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    His thread was deleted, so he cant create a new one, because mffs is not only a ic2 addon anymore or something similar (I dont know exactly what the reason is, but its dumb)

    Calclavia, if I recall correctly, has officially adopted MFFS as a Universal Electricity submod that has IC2 integration. The reason that his thread was deleted was that MFFS is no longer considered an IC2 add-on (that being a mod that REQUIRES IC2 to function), which to be honest, is rather dumb. I would go into a few reasons that I can think of, but I'd rather not go into it as I would like to see this thread die peacefully; which I'm not helping much... >__<

    It's been a while since I last played with Logistics Pipes, but if I recall correctly, isn't there a module that allows you the option of defining what materials are to go into the connected inventory? Or rather, keep a certain number of items in the inventory?

    I just looked at the wiki, try using an ItemSink module on the chassis attached to the Mass Fab and saying that it's a sink for scrap via the GUI.

    Sadly true, but the bug-fix release date is completely random and could be tomorrow or next year, completely dependent on Eloraams mood. However you can use RP if you watch a few things, but if you don't your server will lag horribly from even a single setup. And if you try to feed animals using a deployer it will just simply crash the server on the last wheat. ;)

    Also her work schedule. She has stated that the reason for her long silence during the interim between 1.2.5 and the 1.4 arc was that her work made it extremely difficult to get around to coding.

    The only fact i dislike about MFFS is that i'm obligated to use forcicum to get Force Energy. [I know we can make forcicium from energy but thats silly]
    There should be an "energy only" conversion.

    To put a logical, if far-fetched, guess to it: Forcicum is a crystal that, when energy is forced through it acts as a prism, but not in the conventional sense. This special prism is capable of calibrating (is that the right word?) the energy to a specific wavelength/frequency/resonance that does not naturally occur in nature that results in what we know as Force Energy. The reason that the Extractor is capable of generating Forcicum from energy is the use of the Forcicum concentrated in the Force Crystals as a catalyst to influence the energy as it progresses through the "stages" of matter (energy -> strings and so on).

    I do apologize if this seems...out there. As I'm typing this I am morbidly exhausted and when I am in this state, my mind runs away from me and slips through a Heisenberg Gate/Point into a parallel plane.

    Don't worry about it. It was an honest mistake.

    I do wonder though how Calclavia will handle old MFFS installs... I know Monazit Ore will be replaced by Fortronite in in new worlds and possibly newly generated chunks in worlds migrating to Cal's MFFS. More than likely Cal will reduce the amount of FE/Fortron Energy that Forcicum will produce in the Extractor...

    For me, one of the more exciting changes is the ability to store the Fortron as a liquid. Railcraft powered mass storage HERE I COME!

    I'm another one that dislike solars, due its easy place and afk.
    Also you can solve generator flickering on/off using redstone gates and such...

    I used to be a Solar Placer, I've slowly been weening myself off of them through use of GregTech thanks to that nuts solar recipe (thanks Greg). The only reason I still use Compact Solars and Adv. Solars is in conjunction with Geothermal Generators to act as back-up power for my more intensive operations. I now use Reactors (IC2 Fission & GT's Fusion when I can afford the ignition costs) as my main power source once I can afford them.

    Although, now I go back on myself with this, once I can afford it, I usually carry around 1 or 2 HV Solars of Ult. Hybrid Panels to give myself a jumpstart in a new area if I have to move base for whatever reason, then they go back to back-up power sources.

    Just to get this straight, ODF basically "forces" mods that implement ingots and dusts that have entries in the ore dict to swap to the 'whitelisted' ingots when certain recipes and/or machines are used (fe. RP's copper nuggets result in IC2 copper ingots if IC2 copper ingots are the 'whitelisted' ingots). Right?

    I suppose conflicting mod detection and disabling could be added, but I'd prefer to only add if its really necessary.. I agree, most people will probably not install both mods. If they somehow accidentally install both and get confused with the results, well, that's a corner case probably not worth coding for . Although you actually can use ODF with GT (not to say its a good idea, but maybe there are some cases where it would be useful), I'm testing with it now – to avoid overwrites, the configs can be tweaked appropriately; its really up to the user.

