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    Clay is renewable? I thought it wasn't?

    Edit: If it's supposed to be Buckets and not Millibuckets, then something might have been wrong with my install of IC2 Build 452. All I know is I'm getting 10mB every time the progress bar hits 100% in MassFab, Coal costs 5mB, Diamond is 252.5mB and Clay Block is ~500-550mB. It's also taking 8 scrap to get from 0% to 100%(but still takes like ~30 or 34 or so scrap to make anything decent)

    I've also noticed that my 6-Cell, 20MEU MK 1 0 Chamber reactor probably isn't gonna cut it and that I would need more copper/tin/iron/diamond for reactor Components/Chambers/MFSUs if I'm going to do anything with the MassFab. I find the investment quite resource intensive, and expect to get 30-75% of the invested resources(total resource investment in the whole IC2 Exp mod) back within an IRL month of getting the MassFab(provided 10 hours a day everyday playing) from using the MassFab to generate resources. I don't expect to use Quarries of any kind since all IC2 Exp has is the Miner(which gets pretty much all the ore in a 9x9 radius, but not so much scrapping material/cobble)

    I always like to compare mods to Vanilla when it comes to balance/benefit/enjoyment. Vanilla is a bit open-ended though when it comes to progression, and might not work as well for multi-tier progression.

    I think the defaults were like about 500-550mb of UU per Clay Block(252.5 or so for 1 Diamond), but i'm not sure since I already changed them to 40.5mb in my configs(same as Hard clay is now, I also changed Brick Block to 38 so that it's cheaper than clay since clay has more uses than clay brick[didn't scan the brick block before changing, but 1 brick item was super expensive before I changed it, about same as clay ball was])

    Edit: I'm about to double my config's cost of clay to 81mb per clay block and bricks to 76mb cause oak wood planks were set at 66mb at default.

    I know the UU System in IC2 Experimental was currently balanced around Quarry yield, but It so seems that currently 2 Diamonds are worth about the same as a single Clay Block.
    Most Quarries aren't designed for surface mining, especially for things like Rubber, Clay, Clay Brick, Hardened Clay, Wood, Cactus, Ice, Packed Ice and Snow.

    I propose to lower the cost of most Uncommon Surface Blocks/Items to be roughly around the Price between a Single Lump of Coal and a Single Iron Ingot.
    I'm just finding clay way too expensive as is. Haven't tested the other materials due to scanners taking forever to scan. I don't want to be forced to change the Config of Clay UU cost every time I want to play IC2.

    Edit: I'm also finding other "Commonly-used to build with, but super rare if you try to quarry it" blocks being super expensive: Mossy Cobblestone, Red Sand, Melons of both types(Blocks go for 559 or so FULL Buckets of UU, not millibuckets), bookshelves cost 200 FULL Buckets EACH, Podzol/Mycellium and Mossy/Cracked/Chiseled Stone Brick register as Dirt/Regular Stone Brick, Mycellium/Packed Ice/End Stone refuse to register at all, but at least Nether Quartz Blocks are well balanced.

    I never got a chance to use IC1 back in minecraft beta 1.7.3. Also, I posted here because the IC1 forum was locked.

    I want to know:
    How do I install IC1 v8.55 for Beta 1.7.3 as well as Risugami's Modloader using the new Minecraft 1.6 Launcher? I want to showcase what IC1 was like before IC2 took over.

    I just scanned both a single Diamond and a Clay Block.
    Diamond(item) currently costs 252.5 UUM
    Clay Block currently costs 551.7 UUM
    Why the hell is Clay more expensive than Diamond in a Replicator/Scanner!?
    I intend to use clay to build with Red Brick, and need it it very large quantities. I was going to use the replicator to make some seeing how both Diamond and Clay are non-renewable, but that just got thrown out the window unless the values are changed soon.

    One weird thing I found, was none of my scanned recipes seemed to have cost any EU. And there are some graphical glitches in builds 447-452 invovling reversed textures on the south/west/bottom sides of most blocks, but that's a bit off topic.