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    In case anyone still cares, I've temporarily stopped coding this mod until the next "long lasting" update comes around (hopefully 1.4.4/1.4.5), after which I will be doing a complete rewrite of this mod, as a lot of this mod was copy/pasting and I want to actually learn how things work. Also, if anyone has bothered to look through the code I posted, I hadn't bothered to have a Common and Client proxies (which I still have no idea what they do, even after reading the wiki articles). Also, I've been on the FTB TeamSpeak, for whatever that means.

    its to dangerous to load without dependency setup, use this

    @Mod(modid = "Melumpkins", name = "Melumpkins!", dependencies="required-after:IC2@[1.106,);required-after:Forge@[4.1,);required-after:FML@[3.1.15,)")

    Wow... how did I forget that? Thanks!

    Unrelated: Can someone make me a Melumpkin Seed texture? Thanks in advance!

    Idea could be like this:
    we have a machine, that is like extractor. It takes our juicy melon-pumpkin thing and makes it... probably, makes it dry with true sunlight, water is then collected and then used to fill cells, while our dry-thing can be just burned in basic gen. Nice way to get water, if we use Greg hardcore no inf watersouce tweak and uses tons of coding aspects by the way ^^

    I may add a fruit squeezing device once the mod has the basic components. It could produce dried fruit to be burned as fuel.

    I'll keep this short: When I try to use the CropCard.registerCrop(CustomCropCard) function in my Init method, it gives me a NullPointerExcaption. I've looked through my code, and it seems that I'm doing it right. Is this my fault or what?

    Idea for energy generation :
    Melumpkins due its genetical mutation are able to store more organic components in its fruits (C6H12O6) making it extremely useful for biofuel generation.

    8 Melon slices/Melumpkin block + compressor -> Compressed Melumpkin
    Compressed Melumpkin + Tin cell = Dense biofuelcell
    Dense biofuelcell + extractor -> Dense biofuel
    1 Dense biofuel = + 18k EU on Fuel can.

    Hm... seems legit. I may use that, but I was planning on something more "other mod-friendly".

    I've been trying to get the vanilla pumpkin/melon stems to work with melumpkins, but I've been having no luck. Time for a new plan! Any ideas on how I should make them grow?

    EDIT: I've been trying to get the CropCard for melumpkins to register using

    CropCard.registerCrop(new MelumpkinIC2Crop())

    but it didn't work. I also tried creating an instance of my melumpkin cropcard class and registering that, but that didn't work either. Anyone know why both of those aren't working?

    I'm not really sure what I'm going to make them look like, but I won't start on texturing until I have working code. Also, I have no idea how melumpkins will generate electricity. I'll have to make something up!

    As a few of you may recall, I had this brilliant idea a while back to combine melons with pumpkins as an IC2 crop. Now, with around 8 weeks of Java knowledge and a basic understanding of Forge under my belt, I'm ready to start the project! Kind of. Not really. But imma do it anyway! So, while I'm trying to get IC2 to decompile with MCP, you can take a look at what's to come!

    Look, I made myself a trailer!

    DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how to use the IC2 API, and any help would be very much appreciated. (Some help with the BC and UE APIs would also be good.)

    -The plant itself
    -IC2 Crop version of the plant
    -Melumpkin-based generators (for UE, BC, IC2, and maybe more!)
    -BC logic gate things for if the plant is ready!
    -Lots more completely stupid and pointless things!

    Please note: This is just a "practice mod". I do not intend for it to serve any purpose whatsoever, as it is just so I can learn the API. I will release it ASAP, no matter how buggy it is. Source will be included.

    Another note: By "I will release it ASAP", I mean I will release it when it has enough components to be considered anything more than random code. In other words, I will not release a compiled verson now, because it has one unobtainable, textureless, useless block and a broken CropCard. Time to make it all pretty now!

    I heard that Cables are not supporting being placed into the Air (not onto a Block). Also i would try the newest Version of Redpower, there were many Bugfixes.

    If the newest version of Redpower is still PR5b2, then I have the latest version. Also, I might want to test out having a block under the cable. Thanks for the help, both of you!

    Edit: You were right! Thank you SO much! Now I can continue on my Solar-Spamming!

    During my countless (3) attempts to create a SolarSPAMatron entry, I encountered a bug that poses as a severe setback to my design. When I try to place a tin cable with a RP2 Assembler, I get the following crash, also sometimes corrupting my Jar file (thank god for MultiMC).

    I added spaces between the 8's and the )'s because I don't like smileys in my error logs.

    I typed the above portion of this report, then decided to do some more testing. It seems to work fine except when being activated via bundled cable. Seems to be a very strange bug. Oh well, I guess I'll get back to trying to get Minecraft to crash in even more obscure ways. I'll add edits if I make any new discoveries on this subject.

    Edit 1: Apparently bundled cables have nothing to do with it. I'm at a loss at what it could be. I've tested all the scenarios I can think of on a separate world from the one that the crash occurs on, but nothing is making my game crash. I guess I'll just have to wait for someone to tell me what this bunch of code in the error log means and what I'm doing wrong. I really hope this isn't just a stupid mistake...