    In the case of GT and ODF conflicting when it comes to differing unification targets, wouldn't it be possible that in that corner case, the two mods can communicate and synchronize their unification targets?

    And considering the problem I read above about the problem with the RP Alloy Furnace, I know it would be buggy as all hell, but couldn't you override the offending AF recipes? I do realize that it would be considered stepping on Elo's toes, it's either that or talk to someone who is in direct contact with her and they forward the request to her.

    Smart man, you figured out what the error meant instead of whining. Let me explain: MFFS links to Thunderdark's GitHub repo to look up version numbers to find out if there's an update available. Unfortunately, Thunderdark has retired from modding and has, presumably, closed down the MFFS repo leading to the error. For future reference, MFFS is now being developed by Calclavia of the Universal Electricity API, who assures everyone that they will strive to keep IC2 compatibility for use of IC2 EU in the MFFS machines. Link to the page is as follows:

    According to the page, Calclavia is bringing some substantial changes to MFFS when MC 1.5 drops. Most notably is that Forcicum will be deprecated and replaced with Fortron.

    or try to assign Buildcraft something else then 4094 and 4095.

    Unfortunately that is just as likely to fix Hutchinman's problem as it is to possibly make it worse. But then again, sometimes you have to take the risk.

    Question to the OP: What Buildcraft blocks do you have assigned to 4094 & 4095? What you could try is using the tool mIDas (here: to change the ID of the offending blocks to free IDs and then go into the buildcraft config and change those entries to whatever you set them to via mIDas.

    I know what it is, I've used it before. But I usually avoid IDEs altogether, and Java doesn't really allow for that (if its possible, I can't find out how, because every single google result is on how to do X with an IDE).

    There are some devs that go what I call "hardcore" and use a text editor like Notepad++ that has syntax highlighting, Unfortunately, from what I've seen, the 'middle ground' concept doesn't really apply here.

    Hmm. This might be possible to do as an addon afterall now that I look at the IC2 API. Somebody point me at the instructions for integrating APIs into a mod and we'll see if my noobish skills produce anything.

    As far as I have seen, the API needs to be present in a folder in the src folder that was the target of MCP's decompilation so "/src/ic2/api" would be the path on a *nix system.

    Basically the steps are:
    1) Successfully decompile Minecraft via MCP
    2) Download the Forge src zip, and follow the instructions that are in a txt file inside the zip
    3) Once done, just drop the "ic2" folder into the "/src" folder
    4) Fire up Eclipse or whatever IDE or text program you typically use

    The Cover-Thing is something I have planned in a diffrent Way. Basically I will make my own Metal-Covers, which can be attached to my Machines to make them blend in nicer with Walls (and to block their Inventory/Tank Sides)

    So, effectively a different, but liberally similar system to Thermal Expansion's configurable in/outputs?

    Yeah, Immibis' microblocks been mentioned quite a lot of times. Additionally, the microblocks can autodetect blocks to saw.

    APasz : Apparently you don't understand. Integrating another mod's feature is really simple nowadays if the mod has an API. All you need is to call the methods needed and include the API afterwards. The only trouble it can cause if the mod's API changes. But I doubt there are any non-prerelease mods out there who have extremely volatile APIs.

    I haven't been keeping up with this thread, just figured I would chime in and try to help.

    Speaking of APIs, I was digging through the Applied Energistics wiki a while back and found that AlgorithmX2 uses a Buildcraft API interface called "IFacadeTile" or something to that effect (can't find it anymore). If someone could convince the IC2 devs to use this, then there's one solution. If not, I'm sure an add-on dev could figure something out.

    If you guys really want facades for cables and don't mind installing two additional mods, you can try Immibis' Microblocks mod:

    Bear in mind that Immibis Core goes in the mods folder and Immibis Microblocks go in the COREMODS folder. It'll automatically detect IC2 and add support for it's cables. It works, believe me. If I had screenshots, I would post them here.

    Oh, as a note, "immibis-microblocks.cfg" allows you to define what the mod supports (it'll automatically support IC2 cables, BC pipes, Thermal Expansion conduits and liquiducts (I believe), and all of Applied Energistics and the "immibis.cfg" allows you to define the microblocks block ID and the saw's item ID.

    Hope I helped.