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    My idea for a drill, Is a block that you can pick up by holding "shift" then right clicking on the drill machine block to pick it up, no wrench required. I think there should be two variations, steam powered and electric. Heres the catch, it requires dynamite to mine. could also use mining pipe, drill tips and maybe coolant for the drill tip. Maybe someone could make dynamite that has more kick(break obsidian). The drill block would not break any blocks, the dynamite would do that, just to be clear.


    "+" = where dynamite explodes, "-" = the space between.

    Maybe Q-armor is light weight so a electric jetpack is powerful enough. Other types of armor would require the power of a fuel powered jetpack because they are heavy. I think people could deal with the fuel jetpacks properties/ inconvenience of fueling, as long as they dont have to switch it out with armor just to fly and be mauled by npc's because they forgot.

    I don't know where you got nano helmet Sirus, but I was talking purely boot and fences. makes me feel like devs are always in too much of a huge hurry.

    and if your wondering why I imagine nano boots jumping fences, think crysis.

    How about buffing the nano boots, make them so you can jump over a fence. There is a potion that makes it so you can jump just high enough to get over a fence. similar to using quantaum boots but only enough for fences.

    love to see nano leggings make a person walk a little faster.

    biggest thing would be a fuel powered jetpack + nanochest plate. :whistling:

    maybe hazmat suit + fuel powered jetpack = if it takes damage, it must be repaired with rubber before it breaks.

    What is "flux" exactly?
    As far as i know steel is produced through carbonification of iron (carbon-iron alloy).

    Steel is usally made from grey iron (cast iron) and/or scrap steel. industrially air is used to burn the carbon out of the iron. refined iron is a joke,

    My personal reason is that, I found that I can teleport a full chestcart using a battery box or two a good distance, if say a battery buffer were compatible I could use gregtech to power a teleporter, I could trade out batterys quickly too, it also helps when you have miners that need fresh batterys tools or food, good for trading with your not too distant neighbors. you can stay home.

    I doubt too many people remmeber/used GT "redstone circut block" back in minecraft 1.5.2, I found it not too stright forward(not really easy to use and limited use) , seamed to me like it had a few bugs. but it worked nicelly to control a nuclear reactor. I could set # of ticks, push button, go mining, come home and nothing blew up. I wanted more, still do.

    How about "bit controller"? well maybe that name sucks a little.

    Basic bit controller, uses bit wise operators AND ,OR, NOT ,NOR, >>, <<. allows you to change signals(output of block and in "redstone cables") and easyly interact with machines. uses the GUI idea in the attachment.

    4 bit redstone cable tied together with a power cable, red = 0, regular redstone, 3 others colors what ever. can be used to connect bit controller blocks and machines togther. when placed in the world it is like an electrical cable, that you can put covers on. using a colored redstone cover will allow you to acess a differnt colored cable. because red = regular redstone you can connect redstone dust the cable block. cable --> redstone dust --> lever.

    wireless bit controller, simular to the basic bit controller, exept that it adds a wireless option for the bits(in the picture).

    advanced bit controller, has an advanced feature, a possible momentary spot loader feature and wireless compatiblity. but instead of just single bit function, you can program it, also has a delay for a # of ticks. making it easy for someone to make a timer or any other simple circut.

    While(redstone_0 = 1) // this could be a lever being pushed, a button, or active redstone dust
    redstoneoutput ^ 3 // redstone cable outputs in 4 bits, output = 0011
    _delay#ofticks = 50 // then delays by 50 ticks before toggling the output by, 0011, output then = 0000 after the while loop repeats.
    you are likly thinking well why dont you just get computercraft, ha well I dont like how computer craft is setup, you have to learn there code and special shit to make something. plus I think it would be a great addition to gregtech 1.7

    I also think every function should be simple and listed on the GUI for the advanced "bit controller", kids like to play minecraft why not make your mod easy to understand/ explain its self. kids will just give up easyly if it looks way too hard. with computer craft you can't explain everything, you have to list it on a webpage because its so much. I tryed learning to program turtles, but I gave up theres just too much stuff for the amount of time to learn it and be decent at it.

