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    What do you plan on using for the auto-warehouse, RP2 or Logistics Pipes?

    Really looking forward to seeing how this works out. Specifically the energy meter part, as well as the shipping part (as either a rail or pipe system would get really complicated to use, and more complicated to implement). On the implement part, I think BC is eventually going to have that covered...


    (I'm not typing all that out again, so I'll just post the suggestions I had)

    It seems to me to be a modloader issue, possibly, as it is throwing the exception when it initializes Modloader. Did you try to run MC right after you installed ModLoader? It helps identify problems if you run MC after installing each base mod, meaning Modloader, ModloaderMP, and Forge for most people. (Backing up, at the very least, the minecraft.jar after every step.)

    Also, I've never heard of IZArc, link please? Maybe it's causing the problem, try another program? I'm using 7zip, and I've yet to have a problem with editing the minecraft.jar (It also doesn't ask to overwrite files, though, and autosaves when you exit the jar).

    I'm assuming it was working before.

    Have you tried a clean install of MC and all the prerequisite mods for IC2, with no other mods but IC2 and its requirements?

    I'm not sure what would cause IC2 to not be detected if it's in the mods folder with modloader/mlMP/Forge installed.

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 188 is already occupied by MLBlockCrops@1893c911 when adding ic2.advancedmachines.BlockAdvancedMachine@e7587b2

    ID conflict. No idea what mod (Xie's, maybe?) MLBlockCrops is, but as the error clearly says, Modloader/MC is trying to give the AdvancedMachine block (which means all of the advanced machines added by the mod) the block ID 188, but another block is already using it. Edit your IC2AdvMachine.cfg in .minecraft/config so that it is trying to use an available block ID. As you have TMI, you can use that to find a free ID.

    EDIT: After looking through your list of mods, I've noticed something:
    - Buildcraft is out of date. Latest is 2.2.9 (With 2.2.10 using Forge 1.2.3, which I don't know if any mods have a problem with). I mention this due to Logistics Pipes, which lists as needing BC 2.2.8 (or higher).

    If you really do have the correct version of MC, 1.8.1, the directions on the wiki should work. And I don't think people are allowed to give you their MC jars, due to copyright issues (I think?)

    Old versions of Modloader can be found here: (as linked by Risugami in his/her thread)
    Specifically, I think this is the one you need for 1.8.1:
    (The other two required, Forge and ModloaderMP, have clearly marked previous versions, so I won't link to them)

    You can check your .minecraft folder for Modloader.txt, which should be created if Modloader was installed correctly. If it's there, can you post the contents? If not, did you delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar when you installed Moadloader?

    (snip)Everyone knows that sand deposits eventually turn to sandstone under pressure and sandstone is turned into marble under great pressure and heat.(snip)

    Wikipedia wrote:

    Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite.

    You may have been thinking of one of the calcitic rocks (such as limestone and the other rocks mentioned above), rather than sandstone. Sandstone, when under great heat and pressure, turns into Quartzite for the most part.

    slauter24 : Basalt is quickly cooled mafic magma/lava. I don't know about the method MJEvans described, but it makes sense to be able to make it from lava (more sense than having lava make cobblestone when it touches water, at least).

    (Sorry, I couldn't stop myself, Geology is my Minor, and a hobby)

    Err, not quite. I haven't "taken over" anything. I simply tweaked a couple of things so that the modded items loaded their recipes from the base items. I may and hope to rebuild a "better" version, but I'm waiting for the new IC2 update first, as well as seeing how much work is involved in freshly updating to the new IC2 codebase.

    Also, I must insist that arsenic87 take as much credit as I do- he was the one who first put his head over the parapet metaphorically and got the mod working with 1.23 http://forum.industrial-craft.…ad&postID=15363#post15363 . I simply took his excellent work and tweaked it. Also, we don't dismiss that zipp won't return one day. Maybe he will, and I will happily respect his wishes, if he ever expresses any on this topic.

