menu on the bottom-left of the window.
    I then clicked play and allowed it to run to the start menu.
    I closed the minecraft window, then typed in %appdata% in my windows finder (found by clicking the start button at the bottom left of my desktop, followed by typing %appdata% into the search box which then appears), clicked on the roaming folder, then finally found the mods folder inside of .minecraft.
    I dragged the necessary mods into that. Now they are working.

    Something more up to date like this can help the helpless n00bs like me figure this stuff out.

    Ok, more specifically:
    I have no mods folder. I try dragging and dropping the contents of the forge jar into the minecraft version jar, but as soon as I launch minecraft the game undos what I did and takes it right back to vanilla jar configuration, removing any added files. There is no mods folder.

    The way the mod is installed has certainly changed drastically since the 2011 post made on this forum on how to install it. I ask that a new thread with the more up to date instructions be added. I used mod-packs for so long that I no longer remember the process.

    I'm watching this thread like it was a favorite television show. I haven't logged on in so long that I forgot my profile and had to start a new one . . . but it was worth it to stay on the pulse of what is perhaps my favorite mod.