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    He fails at MC by saying in a world he has played for TWO WEEKS he hasn't found 8 diamonds....I find more than that in my first's all about where to look. The GUI thing probably so it looks a little nicer:D

    Gee, thanks. Yeah, it's more that I play for, oh, maybe an hour every few nights when I can scavenge. Most of the time I'm helping my 6 year old daughter build elaborate houses.

    On the "multiple diamonds" thing. I think 4 might be too many too. Compared to Equivalent Exchange (I know it's not SMP but still, it's very comparable otherwise) it's a very expensive item. Multipage chests- similarly much cheaper. I think a tiered item would be best. After all, chests aren't an ongoing expense, so long term "balance" is not really very relevant, and tiering would be a better progressive balance solution than massive piles of diamonds.

    On the multi-id thing- one word of caution, you may break SMP quite badly if you do that- you'll probably have to re-implement all the automagic code that you're currently leveraging so you can support multiple IDs (can you tell I've been trying to debug multi-page chests which doesn't work properly in SMP because he's homebrewed his own solution).

    Just want to add my tuppence worth on the "too many diamonds" subject. 8 is too many. Far too many. 1-4 is probably an acceptable amount. I prefer 1 (I've not even found 8 diamonds total yet in my 2 week old world) but I think any cost up to 4 would be OK. I would suggest another way to increase the cost is to use a progression mechanism: iron chest has wood chest in it, gold chest has an iron chest in it, diamond chest has gold chest in it.

    For your delectation...

    It's very easy. The only thing needed above and beyond the net.minecraft.src->net.minecraft.server package rename is to implement "getContents" on your TileEntityVeryLargeChest class (to satisfy the expanded Bukkit IInventory interface).

    public ItemStack[] getContents(){  return this.inventory;}

    Edit: of course feel free to reattach the bukkit port to the front page. I'll post a reference over on mcportcentral too, if you don't mind.

    Gah! Stop it! I'm trying to build a version for bukkit. Every time I get a jar done- it's updated again! :D

    Seriously, I've got this down pat now. Looks like it ports easily to bukkit. If you're interested I can share my work, when I've got 0.94 done :)

    ok thanks ill try just having the IC.jar in the mods directory and see if that helps, sorry for sounding like such a noob haha i dont normally mod like this im just trying something different :P

    You might want to download one of the "temporary" patched versions. The IWrenchableBlock bug is because you're using the 1.15 (on the front page of this thread) version with IC 1.23. There are two updates: one that's a clean "vanilla" update to fix that issue alone, another that adds in MCForge oredictionary support so you can rotary macerate other ores and stuff.

    The hotfixes do work. There's just the quirk in modloader that it loads mods alphabetically. The easy fix is to add a z at the beginning of the zip file in your mods folder (ex.
    As a person using modloader, or any mod, you need to understand the quirks of what you're using in order to have success. If you can't, at least be able to effectively communicate with people who can help you and give detailed information in the first place. Those log files are made so that someone who does know how the mods work can tell you what the problem is. Sorry to get preachy, just the way you asked irked me and "Just give me some version that works" is rather rude and irreverent.

    Just to be clear, modoader does NO sorting of the list of files in the mods directory, as it ships today from mcforums. By happy coincidence, on windows, the list that it returns (the output from directory.listFiles()) is alphabetically sorted, at least it usually is. This is not true for Linux and MacOS. I have fixed modloader by using Arrays.sort() on that output function which forces the alphabetic sorting. Others have created different solutions based on timestamps and other things you can control about the list of files. I believe that risugami wishes to create some mod dependency tracking code, somehow, for his next release. Summary: read this.…0&view=findpost&p=9200107

    whats the difference between the two temp fixes? I'm using the first and it works really well.

    Yup, it's great. But I wanted to be able to use the macerator with the ore dictionary (so I could macerate RP2 ores) as well as allow for other mods (e.g. BioDiamonds) to enhance not just the standard but also the advanced machines. Also, I fixed the indirect redstone thing so you don't have to put a lever on each advanced machine- you can just run redstone nearby to turn them on and off.

    OK. I managed to get client and (non-bukkit) server updated. I can't test non-bukkit server (I run a bukkit one) so I'm doing the bukkit thing at the minute (which is taking a long time- man that's annoying).


    Zippinous, I can supply you with the diffs that make this all work easily enough so you can patch yourself back up to date.

    Change summary:
    1. As in temp fix 1.
    2. Allow indirect redstone power to the machines. (as suggested by me previously a long time ago)
    3. TileEntityRotary, TileEntitySingularity, TileEntityCenterfuge all have their recipe methods changed to copy their recipe list from their original versions.
    4. mod_IC2_AdvancedMachine implements IOreHandler and in the handleOre method refreshes the TileEntity recipe lists. This way, anything added to the originals will automatically get added to the advanced versions.

    Tested and verified with RedPower ores and with BioDiamonds IC2 mod to work for both.

    PS. Bukkit will follow tonight- but need to go do a day's work first.
    Edit: Someone else can bukkit port if they want, and I don't mind it being linked on mcportcentral but I do request no adfly links please.

    Hi Zipp et al

    I've tweaked this mod a little more. As well as including my earlier indirect redstone fix, I've made it load the recipes from the normal extractor/macerator/compressor- so it will automatically support any recipe that is added to those machines (I think- about to test with the biodiamonds stuff).

    I think this might be slightly useful as it means these advanced machines will work on the redpower ores too :)

    Should I upload a patch here, a la the earlier fix? Currently only working on SSP, but I think I can make it work the same for SMP too ;)

    Edit: confirmed working for anything that adds recipes to core compressor/extractor/macerator. BioDiamonds, for example.