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    It sure did work on R3, if it doesn't then you probably have some version mismatch.

    You probably need to ask mcportcentral forums about that, but your problem is there.

    [IC2] Trying to load IC2 submodule: bcIntegration22x
    [IC2] Can't load submodule: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ic2.bcIntegration2

    A Config File?! Sounds like that goes in the config folder!

    (Thank you for this file, I'm using it as a template to make subsets for all my mods. Unfortunately, in a fit of OCD, I rearranged all my block IDs when I installed my mods, so it'll be useless for others.)

    I did the same for my items. Well yea it is config/NEISubset.cfg file.

    Is it possible to add the machines from the BC-IC Crossover add-on? The engines apparently no longer use the block ID in the "IB" version.

    I don't use them myself, but I think they have some kind of itemID at least so it shouldn't be difficult to add them, they will probably show grey (as with thermometers for players who don't use them). When I put together my SSP pack, I will probably look into it, but currently messing with one sever where they don't use BC-IC Crossover addon, but they use PowerCrystal's PowerConverters.

    It has still stuff missing but, it isn't too difficult to update. Thought of doing a whole rehaul on it, probably changing some names, for example storage and transformators text is so long, so my split those 2, and add some other items at some time. Subgrouping too probably and as you can use items in multiple groups so there is some improvments to do, just did a quick update to sort items easier.

    But I am quite sure if they'd add it into the IC2 then they could do it more efficiently, so when you change your ID-s it automatically changes them in subsets. I mean if they extend their NEI part with subsets as extra to crafting part.

    look around some... it's built in to 1.6(2/4)

    This part isn't quite integrated, Well its nice to have crafting and machines integrated, but I haven't seen the subset in there yet, sorry if I have overlooked that but if someone has seen it there then please would be nice to have a pic of it or so.

    Changed it a bit and this is what I have now, and it seems to appear in the subsets menu:

    So [RedPower] acts as the user name?

    Yep, pseudouser, basically there is [IndustrialCraft], [BuildCraft] and [Forestry] too. all with the []. For BC and Forestry they made it so you can change in configs, but others I think not. I stumbled upon them when messed with towny and my cobble generator refused to work, gave some permissions and it started working. :) Also they are logged into Hawkeye :/, Around 100M of logs per day...

    I was just complaining about this last night. It's not the recyclers, it's the ability to create free cobble with gens. Adding cobble to that list wouldn't be very bright for a server owner.

    Actually, there is another solution if you are using Bukkit server, which you are probably.

    Well you just make a permission like:
    (If using ModifyWorld), but you probably get the point
    - -modify.break.4
    At least it makes it more difficult to make automated ones using redpower, that should just make it a bit more difficult

    ok, now I have a problem...

    Well you know that test HV array item... well now in one server I can't log into game because my player is in creative mode and thats to NEI bug it spawned that bugged item in my hand so thing is quite bad, I can't log in, and admin tried to remove the item from my bag but it didn't help either.

    so hmm, it seems things are quite complicated because of the item left in, I don't see why was it bad to remove it and release quick bugfix.

    lets see, if that 200 + is input, then it gets quite divided into half, and well, are you getting enough power in from input, or you are getting tick of power and then idling for 2 ticks and then again some power?

    If the 200+ is the input then it seems that output is doing the same, sending out power one tick and then idling next tick.(sometimes 2 ticks in row, sometimes leaving 1 between because not enough power coming from input)

    I guess it is how the power network works... it collects power til the "output" amount gets collected and then sends it out. And that may cause it to skip sending out parts + HV cable and Gold cable have serious power losses.

    I guess it would be better if you draw some kind of schematic about what power comes in and what should go out, I guess guys around here can help you to wire this thing then.

    Uhm, I had the same problem when wanted to create server for weekend to play with friends. I took vanilla server, followed instructions to install the server. Deleted world to generate new one. Logged in, no Oil, nor rubber trees. Turned on fly mode to explore larger areas, still nothing, so like yea, I explored very big areas, but no IC2 elements on map. :(