    I guess I make poor posts because I expect people to know what Iam talking about, or the they just can not understand. maybe I speak it (adams family) when Iam in a hurry or nervous.

    wasn't shooting at you greg, just I was thinking of your cobble gens likely as a model of efficency compared to other methods of generating cobble and that people will make cobble farms to be used with IC2. I should have clarified that sorry.

    every response I have recived about this idea has "from nothing, for nothing, free, free and more free shit." in it. people the scrap machine takes power and material to make scrap, most clever people on servers make cobble gen farms, heck gregtech has cobble stone generators in it. Every peice in a stack, In a scrap machine takes an operation = lag, then you have a % chance to get a peice of scrap, then a % chance to get somthing from a srapbox. so I am sure that your perfect scrap machines make "free" shit !!!! anyways. don't even get me started on IC2's mass fab(power*time = matter = anything).

    though I would think gregtech would make cobble generators that take less cpu.

    If you understood the last paragragh in post #3, I would NOT be arguing still, there are power requirements to be talked about, the idea of adding "flux" to get more of the elements wanted, do you even know what flux is good for other than solding? (real life) I bet you do not. but if you had an once of imagination working you could guess it from what I have said already.

    My ideas are not making free anything,

    :cursing: really thats all you got was "FROM NOTHING!" maybe if you read to the bottom of my pervious post. its a new better scrap system. turn your imagination on!! Iam not looking for anything. just suggesting something. remmber its a furnace not a block of iron.

    Then just disable cobble generation, if obsidian is made in a generator then redstone or lava is used to make it and that is fair. the argument I make is, how much cobble would you need to feed though a scrap machine to have a chance of getting anything thing valuable? Would it matter how easy it is to mine out an area, it would take real life days to mine enough but, with the "plasma arc furnace" the longer the game goes it would start paying off. because you would get a small % of valuable metarials back from mining. similar to IC2's scrap machines but with a known amount of value. plus you can use flux to help get more of what you want. how would it matter if cobble stone generation is working? at least you wouldn't have half a dozen scrap machines running = lag.

    ok fine I will simplify.... uses similar system to scrap machines, can not give give complex items(tools, diamonds,plant stuff, etc.), machine consumes stacks of items not single item per operation, stack of materials = % of materials out(i.e. stone*64 = 0.01% iron, 0.001% copper, 0.000001% irdium), materials = stone, dirt, ores. , if machine loses power and % does not = 100% then % = 0.

    that is the best way if can think of describing it.

    I find the use/idea of scrap generating machines rather silly, how about a machine that process materials to get trace minerals out of them. like stone could have 0.01% of irdium in it . then you process 1000 stone and you get 1 ingot of irdium. you can also get other trace elements iron, tin, copper, uranium etc. maybe even dump all your other ores into it? it could output ingots or special lava? you could also use flux?

    I still like the mass fabicator as it is.

    Introducing the plasmatron arc furnace! this awsome device is capable of seperating the tiny amounts of valuable trace elements from regular stone and dirt. be warned all you mud hut dwellers this machine is capable of consuming you entire house with in a single tick. that is all the dirt your house is made of if it where in a chest. one very neating function of this machine is that you can use flux (ie. glass, salt) to incress the yield of certian elements/minerals, this will effect how much of the other elements/mineral will be burned off. bewarned using flux in the furnace is know to eat the machines carbon crucible.

    ((ore_kind(# of stacks = % ))*flux(flux_kind))
    :Electric Furnace: :Geothermal Generator: :Electric Furnace:
    :HV-Transformer: :Coal Chunk: :HV-Transformer:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Glass Fibre: :Advanced Circuit:

    I have been doing some serious thinking about some the force field mods out there and I really don't like the idea of putting a huge force bubble all around my house(makes lag impossible for servers). so how about this? you can add strength to every block inside an area useing a "force block hardener" or "integrity field generator", now all blocks inside an area require a higher tool teir to break them. example, a dirt block would need a stone shovel to brake, redstone ore takes a diamond pick, obsidian takes a irdidium diamond drill. or if you put enough transformer upgrades and the block is already hard enough with out the hardener machine,no tool can break it.

