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    First try at some GT6 scripts.
    The JABBA one is intended to be used with the .cfg, which needs some changes for aesthetics, specifically the RGBs for:
    For which I asked in the GT6 thread.

    Edit: Oops, I put up the chisel.cfg, I will keep that up but I do not consider it's script finished, so I did not include the script.
    I tended the jabba.cfg, which I have now attached.

    Modlist from a recent crash (I reported it to the relevant modder):

    The line reporting the error from Minetweaker.log:
    ERROR: Error parsing IHL.zs:67 -- Invalid expression, last token: import

    Edit: I still haven't gotten this working, but i would also like a way of editing the material contents of an item via script.

    Yes, i would like to. Its a null pointer exception caused by missing NBT tag in itemstack. I use exactly same NBT tag system for durability as it is in GT5.

    This is the critical section of the script:
    val IHLGrind = <ihl:item.ihlTool:4>;

    I then in MC Look at a recipe using a file in NEI and it crashes.

    Is reason of such adjustments a high durability of tools from IHL in GT recipes?

    No, I was mostly just playing around in MT tweaking GT6.

    May be i should decrease it for GT recipes? Or a reason is that my tools somehow make a shortcut in GT tech tree?

    Not in GT5, that I know of, and It will probably be a while before that can be true in GT6.

    However, GT tools can handle being re-tool ODd fine and in the cases of this render bug using actual items, it would probably be nice to not have to restore the world from backup.

    On another note the just released GT6.01.00 has in the changelog at "":
    [API] Restructured the API in a way that probably crashes a lot of compat things of other Mods, that is why the secondary version number finally got bumped. The gregapi.tileentitiy package got a bit too full, so I made subpackages and also renamed some TEs to sort things out properly. I did keep a deprecated Version of ITileEntityEnergy at its old place however, because that one is already too widely used.

    I was MT scripting your tools to have recipes with different durabilities and to be in different GT tool (ore) dictionaries.

    The crash happened when looking at a MT scripted recipe in NEI.

    I can include the scripts if you want.

    I have the intention of undoing most of the nerfs blood asp has added in the jump to 5.09. Is there a good place to host these scripts?

    Blood Asp has said in the GT5U thread that the 5.08 branch will continue to be updated for those who dislike the balance changes in the 5.09 branch.

    But i dont know how to use structures like "for item in array {}" to automate my script. Of caurse i can make insane quantity of lines wich will be contain every item. Its unnormal and long time way i think.

    Here a demonstration from "Let's Greg other mods" I edited.
    I don't really understand it, I just copy, paste and edit.