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    and even so I installed it.
    to first
    start the server runs
    then in copied the files from
    and the error on the server

    I'm not the right thing?
    Again it does not work ... oh, how tired. something like come on the server and it appears again the same mistake myself: (
    now able to check out some blocks of fashion. in a general sort of miracle, all blocks that I've opened other GUI .... put on a new client on the net ... can not be that my hands these curves: (Please put before us at a mod check all of your new blocks the server. and yet that very strange after all put the blocks away where you began to hear a loud noise like an explosion or thunder at intervals

    Now the server does not change ID block fashion:))) because of a conflict with another mod .. had the time to remove the mod))

    fix it?

    sprite id's shouldn't cause issues

    sirbrandino : thanks :D

    this is strange, because without your mod but I portalgun1.8.1v4 free - 1. your mod but without portalgun1.8.1v4 - 18. without you and without portalgun1.8.1v4 - 23. obtained portalgun1.8.1v4 - 22. and your - 5 (this is so?). and 22 + 5 is greater than 23.
    I just have a lot of addons installed. and will have to remove one of them:)
    Here is a mistake.

    is connected and it looks like so that I described above.

    odd try the new update I recoded wood gassers and it might work now

    I tired to reinstall .. just tell me what to do to get rid of this error. even created a new map.
    A server error when I go to the server

    I haven't used the wood gasificator yet (don't expect to) but the Miner is everything an advanced miner should be. I love the fact that I can use a Lapotron crystal instead of rigging up a geo and MFE in the field!

    When I use it in conjunction with a pump, it also seems like the pump will extract more lava than just whatever is directly below it. I don't know if you added lava to the valuable ores, but if you did you have my thanks! As I mentioned above, I use geo when I'm working in the field, and a lava cell is a valuable thing!

    try using a wood gasificator open it, right-click .. please. Check working or not?

    sry I can't upload any minecraft.jar's because that is illegal in the US,

    just get IC2 working and then stick the advgenerators .zip file in the mods folder, and see if that works

    You can then create a file will be able to limit control the amount of the contents of jar.
    that would have been clear about what I'm here is an example:

    There is a program that can create a file for the entire contents of the folder. you to do it I run it and there is a check unzipped minecraft.jar example minecraft or any other folder. and tell you what files do not match the hash
    Programs HashCheckInstall-2.1.11 it can create a hash file to one folder or all folders
    so let's works for me as you say .... I have described. I can vidio shot? Displaying how I install?

    glad that you are trying to help me)
    my Version 6 Update 29 (jre-6u29-windows-i586-s.exe)
    I do not know it or not prohibited. but could you make a working minecraft.jar and put me in a PM working version minecraft.jar. if it were possible to accurately determine (the fact that I do not like correctament install or a problem in my OS and software). it would be much faster to find a reason not to work:)
    + I would have to Total Commander would compare the contents of my and your file. but maybe I'll send it to you?

    Just like to update you, I don't know what you did, but it's now working with Rei's minimap as of the newest version of this addon so I give you this: :thumbsup:

    you are running? Tell me what and how you installed? what version of java and OS? you understand I can not do that would work ... the addon can help you than describing all installed. What version of mods and programs ..

    SvEgiiVEteR : you did install IC2 right?

    edit: actually I did some research and it appears to be an issue with java, or rather an issue with the wrong version of java, go to the java home page and try updating your java

    yes of course correct. copied to the mods. I'm telling you I have before, and was ic2 and worked perfectly.
    java is the last
    PS my friend the same mistakes in the game at SMP .. can the fact that we have a Russian OS ... that is not the same as the English version of the OS. I had to deal with one software. developer also did not realize it. Russian language has made the program. but there is no support for Russian characters ... and there may be a similar problem?

    No it did not help. even downloaded minecraft.jar and minecraft_server.jar with the official site. installed on the client and on all servrer
    2ModLoaderMp (download all the links listed on http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2144)
    installed your mod and (minecraft.jar and minecraft_server.jar) and tried all the mods folder in the same errors
    what is your system and OS version and in Java and version "lwjgl"?
    I also checked the version AdvGeneratorspr2, resonant same mistakes ...
    PS I really just do not work?
    because no one else writes about it .... all working modes?

    hmmm..... I hate to say this but Idk how to help..... I can't figure out what that error message means ?( ;(

    Tell me just what and where to install. I will do exactly as you write. but I play with 15 modes and was able to combine all've been playing two months added or updated mods and the client that would work modes. I can not understood what I'm doing wrong. reinstalled everything on a clean server and client but does not help.
    1. write what and where to install?
    2. what version of Java and OS?