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    Suggestion: Bio Fuel

    You're probably like "omgz we already have that".
    What I mean is to allow us to make it from reeds or wheat, so that we can have some more variation.

    Ok, so I would like to ask someone who understands wiring (and possibly the programming behind it) to explain how exactly everything is calculated. All the theories I have about how it works don't seem to be supported by the data on the wiki.

    Things such as:
    -What does the req'd energy per cycle mean?
    -What does it mean when a machine has a certain "storage".
    -What does the minimum eu/s mean and what happens if it gets more.
    -What happens to energy that isn't used, (sent from MFE's) or energy that is lost in unequal splits.
    -When and how exactly do machines use the energy given to them.

    Also, with the HV transmitters, I assume that there is a certain input level required to keep the output going strong, as the output HV stores up the 2k it gets and slowly releases it, meaning to keep a solid 50eu coming out, there must be a minimum number of energy bursts sent per period of time.

    How is my MFE charging when it has an input of 5, and output of 6, and goes to 2 machines that combined require a minimum of 5 eu/s to run continually, and also, why does each machine seem to take energy from the MFE in large bunches, rather than over time and storing it up?

    Thanks to anyone who can help here.