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    We have jet packs don't we?

    Jetpacks aren't really stable enough to use for this purpose.

    I don't know, I kind of like how minecraft makes you work for things. A building laser may destroy a vital part of the games appeal. (no need for scaffolding, careful planning of what to build when and how)

    I would just like to mention that EVERY single IC gadget is designed to make your job ("makes you work for things") easier, faster, and more efficient, with a price of course. Electro furnaces? Macerators? Miners? Mining lasers? What do all these do? Make your life easier. Admittedly, these things have quite a large curve of resource requirements, and in the end you work harder for these amenities than you would if you just played vanilla, though the satisfaction of being able to sit back and not have to do anything is great.

    It's by no means cheap, a lapotron isn't something you can get right away, and considering it would (likely) require 1m eu's per charge, I hardly find it as ruining the experience, it simply expands the length to which you can improve how efficiently you can go about your minecrafting.

    It's Minecraft, it's not really supposed to make any "real-world" sense.


    You can't use that excuse. Geothermal energy is geothermal energy, just like a floating minecraft tree is still a tree. Now, if the topic title became something like "lava-induction energy", then it would make sense, but its simply not geothermal.

    Also seems IMBA considering the lava would now last forever and provide more energy with almost no drawbacks.

    First off how would a space be inaccesible when you just place blocks under you to elevate and destroy one block to make it accesible and you could have placed that block before you surrounded it with other blocks so your going to make Alblaka code more and take longer to release IC 2 because your forgetful???????????????

    It's hardly because I'm forgetful.

    Also the point of a suggestion is to improve the game, not to slow down how long it takes to make.

    And considering we are in this magical industrial age where we have lasers and crystal storage, do we really want to be limited to building blocks under us the only means of getting to hard to reach places? Sounds barbarian.

    Often I (and others) find that they need to place some blocks in a far away and rather inaccessible place. The solution? The Building Laser!

    Crafted the same as a mining laser, with the crystal swapped for a lapotron (transporting matter across the room still takes a lot of power!) this tool would allow you to place blocks at extreme range!

    Upon rightclicking, it would look through the hotbar for a placable block/item, and place it where you are pointing! (limited range ofc, though should still be pretty far)

    Crafting:simple, just a lapotron
    Sprite:simple, just make it blue
    Implementation:relatively easy
    Awesomeness: 1337gibbl HAYO!

    Looking back on Mojang's plans for the "Realism Mode" what with having to eat and drink every Minecraft week and three days, respectively, I was think that, say if you're held up in a desert without any water around (spawned a few too many times there) and we all know that the air contains the blessed fluid, that perhaps there could be a machine in which you would put a single bucket in the upper slot and a battery in the lower and after a minute or so, it would fill the bucket with water fresh to drink. It would work something like the canning machine, if you will.

    Unfortunately, the recipe I had in mind escaped me, so I will edit this (if possible) with a recipe I think would be balanced.

    It's called a Mass Fabber.

    Srsly tho. Not a bad idea, though I don't think its useful enough (considering water is infinite) to devote a whole machine to. Perhaps a function of the extractor?

    You forget one thing. Where are these input packets coming from? You can never get a huge incoming packet like that because you can't make one! (without having it come out of one of course, meaning we get stuck in a paradox)

    Herp derp.

    I see how it works now. Would be absurdly slow though.

    I was thinking perhaps the cables could be changed to be skinnier and look and work somewhat like the BuildCraft pipes do to connect up.

    It would definitely look much better than huge meter-wide cable blobs.