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    I'm trying to learn how to code so that I may perhaps make my own mod or contribute to this mod in some type of way. Does anyone have any advice on where to start?

    Right now, I am playing a simple computer game called "Turtle" where I'm using code to make a triangle trace lines on the screen. Any video game suggestions for learning code are greatly appreciated.

    Any advice at all is useful, so don't be shy. :D

    Hey, I'm lost with how the new canning machine works. I was trying to make a fuel can to feed my generator and I can't even place the fuel can in the gui, let alone know what it means to empty a tank to fill things. Since the wiki is lagging, can anyone be so kind as to give me details on how to use the canning machine and its features? A YouTube tutorial would be excellent. but written instructions are good too.

    That's the fun of it, there would be a competition of whether you wanted to dispose of your stuff or wanted to put it to use doing something else. You can still use it in the recycler, or you can use it for other things. Ideally, everything would have uses in multiple ways.

    Remember how gold and lapis were made useful in Industrialcraft? I'm thinking of that kind of good feeling where nothing you work hard and get is junk.

    Cobblestone could be thrown into a Thermal Centrifuge for a chance at producing mineral dusts, or bits of other kinds of stone, that can be made into blocks and smelted for cool building materials. Or, said dusts could be further processed to obtain valuable elements/compounds, or even used for energy. Netherrack could contain small amounts of Gold and Redstone, which are useful.
    There could even be added a machine, requiring no energy, being some sort of "Compost chamber", which produces Fertilizer from large amounts of waste plant/animal material. Maggots, rarely dropped from zombies, could be added to speed up the process. And the methane created by the process could be used as fuel.
    Heck, there could even be added an entire Maggot breeding mechanic, similar to Forestry's Bees - different breeds of Maggots could produce more fertilizer, different byproducts, etc., or even process crushed ores for more yield.
    That's just a few things I came up with. I hope it's helpful.

    I like your creativity

    One of my favorite parts of mods like this and buildcraft are how they give practical use to things that would otherwise be totally useless. For example, excess coal and redstone can be used on powering things or producing diamonds here, and cactus can be used to waterproof pipes in buildcraft. We can use plant material to make plantballs and then convert them into biofuel. Worst case scenario, we have a recycler to eliminate things that are still useless and perhaps use the waste to power a mass fabricator to make useful things.

    My suggestion here is to give more use to some things that are currently near-useless in the vanilla game. I feel that would add quality to the experience. They can either be used to make things that already exist in industrialcraft, in a different way; or they can be used to make something new, although that's not strictly what I'm suggesting.

    For example, dirt and cobblestone, seeds, vegetable produce, gravel, netherrack, all the things that quickly overwhelm our storage that we are currently just tossing out. Why not come up with something they'd be good for? Any ideas are welcome.

    In the beginning, nuclear reactors had chambers added to increase capacity and they interacted with adjacent blocks to effect heat inside the reactor.

    I was thinking of making the nuclear reactors so that they can once again be improved through the building of a reactor core type of structure, one that serves a function other than simply insulating ones base from a potential explosion. I'd like for reactors to be bigger, perhaps having steam vents that discharge steam, rather than just small components. Perhaps using blocks of fuel placed in a macro-structure in a certain way rather than ingots in a gui.

    What I'm getting at is making nuclear reactors large instead of making them just machine blocks with complex gui's. I'm thinking of something like how Terrafirmacraft makes a player have to build up things to get charcoal, for example.

    I'd be most impressed if a voltage and current type of system was used. This would probably be complicated, because then it would have to factor in how smaller current should have less resistance (EU loss) than higher currents. I'm guessing it wasn't done for a good reason, like performance or something. I wouldn't think these talented mod makers aren't able to do it, I believe them when they say it would be too hard on our computer systems.

    basic laws of the universe state that when anything is mixed in any ratio the outcome is generally similar in volume and mass to the combined ingredients yet all that extra material is seemingly randomly lost which always irked me about these mods when it came to alloys and cables it is completely wasteful and doing this to a mod that has already taken a turn towards the asinine is just frustrating and retarded. WE ALREADY HAVE GREG TECH TO DO THIS.

    I find this drive towards making all these various industrial mods more and more difficult to be frustrating and this attempt to copy Greg tech is quite disgusting.

    I agree with you on the loss of mass problem. As a chemist, the lack of mass balance bothers me more than a little. Also, when I noticed that it now requires a hammer to make iron plates, which are now used instead of iron ingots, I was reminded of GregTech. I check the forums and, lo and behold, the creator of GregTech is working directly on IC2 now. It is no coincidence that they are starting to look similar, it's the same person making them.

    I like the ideas he brings to the table, but material mass balance is requested, even if that comes with making said materials required in larger amounts for recipes. It just feels right.

    I agree with the sentiment. Bronze shouldn't be a strong as diamond, not for how much more common its materials are. Combine this mod with buildcraft and you can make dozens of disposable bronze armor sets from one quarry excavation. Even the protection of the high-tier armor items here makes me feel a little like a cheater, but the excessive difficulty to acquire them makes me sleep better at night knowing I earned the shiny toys.

    My big fear is IndustrialCraft going the way of the Aether mod. That mod was a masterpiece, but with the frequent updates and wavering morale of the mod creators it got canned. That was painful to watch something so glorious just die like that. I know, I know, it was taken up by new people who saved it, but what if they didn't? Could you imagine this mod just ceasing to exist because certain folks became bored while the fan base was loving it? We'd all be devastated.

    There is plenty of information on

    I see that and that's great, but I was thinking some PR more akin to this example of a mod-maker's facebook page, Sonic Ether.

    Everybody is always up to speed, and there is an open dialogue environment where even the least saavy folks can participate. Nobody ever walks into the place wondering what happened to everybody.