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    I like this, gives water a new use in Minecraft and Industrial Craft aside from the *inefficient* water mills. I do not like have to deal with those.

    Plus if this idea were used in conjunction with my Water Generator (for Realism mode)... HAYO!! XD

    It's called a Mass Fabber.

    Srsly tho. Not a bad idea, though I don't think its useful enough (considering water is infinite) to devote a whole machine to. Perhaps a function of the extractor?

    Yeah, but to build a Mass Fabber in less than three MC days? Even an extractor would be iffy due to the fact that if your stuck in a desert (Try having the Infinite Biomes mod, my worst mistake EVER) you have no trees to make the treetap necessary.

    Unless there was a way to combine a bucket and a cacti to make a bucket of water as I just remembered that some kinds of cacti (read: barrel cacti) naturally contain a lot of water.

    Looking back on Mojang's plans for the "Realism Mode" what with having to eat and drink every Minecraft week and three days, respectively, I was think that, say if you're held up in a desert without any water around (spawned a few too many times there) and we all know that the air contains the blessed fluid, that perhaps there could be a machine in which you would put a single bucket in the upper slot and a battery in the lower and after a minute or so, it would fill the bucket with water fresh to drink. It would work something like the canning machine, if you will.

    Unfortunately, the recipe I had in mind escaped me, so I will edit this (if possible) with a recipe I think would be balanced.