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    So what will happen with ADV Machines now when IC^2 gets overclock upgrades to regular machines?

    Dunno but I just saw direwolf's video too and they look cool. I wonder if induction furnace will be retrograded to the new scheme?

    I think the new part- solar arrays- is probably safe going forward for a bit. Smart move by you there zipp ;) to be honest when we were waiting for the 1.0 update al pretty much indicated that he'd be doing something "else" and now we can see what that is :)

    Most likely I think we should at least recompile for 1.1 with no new features, for upgraders. Maybe disable building them. What do you think zipp?

    OK, adding each of the .jar modifications, and then the other mods in priority of my need and use, I seem to have isolated the conflict down to something in the Portal Gun mod.
    That's a pain - that mod is great when it's working nicely, not so great when it intermittently and unexpectedly stops working in the game - or causes unexpected and unidentifiable conflicts as it does here.

    I tried removing that mod and putting in this one, and it "seems" to be working fine. Items appear to be listed in NEI when creating a new world. The only remaining test is to see if it still holds in my existing worlds.
    Guess I'll forego the Portal Gun mod for now - maybe use the TF2 teleporters and Sentry Gun instead, if they work - not as versatile but it'll have to do.

    Hopefully, discovering the conflict can help you in some way, Silentdeth. I don't know if there's anything you can do - or even have to do, really - but maybe it sheds some light on things. Thanks for your help and advice.

    Having hacked on portal gun to try and build a bukkit port, I'm not in the slightest bit surprised. What's probably happened is that portal gun actually failed (note the gui errors with bcic2) and decided that the smart thing to do was nuke the system from orbit (metaphorically).

    Hi, I have a bukkit server with Railcraft installed, which isnt comnpatible with MCForge 1.2.4.

    Can you upload the latest Forge 1.2.3 compatible version of your AddOn for Client and bukkit server Please :)

    Best Regards

    Really? Railcraft for bukkit works fine with 1.2.3 or 1.2.4. I know. I ported the MCL layer, and run MCF 1.2.4 on my server right now.

    I know. The actual arrays are in 189.

    I just want to know why that block is there at all. It almost looks like a test to put the new arrays in the same ID as the other advanced machines.

    Ultimately, I don't like the ability to crash my Minecraft even if it is by accident, because once a buggy block is placed you need to remove the mod or edit the world offline to fix it.

    The other one looks like a bug- just ignore it- I think Zipp started by trying to add solar to the existing block ID, but advsolar is pretty different from AM block wise so he put in a new block and forgot to take out a bit of the code... (all speculation of course).

    I'm fairly sure that's the same post that convinced me to do this update actually.

    Yeah indeed. The epic silliness pointed out there really opens your eyes to it doesn't it? :) Mind you, something does seem slightly wrong with an mfsu just sitting there, filling, very very fast, from something that looks like 1 solar panel :)

    So, attached is a bukkit port: my magic "bukkit it" script worked on it pretty much first time, which is nice. I suspect this is going to be a protected block id for many. Imagine if you broke an HV one, and lost all 512 solar panels embedded within. Ouchie ouch ouch. Probably a good justification to keep it "pick safe" rather than dropping, say, an mfe or some other part of the block...

    Anyway, a couple of bug comments:
    1. It doesn't generate a config file in the face of a block conflict. You need to try/catch the config generation section of the code. (Note, this was the client that failed by the way, not the server).
    2. It didn't start charging a lapotron put into the slot on the hv solar. It did however stop outputting power. I suspect you probably need to tweak the charging code slightly to handle that- it's not going to be much use to charge a battery in an hv solar ;) That might a server side effect btw, so it was actually charging it but it didn't show up as such.
    3. You have a leftover "item" definition in BlockAdvancedMachine for the HV array- you'll probably want to remove that.
    4. You need to shorten the inventoryNames for the "old" advanced machines: the rotary, centrifuge and singularity
    5. You are missing the super call at the end of the Block.remove methods (called onBlockRemoval I think in vanilla MCP code). It seems to be a bug that mostly affects bukkit (I think bukkit is more closely controlling tile entities than vanilla) but it never hurt- I think it was in the last version I shared before you picked it up again.

