Recipes File Link broke :| and Static Boots

  • Hello everyone , and sorry if there's already a thread like this around.

    Well my report is about the Recipes File Link , in the release's posts , the link is offline/broke ! i can't download it ...even trying "Save link as..." and it didn't worked :/.

    The reason as to why i wanted the recipes File is to craft the new Static Boots because there's NOTHING on the wiki about them and also because the Quantum Suit recipes changed and i don't have the full suit yet.

    Could anyone help me ? like giving me a TXT file with the recipes or even Screenshots(like how to craft them) of said items ?

    Thanks anyways and sorry for my poor english !

    PS : A fix on the recipe's file link would be better IMO (so everyone would have it at hand at ANYTIME).

  • is IC² compatible with Bukkit now? o.o , i remember that in the past it wasn't.

    Well i couldn't find anything about crafting recipes in the CraftBook's page :/ , and CraftGuide is SSP only , unless it can work in SMP servers too (mine is SMP btw).

    Thanks for answering anyways.

    EDIT :

    Nvm , i'll just craft the CraftGuide in SSP to see the recipe =o , thanks for repplying!

  • Craftguide is indeed SMP compatible, you'll require the quickguide extra for it to work via a keypress since you can't craft the item itself on the server