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    I concur with Sinnaj, especially considering that the Mindcrack pack contains Thermal Expansion, why don't you guys use Liquiducts? Granted they require a little extra infrastructure to make, but they are superior to Buildcraft pipes, especially when it comes to capacity and transfer rate.

    Honestly, the only reason I keep Buildcraft around now is for fuel in the Railcraft Liquid Fueled Steam Boilers.

    The infinite gem isn't as OP as you think it is. The highest voltage you can output from a storage unit is 512eu/t. So to get the energy out of the gem, you need a storage unit. And that limits the eu/t to 512.

    I guess that isn't too bad. So long as the ore is sufficiently rare enough as well, I'll have to relent. I might give it a shot for doing a showcase at some point, at which point, I'll send a PM to the author.

    For anyone wanting a quick overview of two of the new boats (the rubber dinghy and the carbon fibre canoe), I did an add-on spotlight of CiderBoats a while back. Video:

    Not sure if the recipes had changed, but the video should give a little bit of an idea of what the boats are capable of.

    Well, You could make a website using Google Sites. If you find a good template you don't have to do a lot of work. Here is a site I made for my friend and my server, using google sites. It has a blog feature under the information hyperlink

    If you just need webspace send me a pm, you'll have to install/pick a forum/blog soware on your own though (I can help, but I'm usually busy)

    I'll give Google Sites a try first and see how it goes. If that falls flat, I'll make sure to talk to you imer. Thanks everyone!

    We promise not to crucify you so long as you don't mention those two particular mod packs anymore. :P

    Anyhow, that is actually, a really nice design. Functional and aesthetic at the same time, you don't see much of that around here. At my experience.

    Please read the PDF at regarding permission to use your mod(s).
    Any issues opening the document, drop me a note.

    Graham Campbell,
    Lead Developer At MineUK,
    Part Of The MineEU Network.

    *facepalm* Please, for the love of Mojang, read the preceding pages before requesting permission! Thunderdark is NO LONGER developing this mod, ownership has been transferred to Calclavia of Universal Electricity.

    I would really like the option of being able to insert machine upgrades via a shift-right click in a similar style to the Factorization Barrel and Router Upgrades.

    The reason? At current moment inserting upgrades into a machine seems a little inconvenient, as least to me. The inconvenience being having to open the GUI of the machine then dragging in the upgrades. So why can't we eliminate the middle man? The player would still have to divvy up the upgrades in their inventory, then they can shift-right click to insert all of the upgrades they have in their hand into the machine.

    As for removing the upgrades, the player would still have to go into the machine GUI to retrieve them.

    Thanks for your time.

    While I am all for the addition for 'better' fighting solutions to IC2, I think that any weapon suggestions are denied until the release of the supposed "Industrial Conflict" PVP add-on that Al and RG(?) have hinted to a a number of times in the past.

    Not sure how this would work exactly, what do you have in mind? If both GT and ODF are overwriting the same recipe, one has to take priority.. currently this "priority" can be set in their respective config files (enabling/disabling GT unification targets, and ODF enabling/disabling PreferredOres and replacement types).

    What I had in mind was if the unificator targets were the same for ODF and GT, wouldn't it be possible for either one to look for each other's config and look up the enabled targets and set them based on that? I highly doubt that Greg has any plans to change the locations and names of his config files and the identifier for the line (ThermalExpansion = true, and such). However, this would have to happen in whichever mod that initializes last. Isn't it possible to look up in Forge which mods have been initialized and loaded?

    Exactly, this is the barrier. Not going to reflect into Eloraam's code without her permission. Maybe something to consider for 1.5 once RP2 is updated, but honestly I'm holding out for a better solution which doesn't require this kind of mod-specific code (either modifying the items at a lower level, which may or may not be practical, or something higher-level in Forge itself to avoid the duplicate ore problem entirely - maybe this new FML findItemStack API or similar?). Fortunately IC2 has a fairly liberal reverse-engineering policy so it was the perfect proof-of-concept for this mod. For now, to workaround the problems in editing RP2 Alloy Furnace recipes I've set the default copper/silver/tin ingots to RedPower's (and IIRC GregTech does this too probably for the same reason).

    I believe Greg did that as default for those exact reasons (plus he likes/loves Redpower, so....). I can fully understand your want to hold out on this until a better solution comes around, and I don't blame you, if I were in your position, I wouldn't want my mod taken down like the "legendary" (can't think of a decent word) EU-BT converter mod that lived for a very short time here and Elo had it taken down. Besides, I can kind of see where her logic is considering RP is still in prerelease.

    (Couldn't think of a better thread title)

    At some point in the relatively near future, I want to set up a "blog"/forum (like Al's blog and this site) where people can gather, post their (for now) Buildcraft (shush GregT, I know how you feel about BC) blueprints, talk about them, and possibly improve them. I have plans to eventually expand that to schematics and such.

    I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a decent free forum provider that could help get this idea started? I would like a semi-decent rate of customization & spambot-protection (so no PHPBB-based captchas, Veovis on the Mystcraft forums informed that they're broken) for the forum.

    As for the blog, I might just end up using Tumblr or Blogger and linking back to the forum.

    A nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mr. Omega