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    Thank you! Now run the GUI in the SMP))

    killed himself by electricity in the SMP

    SMP.I can not understand what was happening. no errors in client and in server. but including all projector I can not see and do not bang on the block shield (id255) .... but it all works, the energy supplied.
    the same client and server. but different maps. on one maps (level-type = DEFAULT) blocks(id255) can be seen and interact with them on the other does not (level-type = FLAT). may be the case in this parameter "level-type ="
    I do not know why but if the maps is created with the parameter "level-type = FLAT" the block (id255) not visible (checked a lot about SMP

    Sorry for bad English ... I hope it is clear


    I can not go to the server, once incorporated Projektors Area

    mess this bug?
    [Major-SMP] area projector set radius 20+ create a buffer overflow !! Can crash the world !!!
    the world works if you go under a different nickname, and is very far

    in smp and ssp
    Beta 5pre3
    Beta 5pre4
    client crashes if not in the hands of the MFD, when you press M, or any key you assigned (I key F)

    in ComputerCraft 1.2 key M

    I recently installed this awesome add-on for IC2 and started playing around in ssp, I had fun so I set up a server on my home computer for me and a friend. When you place and then right click a block to open its GUI the minecraft screen shows a blank dirt background screen, without the saving chunks message, the screen then goes black and you regain control of the mouse. When starting the server there are no errors, the server files contain no error logs for me to post, the clients have no error logs to post and this happens for multiple people. I also check the config files and all ID's for GUI's and blocks are the same.

    Thank you in advance for anyone who can find a solution to my problem.

    bat to see the error

    and I have the same error
    breaks in the SMP client as well as you.
    error posted above post

    yes I installed correctly. tried on the client with their mods (they must have 15), then tried to install on a clean server and client ... one and the same error:( I'm so upset
    and if it did not exist then it would not open any block of IC2. IC2 but it works fine.
    let's make things simple
    1) download this program
    2) Tell the checksums of the original files: minecraft_server.jar and minecraft.jar (without mods and that you are using) using this program.this is my clean files without mods:


    Файл: minecraft_server.jar
    CRC-32: df1a7221
    MD4: 83edb0ec45b4b90e83b38ce99d75d0bf
    MD5: 0c0ed1f8198b37561971f838043838ab
    SHA-1: 79c4f3dc88d06db359dbf5cfedbbbd120d73bf4f



    Файл: minecraft.jar
    CRC-32: 39218dcb
    MD4: bd6b06c4c1bc1fcc6a75aa843ad52afe
    MD5: f8c5a2ccd3bc996792bbe436d8cc08bc
    SHA-1: 6b562463ccc2c7ff12ff350a2b04a67b3adcd37b

    3. tell me whether the same MD5 with yours? give it time, let's help each other ...
    4. Take all appropriate fashion and IC2 with http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2144 even if you already have them
    ModLoader Beta 1.8.1
    Flan's ModLoaderMP Client 1.8.1
    SpaceToad's / Eloraam's MCForge Client 1.1.2 or later
    and IC2
    5. Install the addon and IC2 as described in your topic.
    I'm doing exactly what I did not work.
    please do all that I wrote ... and it is particularly important original files MD5 tell you that the Executive minecraft_server.jar and minecraft.jar
    I need to know where to find the cause if it be with me, and this information I would be very helpful.