    :D = dynamite remote

    "structual integrity field generator" or "SIF generator"
    :Iridium: :Industrial Diamond: :Iridium:
    :Intergrated Heat Dispenser: :HV-Transformer: :Intergrated Heat Dispenser:
    :D :Teleporter: :Energy Crystal:

    now as my imagineation says, makeing a block of pure force energy requires insane amounts of power so, how about small field generators limit 3x3x1 only thing you can set is distance force block are from the generators face useing upgrades.

    "small force field gerator"
    :Iridium: :Teleporter: :Iridium:
    :HV-Transformer: :Advanced Machine: :HV-Transformer:
    :D :Advanced Circuit: :D

    one very annoying thing that I have found with force fields or other trouble some things is how can you shut the dumb thing off after you get locked out of your house by a force field? redstone and a lever? no you cant reach it cause there is a field in your way. well how about building a remote to control the power going to it. simply link it to your device or splitter cable like you would your teleporter, then right click to turn your machine on or off. similar to the dynamote remote.

    "remote controller"
    :Industrial Diamond: :D :Industrial Diamond:
    . :Rubber:

    Why change the name of something if all your doing is adding upgrades though resipes or right click with an upgrade on a machine?
    You could show required voltage useing the resistor color code. LV is black, MV is brown, HV is red etc. i.e. adding over clockers changes machine colors.

    names describe what something does or looks like, if it doesn't do it differntly then it is the same thing.

    just cause you put bigger tires on your truck it is still [what ever brand you like]
    though if you need to fix something under it, It can be easyer but not always.

    How about naming teirs 3-5 after what powers them. like a teir 5 furnace could run off plasma from a fusoin reactor and call it a "plasmatron furnace", "plasmoid furnace". but if you did that I would like a simpler generator than a fusion reactor for generating some plasma. teir 4 could be an advanced electric hybrid furnace generating plasma in the furnace at low efficentcy with no wear on iridium parts(rings). teir 3 could be a basic version requiering plasma to be transfered to it at an insanly inefficent cost and/or by consuming parts.

    The centrifuges could follow a simular proposed teir system, combining the industrial centrifuge with the thermal centrifuge. then using plasma as the energy source. the recycler tiers 3-5 fill up with scrap then melt/burn it to get usefull stuff/super matter fab fuel from it.

    you could say that the first teir is technically steam powered machines,

    The first idea is about the "dynamite remote" This device should be able to control a redstone signal. i.e. shutting down a force field, Opening some iron doors or even setting off a deadly trap to kill a thief remotely. A machice upgrade or a cover for a machine(gregtech). It should could have two settings single pulse and flip-flop.

    next is about the RE-battery, lead acid batterys have fatal flaws they can only handle low voltages(in real life, rare to see otherwise) and are slow to recharge.
    RE-batterys can handle any voltage due to redstone haveing almost magical energy absorbing proporties(in real life, it would change how we power electronics). Why do you think energy crystals have redstone in them huh?. proposed tiers "Lead acid" --> "redstone and lithium" --> "energy crystal" --> "lapotron"

    In another suggestion thread I read about someone wanting to get clay from stone. ha no. but how about from washing dirt in the wash plant?

    Remmeber those magical properties of redstone, ever heard of a betavolatic battey? by combining redstone with uranium in a special battery with tier based casings you can make this space age power source, you can get nearly free power. the only problem is the amount of power you can extract from it is so small but the voltage is extreme. maybe the IC2 engineers will need to look into this awsome power source.

    next are some ideas a little further from IC2, some rare materials "tungsten" and "platinum" are very hard to melt (real life). how about a "plasma arc furnace" for really hot stuff and an "electric arc furnace" for processing bauxite into aluminum. seriously you've never watched "How its made" :evil:

    This goes towards "gregtech" how about instead of a "thermal boiler" you make a nuclear reactor that makes steam. dont get me wrong a thermal boiler is a fair source for tungsten with out going to the end but, having tons of EU's can be much better. machine casing blocks for it could be made of stainless steel.

    How about a blast furnace that makes grey iron, Then you have to convert it into steel by reacting it with air cells. Could also be used to melt bronze. then use cooled dies to cast it into usefull shapes.

    ya I have melted aluminum, brass and cast iron in my backyard(real life) I got a serious clue of what it takes.