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    Is it related to thaumium recipe for the magic converter? will that be shown in the thauminicon (that spell book) ?

    Btw, I wonder what's the look of the recipe if you only install 3 mods GT, IC2, Thaumcraft.. I mean in he screeshoot it shows ME cable - White (which mod item is this..)

    if there is only 3 mod in the book is empty. in the place where they should show in recipes (I only found three empty recipes).
    if you put all the mods that I have installed a cable'll see :)

    I won't help with simple ID-Conflicts, as mentioned in my Thread.

    Define "Soon". Lets say I will do it in a random Moment.

    id is not a conflict. an item from both mods created.
    it is not properly displayed TC3 recipe in the book. and if I remove your mod then display the recipe in the book (TC3) is correct. why do you think this conflict ID?
    if I put only 3 mod


    the mapping of recipes in the book (TC3), which are not true, are lost.
    remove display returns.
    then something else and not the conflict ID

    For author only (another language):

    For author only (another language):

    another language

    Isn't Simcraft a paid mod? Surely you can't expect any mod to attempt compatibility with that specifically. The problem looks like it might be that you need to configure your Block IDs differently, the game is trying to render a block as an Advanced Machine, but it's not a valid Advanced Machine object. Try again with a fresh world possibly. But then again, this is a guess after briefly looking at the mod's source for the error presented here.

    help forg 152 :)

    When I put on the server door simcraft

    in client SMP
    SPAM :(


    in server

    when the compressor is installed. current through the wire 32