    Put simply, I have not taken over this mod and have no intention of doing so in the long term (though I hope to make sure it'll still work when 1.33 lands). However, I am researching developing a replacement, depending on my time and the the amount of effort required.

    Sorry about that :P I just mentioned yours because that's the one I am using currently. But yes, arsenic87 deserves some :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: (either there isn't a lapo smiley or I'm blind)

    (No quotes, as this is in reply to lots of people)

    FOR THE LATEST VERSION OF ADVANCED MACHINES, THAT WORKS WITH 1.23, GO HERE ->http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2747

    As others have noted, Zippinus has more or less just up and disappeared (someone mentioned something about him moving?) and cpw has taken over the mod until he comes back. There are two versions linked in the first post: the first is just a plain patch that makes it 1.23 compatible. The second one is a full update, adding the forge ore dictionary as well as making it so that the advanced machines should be able to process anything the normal versions can, even items from add-ons (cpw specifically mentions the bio-diamonds add-on as an example).

    Compatibility with other IC2 Addons? Like the Gold-Graphene-Lattice from Rocket Science that gets compressed to make superconducting cable? :D
    Would be much obliged.

    I thought the ore dictionary fix version worked with items added by mods, so that any items that work in normal macerators, extractors, and compressors worked in the advanced version.

    I've been looking for a solution for this, but I haven't found anything useful. Can someone help?

    I installed Modloader, ModloaderMP, Minecraft forge, and all that stuff in order, and Minecraft worked. When I put the jar in the mods folder, Minecraft crashes when it reaches the Mojang screen. Help?

    Post the error from the Modloader.txt file in your .minecraft folder.

    the properties file for EE is in the base .minecraft directory for some reason, not in the config folder. I rather forget what it's called as i've since ripped EE out in favor of the iron chests addon

    mod_EE.props You might have to right-click > open with if double clicking doesn't open it in your preferred text editor. I don't recognize the BlockNova from the old (4.x) version of EE (I haven't updated, nor do I use it anymore), so it's probably a new block. The bucket filler's config is in .minecraft > buildcraft > config. The default for the bucket filler is 170. Set it to any available block ID between 0 and 255, with the first hundred or so being vanilla mc items. Try 255 and work your way down if that doesn't work.

    EDIT: According to Direwolf20, the next version of the bucket filler will be awesome (

    Huh. I honestly didn't know that. I had to check the wiki. Well, I'll just say the trees have a higher chance of growing without the use of bonemeal if they're spaced out. Surprisingly, still works. Crystals for you sir! :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal:

    Hmm, that farm is quite interesting, as well as his newer version.
    The only thing is I don't understand why the trees are so spread out. Birch require 5x5 but normals can grow right next to each other, so in my farm it deals with that & means more wood per m^2.

    And what do you mean about this "maximum efficiency"?

    Trees need a minimum vertical space to grow. In your design, with the trees being right next to each other, once one grows, most of the saplings around it won't. By having two spaces between the trees, you give each individual tree room to grow. I really haven't had much trouble using a design with just one space between the trees, but it was also for manual removal, so it really didn't matter if some of the trees didn't grow, as I replanted everything as I harvested.


    Shameless self promotion.

    Yeah, I was looking earlier and saw that. In fact, I think it was your v1 that gave me the filler idea. Apparently, due to some BC update that changed filler behavior, they don't effectively work for the "maximum efficiency" layout for tree growth. As of yet, the only solution I've seen someone use was two builders (at 8 diamonds apiece, mind you, then 8 for the template drawing table, for a grand total of 24 diamonds) with the same template to set the dirt/saplings after the filler finishes emptying the area (which requires an obsidian pipe) . Here's the video, if you want to take a look at it: It could probably be adapted fairly easily to use a quarry instead of a filler, but that would increase the cost of the system to 35 diamonds.

    Ultimately, it just depends on how much you want to spend and how sophisticated you want to get. Xaiier's tree farm is cheaper, but is slightly more complicated. The other linked tree farm is more expensive, but for all intents and purposes, is simpler.