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    Or you could try finding what mod your using that has taken block 188 and change its number instead...
    Suggest - take out this mod. Run minecraft and, using something like NEI or ToManyItems, try and find the block 188.
    Then you can change the ID in the .minecraft/config folder. Exit minecraft - readd this mod and see if it works or crashes out again?

    search back in the thread a few pages you'll find a config sample you can put in the config directory and change for your needs.

    Just in case you didn't get the hint cpw gave you guys... This thread is supposed to be about the Iron Chest mod. :)

    And to get back to the original topic, I'd like to know if this is compatible with the IC2 addon. Meaning I have the IC² addon installed on my server and would like to switch to this mod, do I have to clean all chests or can I just edit the config/ID and be done?

    In theory the items are compatible. The blocks definitely are not so if you're upgrading a 1.0 world to 1.1 you need to remove the iron chests from your world and leave them as inventory items. So what I tested was:
    Pre upgrade- break all my iron chests (about a dozen or so)- leave the contents just floating about (and the chests too)
    Run the world upgrade
    Post upgrade- log in and pick up and replace all the chests and refill them with their contents.
    I'm not 100% that I got everything but it was incredibly hard to write code that would preserve compatibility (I had 3 tries and the result was always a completely corrupted world when I tried to preserve the blocks) so I figured this compromise was reasonable.

    CPW we need you man.. Help this get updated please! I'm done even thinking about the silly OC upgrades and junk lol. If someone knows CPW pretty well shoot him a msg and let him know zipp needs help updating this. The sooner we get the word out the better and quicker we'll all have our beloved adv.machines and NOT the bad machines without enough output slots lol. Design flaws for the lose.

    And to the person who is butthurt about me saying that the dev was being "uppity" go read his posts.. He is acting this way, he's basically telling everyone to F' off. but yeah I'm done talkin about it. I could care less, adv machines will be updated and I will install it as I always do and enjoy every second of our "OP" machines... rofl

    Funnily enough i think the overclocker design is quite nice.

    I have pinged Zipp on PM to see how he needs help. I am awaiting his reply. I think Zipp is doing the right thing though - hes trying to break the dependence on the internals of IC2 which is something worth doing.

    If I dont hear from Zipp soon I may port 3.1 forward to 1.1 as a temporary measure, but theres no promises, this is Zipps mod, and im not going to usurp him.

    Yes of course. You're free to distribute it as you wish.
    I'm glad we can help each other out.

    Thank you sir. It's available for download here:…2/

    The only thing that's missing is the item art for chest upgrading in place- because I absolutely suck at original art and so the default textures are basically small coloured blobby things.I hope I can source some better art at some point, or try and do something better myself. But anyway, enjoy!

    To all patiently waiting for this mod to update, I'm working on it. There have been issues updating the way I have in the past, and I've begun re-doing my mod to simplify the process, and allow for faster updates in the future. Don't worry, I won't disappear again unless I let you guys know first.

    Yeah, decompiling IC2 is becoming a lot harder- all those modules make it really annoying. I'm trying to work on something so you can create a decompilation of core IC2, but it'll take some time...

    IronChests 2.0 is now ready for download. I have posted it on the main minecraft forums, since I removed the vestiges of IC2 dependence. It's purely forge now. If you have IronChests already and are upgrading a 1.0 world, I suggest you remove them from the world, and put them in an inventory. They should (but this is not tested) survive this way. As blocks in the world, they won't work and will crash your world, probably.

    Anyway, I hope you like the new version. SSP only for a minute, because SMP is harder, but I already know how I'm doing it, so it shouldn't take long. Just wanted people to start finding the bugs :)…5-11-forge-ironchests-20/

    So, there can be, depending on the version of NEI and other mods running, a subtle crash where you can't open your inventory, it only occurs if you're running IC2 and NEI together and NEI1.1.1 at that.

    This is because the creative inventory requires a player passed in during initialization, which doesn't exist when IC2 asks NEI to register IC2's extra stuff.

    Attached is a patched nv.class file that fixes the problem with creative inventory so that NEI loads properly and you can play with full IC2 and NEI at the same time.

    Hope it helps

    And thanks to the mystery person who put up this pastebin: which showed the broken IC2 init stacktrace.

    And albaka can you fix the SubModule loading. You should use Class.forName() not loadClass- loadClass is an internal method of the ClassLoader system. There's a three arg Class.forName() which will do the job if you need to specify the classloader (which, by the way, you shouldn't). Also, allow for getting the stack trace from the failed mod init- it could be having side effects (see this post, right here). Perhaps use Logger.logexception() or something.

    Hope this helps anyway.

    So, I done one for 1.4x and was hoping to build one for 1.6x. But I've run into a bit of a snag doing this. I can't actually decompile IC2 anymore, at all. I'm getting some weird Class type errors- this isn't only a problem with IC2 either, it's also a problem with NEI as well (this makes NEI+MC1.1 unplayable too).

    I think it's something wrong with my setup, but the errors look pretty fundamental- as far as I can see, the .class files are subtly corrupted and can't properly load for a decompiler. This is very very weird.

    I'll keep you updated.

    Guys, I'm working on updating this to 1.1. But please, give me a bit of time. There's a whole bunch of new stuff in IC2 which makes a straight decompilation very difficult. Once I've done that, I can fix up this code and release it. But until I've done that, all bets are off, and I'm afraid you're going to have to be patient. Lishid has authorized me to carry on updating this, and I will.

    I know i'll probably be transitioning my single player world to overclocked machines myself but will be keeping this mod around for the condensed solar panels.

    I would like to see Zipp support existing worlds that have AM in them, but maybe allow to disable the recipes for those who want a "vanilla" IC2 experience from now on out, as these will likely be significantly cheaper than regular overclocked machine equivalents...

    Are you still developing this mod ?

    Lishid isn't, at least, he hasn't responded to my PM about this mod, and hasn't shown any signs of activity in the past month or more here, but I'll prepare a 1.1 update shortly. I need to get my decompilation environments running for 1.1 first...

    Can you please make an upgraded version of the recycler i hate having to use 2-4 recyclers to have a steady of scrap.
    P.S. This is my favourite IC2 Add-on

    I suggest you watch direwolf20's IC1.62 preview video. I suspect that the recycler is getting the same treatment as the other machines with "upgrade" slots and upgrader items. Not certain (direwolf didn't show it) but it seems a safe bet.. So, I doubt there's any point in adding advanced recyclers because they're superceded by the new stuff in core IC2.

    @Zipp, totally agree, disabling recipes should start out as a config option.. I just think it'd be nice way to "encourage" people to use the core stuff...

    Heh just had an idea. How about a new machine : a parts stripper. Put in an ic2 machine and get 50-75% of parts building it back again? Allow people to incrementally upgrade their old style adv machines to new style ones.

    Idea would be one input slot bunch of output slots like a craft table in reverse.
    I think that might be a new mod though ;)