    Anyway, lets upgrade my main server and I'll share on mcportcentral as ever. Awesome new addition :)

    Edit: attach the file why don't I? :)

    Edit2: Added more bug findings (all small things) and fixed the bukkit...


    what EU debate? The arrays are 1-to-1 EU on a per Solar Panel basis as you scale up. There is no need to debate.

    Have you read the other "advanced solars" threads? I believe one of them was advocating a design requiring about 3 quarries worth of materials for 1 50 EU/t solar panel... Or a mountain full of diamond blocks... People get weird about solar energy- probably because it's set it and forget it, once it's going... Myself, I have no problem- especially since this isn't giving "secret extra benefits" (solar at night being the key one I think)- it's just more solars in a block...

    Anyway, lets get this bukkit port done...

    I get this error when using the "unoffcial" bukkit port, i know it's not offcial but maybe cpw will read this :) The error appears when i'm using BCIC2Crossover mod on an existing world, and here is the error from my console:

    Are you running the latest IC2 port from mcportcentral? 1.43b r2 I believe... There's a tile entity fix. Also, are you running forge 1.2.4 r2? It seems that there's a bad tile entity left in your world. Maybe put a furnace there to remove the bad tile entity...

    Railcraft has a couple of hidden unconfigurable GUIs as does forestry. I ran into a similar problem :(

    You may do a bukkit port. You may not post it on that site as that would violate IC2 terms. You can upload it to mediafire and PM me the link and I will put it in the OP as an unoffical port made by you.

    Really, I don't think that's the case- they've been doing bukkit ports of ic2 for some months now, with Al's approval. But anyway, I tend to upload mods as attachments to posts here and then link them from there anyway, so it won't be a problem.

    Link sent. You should mention that it's designed to work with the stuff posted there, however.

    Yes for some reason Modloader will not overwrite files, but ModloaderMp will. Which is why there is all the init stuff, as it is copied from the SSP source.

    That's because modloader builds it's classloaders a bit differently to modloadermp. I think that modloader is probably more correct, but I think modloadermp is catching up still. Eventually, you'll just be able to declare a dependency on both IC2 and BC and be guaranteed not to be initted until after both of those have been and be able to properly junk this stuff :)

    You should be aware that there are files in API folders that are not part of BC's or IC2's API but of my own creation. Currently they are inactive as at the time SpaceToad would not allow the necessary changes to his code, (this was before he changed his license). However, I plan to use them eventually to reduces the number of block IDs this mod uses. Though it will probably not be for a few versions yet.

    OK, understood. I'll check to make sure it still works when/if I next port it.

    Yes the project is a mess, it isn't really meant to be looked at by anyone else :P. It's the product of frequent changes of mind, and a function over form mindset.

    Heh, no that's cool, I understand the big ole' bucket o'stuff mentality myself. I do recommend you adopt #4 and #5 for yourself though :)

    I have a bukkit port ready to go. Some small changes:
    1. I removed the "other mod init" stuff. That was causing double init of IC2, which isn't pretty. bukkit has modloadermp fixed for proper load ordering (alphabetic, from the filesystem), and prepending a z was sufficient to get this to load last, after BC and IC2.
    2. I removed the APIs (both bc and IC2) because they shouldn't be needed if the load order is correct.
    3. I also removed some other cruft that seemed to be left over in your project from something else (bits of BC energy and transport mostly).
    4. I reorganized your ModsLoaded method to register all blocks and tileentities prior to registering the recipes. Bukkit is a bit more strict about this I think.
    5. Finally, I also changed your ModLoader.registerBlock to use the two parameter version: (blockId, ItemClass), which makes for a bit cleaner code.

    I hope that's all OK.
    Otherwise it works great, had an electric engine running in my bukkit server already :)

    Is there any way to change the block IDs used? I tried installing but there was a block ID conflict, and the Advanced Machines config file is empty. Is there anything I can do?

    Here's what the config file should look like. To be honest, it should generate even in case of block ID conflict, so not sure why it didn't. Hmmm..