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    im positive ic 1 wasnt like that

    It might have been impossible in the past.

    yes i searched about wind mill setups on the forum and came across a couple threads that said it it was impossible for now. with my lack of experince in ic2 rp2 and making compact effecient contrations i put it to the test and i did it in about 20 mins. yes my orinal contraption took up alot of space and wasnt efficent but i thought it was worth posting

    even though it was easily possible i didnt see a forum post so i thought i might as well post it and if anything the water mill gives you 2 recipies so you can produce a constant 6 eu per secound riviling 12 solars....... sure you need other stuff and it needs to be set up but its way cheaper than 12 solar panels........

    so i was playing and i found 28 tin and no copper. so i thought it wasnt spawning because it was a bug or somthing when i changed copper spawning for rp2 config to off. so i did a test at bedrock with mining lazer on eplosive went through a couple lappacks and i had exactly half a stack of copper and 1 1/2 stacks of tin. so it was spawning but results where odd so i started a couple new wolrlds did same thing. but tin spawned around 3 times more than copper.... does copper spawn closer to surface or is it meant to be like this? or did i miss up by messing with config? oh and iron was 1 stack and 15 on first test.

    :Tin Ore: :Tin Ore: :Tin Ore: :Copper Ore: :cursing:

    Why don't you do some "challenges" ? For example; gathering some dirt and saplings then heading underground to never see the sun again. Or create a castle with hidden traps as I like to do. The MCF has plenty of these.

    i'll proably do it with out solar panels :huh: hahahahaha hydroelctic power ftw!

    Actually, Alblaka has stated that he wants to add some more pvp content. I was proposing a way to do this that is balanced. So what if the weapons are "default"? That doesn't take away from the game expierence. If you can figure out a way to have the game balanced with crazy weapons like rail guns then go ahead.

    default means unorginal those 3 weapons are basicly in every fps know to man and some to dolphines. thats alot

    thanks for you help and typing the long answer. i usually pretend and do stuff like that but i guess when i took the break my mind just needed some motivation to kickstart the ideas.

    ps know any good servers with only like ic2 and proably bc and rp2

    Why don't you do some "challenges" ? For example; gathering some dirt and saplings then heading underground to never see the sun again. Or create a castle with hidden traps as I like to do. The MCF has plenty of these.

    yes good idea. but sometimes theres a lot of stupid ones that repeat alot. and my bases always have secret entrances exits and hidden rooms with complicated redstone levers hidden ever where like a lever in the fire place you cant see moves a bookcase to reveal another lever. it is very fun but somtimes fustrating with normal redstone.

    One million EU generated for free in conjunction with a cobblestone generator. Once you have a proper feedback loop built you can turn it on and ultimately create matter without any loss, only perpetual gain. Cobblestone should probably be excluded from Recyclers and Mass Fabricators.

    no matter what you make recylers not work people will find somthing to spam wether is sticks cactus reeds..... and recylers main purpose was get rid of all your crap which is most of the time cobble and random crap

    WHY U NO install railcraft and forestry ? ^^

    more mods means i have to update more. and thats like saying i want quanity over quality. i pefer to focus more on really good mods than do a little in all of them. and if i really wanted more mods i go install one of those modpacks that have 80 mods. but i am looking for a mod for bigger chest cant seem to find one.(not using iron chest gui just looks buggy). i know i might have bad grammer and spelling but it might help you ecourage me if you know how to spell you and stopped talking like a alabama farmer in 1927/ 7 year old

    You should try SMP, its a lot more fun
    f.e:. try to team up with a few people and build a power grid for your city that is capable of producing enough power, but doesnt waste it when there is too much.
    Build a CASUC yourself, without the help of others/guides
    Or you do what you would do without IC:
    Build epic stuff.

    i was actually thinking that. like have people taking plots of land at a city and paying for a constant 32 eu per tick

    sorry for all typos and everthing its late at night/early morning because i cant fall asleep. move this thread if it is in the wroung section.

    backgrounds info:

    so this week has been the first time i have played minecraft in a while. i stopped playing because it was i started getting motion sickness from all the lag for some reason i had never had that problem....and i stopped playing a good bit before ic stopped being developed and ic squared started. so recently i got a new laptop an i thought it wouldnt lag and ic squared is out so it will be better than ever.... i was wroung.

    (and before i just used ic1) so i loaded up a new save with ic2, equvilant enchenage, redpower 2, ic2 addon advance machines. and after about 1 week i was around end game. then i started getting bored.(never had that problem with minecraft).


    so my question was what do you do at end game? make a system that auto macerate smelt and deposite all of your stuff and craft quantom suit?then place down 256 solar panels? or do you just take forever to get to that state or play on a server. what stuff keeps it enteraining? or maybe post somthing crazy machine that well inspire me.

    my soltions so far are:

    remove ee ( ee just made the games to easy with the like 2 endergy collecters and 1 enegry condenser because you could just craft anything out of diamounds that were created.)

    add buildcraft and addtional pipes( for quarry and lava storage tube thigies.)

    make good looking building with 1 purpose and not 1 big ugly building that does everthing.

    maybe play on a server.

    unrelated questions:

    is super fuel still in ic2?

    for me buildcraft 2.2.11 is incompatible with redpower 2 beta part 4b because block id conflicts. did i miss up or is it suppose be like that? because i thought they were meant to be together with ic2. or did spacetoad and eloram have a fight or somthing. not a problem because i changed config but i see servers with both....

    thanks for anyone who responds or even reads it.

    not important

    better go play skrim now and mine with my notched pick.

    still remeber at beging of ic1 of people spamming the lighting rod idea. hahaha its still a issue.

    skyrim vs oblivion (ps3)

    skrim(ps3): better gameplay * 11 more enimies and better visuals not as cartoony you can roll like ninja. oblivion(ps3): less buggy better quest stealth not to powerful unlike skrim skyrim felt dumb down like no spells making and alot more fun stuff.

    proably have to go with oblvion.

    As an addon you can make a nuclear bomb that destroys the entire planet. I fail to see your point and you clearly forgot to consider that this could become an addon.
    Also, i disagree with everything you said. I even disagree with your name. (Because I CAN, i don't even remember what your name was)


    I am totally and utterly Christmas eve drunk, anything i post today might be full of spelling errors and typos and ramblings and other hilarity.

    so your one of those people who drink and eat till they get sick then sleep for the rest of the day?