GregTech 6 MineTweaker

  • GregTech recipe support use a Reflection API.

    List all recipe variable you can find here


    MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe(String recipeVar, boolean aOptimize, long aEUt, long aDuration, long[] aChances, IItemStack[] aInputs, ILiquidStack aFluidInput, ILiquidStack aFluidOutput, IItemStack[] aOutputs);


    MTUtilsGT.removeCustomRecipe(String recipeVar, IItemStack[] output);

    for add or remove recipe.


    import mods.MTUtilsGT;
    MTUtilsGT.addCustomRecipe("sShredderRecipes",true, 128, 128, [10000], 
    [<minecraft:stone>], null, null, [<minecraft:diamond_block>]);

    Add this recipe


    • Official Post

    What is the correct import line, I cannot get it to work.

    import mods.MTUtilsGT;

    According to the OP

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • Modlist from a recent crash (I reported it to the relevant modder):

    The line reporting the error from Minetweaker.log:
    ERROR: Error parsing IHL.zs:67 -- Invalid expression, last token: import

    Edit: I still haven't gotten this working, but i would also like a way of editing the material contents of an item via script.

  • Now, I am trying to use the fluid functionality and am getting this:

    a method available but none matches the parameters (string, bool, int, int, long[], minetweaker.item.IItemStack[], minetweaker.liquid.ILiquidStack[], minetweaker.liquid.ILiquidStack[], minetweaker.item.IIngredient[])

    The relevant parts of the script:

  • I don't know if the Addon already updated to that Change, when I mentioned that there is a Map of Recipe Maps, but it is actually "gt.recipe.coagulator".

    I think that the addon looks up the Recipe Maps every run, but there is a list on gist that hasn't updated.

    Edit: Greg, thanks, but "gt.recipe.coagulator" doesn't work either.