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    installed again on a clean server and client.
    in the SMP client crash: (

    I have a GUI with 40 to 45 are engaged and I just do not know what to put GUI tried to put these:

    at the opening of a solar panel that's

    tried a few blocks of one and the same error ..
    and what addons you can learn GUI? for block ID Resolver for a GUI?

    But the really weird thing is that this bug only occurs when this addon is installed with Rocket Science. Both work perfectly fine by themselves. I'm having trouble understanding why this occurs. :pinch:

    and I have this addon because when I open diamond chest (the chests of the addon here on the site) I also have a client crashes but on SMP boxes in the SSP are working. Rocket Science IC2 changes in this case .... : (

    thanks for the help all did)) and tell me to learn GUI? to use a block ID Resolver. and what to use for GUI?
    and here is a list of mods that I use just in case, that would in the future, not conflict:) I hope that the protective shield can be opened as it was in IC1, and that it will do damage:)

    author please check your addon conflict GUI with Advanced Machines V2.1.
    why? because sometimes when I open up your blocks. instead of your GUI visible GUI Advanced Machines .... but it does not always happen from time to time ... it's very strange. well that neither the client nor the server does not crash. this is a glitch in the SMP. thanks for the mod:) and what makes ForceField Inhibitor Upgrade as I did not understand where to put it?
    Sorry for bad English

    current mod ver 1.15 is not compatible with BC 2.2.5, when I try to open Filler GUI from BC 2.2.5 with installed AdvSolarPAnel - Client crash (in SMP version only) and crash client only

    @SvEgii & Joe: I will look into that and see if I can find out what the problem is

    edit : well looks like its not your problem or mine.... java bug.....and even worse it's in the modloader code so I can't just not include the buggy code in my addon.....

    maybe try reinstalling java

    reinstalled twice 4. tried version 6 to version 7. can we put all the software from java you use? Write what version of software. and what operating system?
    and I hope that you will be able to figure out how to fix it all. you may need something? what some information?
    and say you are running SMP? you tested?

    @SeVegRii : that could be your problem, "mod_IC2_AdvGenerators=on" should be below "mod_IC2=on"

    I change it but its still doesn help!

    please show me your modloader.cfg

    d: \ M181s \ mods \ industrialcraft-2-server_1.23.jar
    d: \ M181s \ mods \
    d: \ M181s \ mods \ industrialcraft-2-server_1.23.jar
    d: \ M181s \ mods \
    d: \ M181s \ mods \
    this case, the rumors start the server.
    but all of your GUI objects from the addon confused ... you open your generator offers recovery from IC2 but config files I deleted all ... they create new ones. what you throw a log?


    mod_MpUtils I cleaned that with him that without him the same thing, so do not blame him:)

    still found but in the SSP. went into the game put all of your blocks. came and went again, and in that place where there was a bunch of Void Generator was formed and the height of land and 3 blocks ... like a pyramid ... but not quite flat.
    and log

    but the client would not fly:)

    @SvEgRii : make sure you are using the correct versions of everything

    I told you that I have downloaded all the time 10.
    ! - [url][/url]
    2 - [url][/url]
    all in minecraft_server.jar
    in mods
    and now have downloaded your new version of the corrected

    I understand quite well with computers and do not think that I'm doing something wrong .. already tired of pumping the same thing many times.:( and in English, I am writing this poorly highly annoying....:(
    PS I hope this will help but as I started the server with the interpretation from error that I wrote ...OR if they are fitted together in a folder mods

    with server does not run in mods and in minecraft_server.jar tried to install. and so and so error

    and world no. he simply does not create an error of .. eh ..

    how to properly set? I asked four times.
    to first
    start the server runs
    then in copied the files from
    If doing so, the server does not start.
    Why can not answer.
    as I described above I have a bug on the server
    installed on the server, I went just so.
    1) copied both the archive to a folder mods and but the config file on the server (the only way the two versions could run together)
    I do "" file with a program content server and client.
    Clean off if you do that I can not put fashion that can show your world with 15 mods installed and they work fine. there is an error in the expansion and must be addressed. you need to do this?
    PS and if someone is working in the SMP add-on then write about it, checking all the tools. and describe in detail what and where you placed? DETAIL. I will do the same.

    the same thing .... :( What do we do ...

    1)copied both the archive to a folder mods and but the config file on the server (the only way the two versions could run together)
    2)created a new map

    3)and when I open Advanced Generator offers recovery from IC2
    4)when placed Void Generator is why it starts to glow red and produces a sound of explosion and then again to darken. then red again and making a sound .... and so is infinite.
    5)while Wood Gasificator again a crash with an error
    6)or open the Rare Earth Extractor and error

    7) or open a WaterGenerator is opened MFE
    8 - and even when the client starts here is a message I think this is an error

    PS you'll excuse me, but please download from the official site of the server and client. and put yourself mod. may be in your client or srevere something different from the formal and on this you are running .... although I'm not sure that you check.
    is it possible to copy the contents of two files (forge, ML and MLMP) to the client and the server is not correct, and IC2 folder in your mods?Am I so stupid that I can not do correctament? :( check and then I was tired to think what's going on. :( Check each block on the server ...
    created a video please take a look. It is 30 minutes. all cases correctament

    well let me rephrase, if you correctly followed the update instructions and are using Pr4, then it will only use 2 block ids

    I say properly installed or not?
    If I do as you wrote, I do not run a server?
    to first
    start the server runs
    then in copied the files from
    If doing so, the server does not start

    Joe27 : try deleting IC2AG.cfg in the config folder

    did it. then there are no blocks config id. how to put right?
    and even so I installed it.
    to first
    start the server runs
    then in copied the files from
    If doing so, the server does not start