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    Well see heres the thing, if i dont switch it off the Mass Fabricator keeps using energy and it actually starts to slow down, If i want my MFE's to charge then I have to shut off the power, I need to find a way to dump the power without it sucking up too much energy.

    The only way to dump power properly would just be like a really huge thing of splitting cables and such, however that would cause probably the same amount of lag.

    Nice. The problem with the switches is exactly as I mentioned.

    Anyways, as impressive as it is, I don't think nuclear is the way to go. There is no freaking way that anyone could ever keep that many generators supplied to function properly, nor supply enough (secret item here), so I would think that it would be better to use a system that was slower but more efficient.

    How are you joining the power? Switch cables?

    On the server I play on I found that having a switch cable in the line between an HV and an energy absorbing device caused mega-lag whenever the energy absorbing device wasn't able to accept the power. The power tries to turn around but it cant go back through the switch cable and bounces back and forth forever until it runs out of juice.

    EDIT: I see some switch cables after HV's in the pic. What is that in the center there? If its the mass fabber it will be ok, if its not, that explains your problem.

    DOUBLE EDIT:Just read your last post. You have a switch cable to turn it off eh? Well herp derp much, unless you have a way to vent that energy no wonder its lagging so bad :P

    TRIPLE EDIT: /thread... sorry I just had to.

    teleportation is pretty energy-consuming in reality

    Please tell me of this technology you have would be handy.


    To be honest, I completely disagree. Teleporters are not designed for hopping floors, going between villages and houses, and skipping out to the nearest attraction. They are designed for distances even the nether cannot comprehend fully.

    Need to get to another floor? Use stairs/ladders
    Need to get to another house? Walk
    Need to get to another village? Minecarts
    Need to get to another part of the map? Nether
    Need to go to the fucking moon and back place really really far away? Teleporters

    Each method of transportation is designed for a specific range, and they work well when in that range. If you expect teleporters to use your idea, you destroy their only advantage over these other methods of transportation, which is massive transport range with minimum cost.

    Lets think of it this way. Would you design a massive minecart station in order to transport yourself to the next room? Obviously not, because its excessive and unneeded, you can just walk there easier. This is because each level of transportation has a certain worth for distance. You wouldn't use nether portals to go around a village, but they are great for going between villages. As the distance scales up, the inaccuracy increases, so you must combine different levels of transportation to get to where you want. IC is designed to be a supplemental mod, it is supposed to take what MC already has and improve and increase upon it, and this is exactly what the teleporter does. It is designed to supplement the current transportation to allow for even farther ranges easier, not to overwrite every single transportation system in the entire game.

    TL;DR: No. It should actually be increased.

    Whenever someone teleports, both teleporter locations should get struck by lightning.

    It would look so epic.

    Also, it would probably be a nice addition to have some way of telling the tele is full beyond an obscene amount of particles, perhaps have it emit a different particle or something.

    I created a new world and powered up a teleporter, put a plate on it, walked on it, and rather than being teleported, I was launched about 3k blocks in the air and far away.
    I tried with continuous power instead of a pressure plate, and it launches me upon coming within about 5 blocks of it.

    No error reports as far as I know.

    I agree on the fix. It's simply pathetic to not be able to efficiently use them. Now with pistons, we can make epic controllable dams but we still can't get any energy out of them!

    Its a water mill, connected to an iron furnace, whats not to understand? :P

    First off, a single untended watermill with only one side to water will generate like, 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 EU/s (exaggeration, but you get the point)

    Second, you need an ELECTRIC furnace, not an iron one. The iron one is just more efficient than stone, nothing else.

    Traveling between dimensions unloads the non-active world's chunks. Thus "Freezing" everything.

    Thats exactly what I mean, we need a larger energy storage system because interdimensional wires are impossible.

    Is it possible to have a chest that works like the mobile charger? That way we could hold mass amounts of items just in our inventory.

    Ok, so refined iron isn't exactly equal to steel whatever.

    It may not be logical to have floating blocks, but this is Minecraft, how much is logical? Do you really expect Al to add something to this mod that not only uses up precious ID's, but is completely for your aesthetic purposes? I simply can't understand how you could expect the entire physics of Minecraft to just magically change because you want to add useless things to hold perfectly stable cables into the air. If it really bothers you that much, make your own trunks out of iron blocks and glass!

    What you are proposing is not an addition to the mod, it is a detraction from the current capabilities, and I can guarantee that nothing that removes a perfectly capable and functioning system in place of more complexity and effort will be approved.