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    this mod is AMAZING!!

    i have a small question: are people talking about smp or ssp lagg from normal solars?

    This mod mostly address SMP lag- because to generate an HV array you need 512 normal solars, which is a LOT of computation for a server. Especially when a dozen people on your server do it simultaneously.

    i agree, this addon seems awesome! i can't wait for IC2 and BC to be compatable with MC1.2. as soon as they are i will be downloading your addon as well. IC2 and BC aren't already updated for MC1.2 SMP are they?

    No, they are not available for 1.2 yet. This mod will be updated as soon as they are.

    I'm very sorry atomic for this.. But as you can see this complaint fest is why I knew I couldnt bear to carry on the old advanced machines. Some people are very very stuck in the grass is greener or rose-tinted history mindset. The upgraders were the way IC2 wanted to replace these machines. Can you not all see that? Atomic has done you a great favour by trying to bridge the old and new worlds because I suspect quite frankly that if he hadn't had something to interest him in this mod then what would the point have been? Any person complaining 'bring back the old' you have the power just go do it and leave the rest of us alone please, we're trying to move forward not backwards.


    Something I found out:

    If you use buildcraft you will have to change the GUI IDs otherwise your Combustion Engine will open the MV Solar Array GUI.

    Yes, that's something I found out as well, and buildcraft won't let you change theirs. *sigh*. Just use something other than the default 70s.

    Same problem here, really anoying, server is unplayable until i remove the mod again, then it works just fine :)

    How did you get the log when client crash?

    I don't know what you two are doing, but I suspect a core mod incompatibility. I can't even find that line of code existing in my minecraft.jar file. Are you running with or without optifine? What about forge versions?

    It's not hard to deal with the TileEntityMachine not being in the API itself- you provide an interface with some typical accessors as an interface that IS in the API and use that instead.

    I realise that crops are planned for API extension and IC2 core isn't, but I've actually had to do exactly this kind of API retrofitting for my day job, on oh, about half a dozen occasions.

    I agree that there might be some constraints to the other poster's point, but to be honest, I think it's a shame if we cannot code up new upgrade modules. It means I have to go back to the old, not very fun, way of doing something like an advanced machine. I suspect, Alblaka, to your point about "we would add in all the upgrade modules", are you planning a redstone engine based "extractor" module to automatically put output into a neighbouring chest or BC pipe (this was my idea for replacing the old advanced machines mod by the way)?

    I also had ideas about "lockin" type modules, whereby you could lockin certain types of machine for certain jobs. For example: 1 macerator per ore type - to try and help prevent overload. Also a miniature input extension module. I think all of these are possible simply with the api ideas above.

    For those upgrading from AM to this, please hold your upgrades for a bit. I've investigated and noticed that there's a couple of unanticipated compatibility problems. I know how to fix it though- so expect a new version of the mod that allows for proper compatibility shortly. Also, I will create a dummy block that can only be broken for an advanced machine block- this will replace all your existing advanced machines, allowing you to recover some resources from the machine. (You will be able to turn this functionality off).

    Will we be seeing the rest of the advanced machines being released later on or is this the only part of advanced machines you are rewriting?

    Difficult to say right now. I would like to come up with a better solution than what was previously existing, and fits in better with current IC2 methodology (overclockers and other upgrades).