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    This is a great mod, if I could make a suggestion though, could you please change the thermometer and digital thermometer sprites? The original creator of the thermometer mod said that he wanted to get better textures, he was just not good at it and those were pretty much placeholder textures until someone made better ones.

    A second suggestion would be to have different sounds available for the industrial alarm. It would be great if I could have the flashing lights along with custom sounds. (I know I could just have both kinds of alarms but then I would have two sounds playing.)

    A third suggestion would be to add the old reactor heater mod to Nuclear Control. Some people need their automated breeder reactors without bothering with lava buckets or cells.
    (Link here: [AddOn v1.15] Reactor heater)

    Thank you, and keep up the good work!

    I have an idea: how about you do something similar to the wrenches and advanced machines. If redstone is applied it uses extra energy to always turn items into scrap instead of always turning items into scrap. What do you think?

    Would you consider merging with the Thermometer mod? Maybe you could talk to the creator about that and use the digital thermometer in the recipe of your heat monitor, because lots of people have had trouble with the thermometer mod and if you and he could work together I know that you could work it out and benefit both of the mods. Then you could create better sprites that he was looking for and the mod would be good enough to be added to IC2.

    This is a very good add-on and I would love to see it updated as well, especially with l3lueD4izon's sprite. We need our insane breeding reactor arrays! This is something that should be added to the complex world of IC2 nuclear reacting. (Along with the thermometer add-on)
    Please! If anyone can continue this with the better sprite please do!

    I know you were kidding about all the other stuff but would you add the ability to macerate charcoal? It would be so helpful and you would not have to tear apart your world as much to look for coal.

    Could you create this:

    Addonidea: Auto-treetapers

    Desribtion: The addon would consist of a machine that
    we would put next to a resin hole and it would harvest the resin
    automaticaly but it would have to be powered by EU.

    Hope somone makes it. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    I found this on the add-on page written by Darkclown. I think this will be a good idea.

    I think that it should be able to produce a tiny bit of power from artificial light and more EU's from moonlight. Also to balance out the alternate recipe with the solar panels I think there should be uninsulated gold wire or uninsulated copper wire where the fiber optic cables are on the normal recipe. This would make it more balanced.

    lol this could get long so I going to PM you ^^

    Thanks! I'll read it right away! About those people who don't want to get that many bones to make bio-diamonds (it's only like 8 for one diamond, if you have EE, a mob trap, or the peaceful pack, it really is not that hard to get bones. Or you could just wait for the sun to rise up and tons of skeletons would die outside your house.) how about instead of an alternate brick recipe (which I don't think would make much sense because what do bricks have to do with carbon?) you use bone meal or sugar. That would mean a lot less bones or no bones at all. (although those might be too inexpensive, in my opinion the bone recipe is still the best.)

    excellent idea i will implement it into the next version of biodiamonds tomorrow

    Hey thanks for using my idea! (yeah I know it happened two updates ago but I did not see it.) I have tons of add on ideas (and I am trying to teach myself java to make these ideas real) so I would really love to do some kind of super colaboration addon of eternal awesomeness or something together. (do you have any suggestions to help me learn java? I have not found anything good to help me learn it.)

    I think it would be a great idea to add one (note I said one, not a password variant for every chest type) I agree with the tons of people wanting this because a password GUI would be so much better than using chat and right clicking on the chest. hey couldn't people make some sort of indestructible wall of personal safes if only the person who made it can break it? :Personal Safe: