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    See I'm one who thinks minecraft isn't hard enough.

    Agreed, and while the lightning idea isn't half bad...

    What if nuclear reactors have the possibility to mutate creatures that wandered too close into some horrible...thing...

    EDIT: At the massive idea mentioned above, perhaps we should see what 1.8 villages do, and base the robots off of that?

    I sense an Addon in the future.

    Personally, I would like for IC to remain the simple, machinery, kool stuff that it is, and cause any super-tech stuff to to optional addons.

    Actually to be honest, I prefer the dentist drill to the new one. While its really annoying, I have begun to associate it to a sort of high tech thing, and a change into an obnoxious jackhammer would lower the tech.

    When you upgrade from the bat-pack to the suits, you trade staying ability for mobility and protection. What if power using tools (possibly mining lasers/nanoswords too) could draw some energy from the suit, in the same way as the bat-pack.

    Now you are probably saying "omgz overpowerdz the tradeoff is the point!!!!!!11111oneoneone", and you would be right. Kinda.

    The thing, is, the tradeoff is still there. If you decide to turn on the (toggleable!!) ability to have tools draw from the suit, your suit energy depletes quicker, meaning you trade staying time for staying time. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but I think in usage it would be quite balanced, and also allow for a higher end tradeoff for the bat-pack.

    Either the (AFAIK "useless") chestplate could be used for this energy flow, or the whole suit could be drawn from equally (better).

    Is it the same as the IC1 suit, or does it have 'new' features to it?

    (I ask because I like the black one more, lol...)

    Wearing the helmet still gives you infinite air.
    The chestplate no longer heals.
    Legs let you run fast. (try ice)
    Boots make you jump high. (though combining running and jumping now has much more air friction than before)

    The invincibility is still there its just bugged.

    If anything else is "new" we don't know about it yet.

    To start off, I would like to say that I FRIKKEN LOVE the mining laser. It is the single most useful item ever created, though its use can be pretty complex at times. In this tutorial I will attempt to explain its workings, and hopefully you will learn something useful to your Minecraft experience. As MC or IC change, I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.

    Part One: Usage

    First off, lets go over some basics of how it works. Upon rightclicking, your laser will fire based on which mode it is in. Something to note, (most) laser bullets will travel forever until they hit blocks. For the purposes of this tutorial we will call the time in the air "flight-time" and time digging through the ground "ground-time". Once the laser bullet hits the ground, it will begin to burrow or perform whatever it does. As you probably know, you hold "M" and right click to change modes.

    Another imporant usage tip is to always fire along at least one axis of a block. If you don't, it can get pretty messy as the laser won't properly cut a hole.

    -Charging information to be here when I figure it out-

    Part Two: Modes

    Flight-time: infinite
    Ground-time: a reasonable value, around 16 blocks
    Energy use: 100 shots on one charge, very good
    Combat damage: it will take three hits to kill an average monster
    Notes: This is your bread and butter mode, and you should use it most of the time. Good damage, high range, and great energy usage make it the most well rounded and possibly the best mode to use.

    Flight-time: ~2 blocks
    Ground-time: 1 block
    Energy use: some absolutely obscene amount of charges
    Combat damage: punching is seriously better
    Notes: This mode is useless for pretty much everything except precision removal of blocks. In essence it is a super-pickaxe.

    Flight-time: infinite
    Ground-time: very high, maybe 32 blocks
    Energy use: 10 (9) shots
    Combat damage: BOOM headshot!! (1)
    Notes: The .50 cal of lasers, it will fly forever go through anything and annihilate all in its path. The energy usage is quite high, but its insane damage is definitely worth it.

    Flight-time: infinite
    Ground-time: dynamite explosion
    Energy use: 10 (9) shots
    Combat damage: 3 shots to kill
    Notes: Honestly, this mode sucks. It has a massive energy usage, but the damage is low and the ground-time is the equivalent of a stick of dynamite.

    Flight-time: infinite
    Ground-time: a reasonable value, around 16 blocks
    Energy use: 4 shots
    Combat damage: 3 hits
    Notes: This mode seems epic, but it really isn't. Its only use is to blast a hole in a wall or rape something into nonexistence. Not viable for combat at all, or anything else really.

    Hopefully now you have a good understanding of how the laser works, and can use it to its full potential!

    I don't agree. The buildcraft pipes have always been annoying to place due to the unexpected size and shape of the bounding box, leading to a lot of incorrect placements. When I saw that the IC cables looked the same but had a proper box I was relieved, and I would hate to have it changed.

    The contents of this post could be made into an entire mod for vanilla, oh wait there already is.

    Interesting, but not really dependent on IC, so it probably shouldn't be implemented into it.

    Back on topic:

    Perhaps putting windmills along the path of the smoke would allow for some extra energy? (I realize this probably seems redundant as that is theoretically how nuclear power works, though as of current, the nuclear power seems to be generated by the fission itself, rather than using it to heat water to steam)

    I just fear that it may make a too easily accessible infinite energy source. What sort of cost in terms of resources did you have in mind?

    I agree. The generators follow a very specific path, from being cheap and low energy (wind/water/solar), to being average (gens, geothermal), to being epic and expensive (nuclear), and as the energy output increases, the generator becomes more expensive and requires more other resources to run. Solar is cheap and easy, with infinite energy, thats why you only get 1eu/s, whereas nuclear is quite expensive, requiring a large amount of uranium constantly fed into it, which is why you get 20eu/s. This idea has infinite no-work energy combined with a huge output, it is simply not balanced.

    Also, my use of the word "induction" was incorrect. The proper term would likely be "conduction", as the heat of the lava would likely heat water to steam which would run fans. Just wanted to clear that up before it caught on.