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    You have an id conflict, go into the ComputerCraft.cfg in your config folder and change the block id to something else that isn't occupied

    when I attach a MFFS Nuclear Reactor Containment block to my reactor I get the following error message on my server, which also causes clients in the chunk to get kicked until the specific block is deleted in mcedit

    EDIT: it occurs with both NEI'd items and Crafted versions as well

    Looks like he's already got it, from the error report. More likely part of the cause, than a solution.

    Provided you update your individual mod/addon config files with the new block id's and then delete the file to let it search again without causing conflicts with the updated configs it works with damn near every mod, I've yet to have things get swapped around for me yet. The only thing I fear is having an item ID get changed and not being able to update it in the mods configuration file, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it tbqh

    so overclockers add speed and storage upgrades add eu storage. do you mean the the input transformers stop the machines from blowing up when i hook up an mfsu?

    Precisely, place two Input Transformers into, say a Macerator, and it'll run on HV direct from an MFSU instead of needing to be stepped down to LV

    Actually, the problem isn't just one person asking about one add-on. It happens in every add-on and mod thread every time there's an update to the game or to the main mod.
    That adds up to a lot of irrelevant and useless clutter that doesn't get anything done any faster.

    It's obvious that he's too busy to even come here and post; what makes you think he should even have to?
    The add-ons will be updated when he's ready and able to, and not a moment sooner - no matter what we say or do.

    Serenity comes from learning to accept the things we cannot change.

    Indeed, besides, we have a port to MC 1.1 around the corner, coming sometime soon (don't ask when I don't know nor will I hazard a guess or even ask) my guess would be he's waiting on IC2 to update for 1.1 before he finishes updating his addons so that he won't have to turn right around and work on yet another update and can instead focus his energy on adding new features to his addons.

    If I were a mod developer/addon maker that'd be what I'd do to be perfectly honest

    you are running? Tell me what and how you installed? what version of java and OS? you understand I can not do that would work ... the addon can help you than describing all installed. What version of mods and programs ..

    I was just letting F4113nb34st know that his addon now seems to be compatible with the Rei's Minimap mod, back in the PR1 state it wasn't compatible, I don't know if it was something Rei did or if it was something F4113nb34st did, but they now play nice together. I am unsure how to fix your problem, although I haven't checked personally since I'm not a coder.

    Sarudak: very good ideas! :D can't wait to add it in

    harley9699: try finding where the mod stores the way points, and delete the folder. Then delete everything in the config folder. Run MC. Then exit it, move IC2 to the top in modloader.cfg, and start MC again, see if the works.

    a531: that is probably an IC2 bug because I directly copied the IC2 miner code for the AdvMiner

    Unfortunately, the error just cropped back up and the step I took before doesn't work now... gonna attach my current modloader.txt, the current modloader.cfg, and the error report that I recieve, it seems to me that the mods refuse to load in the order I place them in modloader.cfg for some reason.

    Going to also post the error in the forum post for the minimap, perhaps they can shed some light on the problem as well.