[V1.23] nPower plugins - IC Efficiency 0.7, BetterMiner 0.1, qSuitCtrlPatch 0.2 - BUKKIT support!

  • Put this in notepad

    java -server -jar minecraft.exe

    Save it as minecraft.bat (as type "all files", not text), in the same folder as your minecraft.exe
    Then run it.

  • Um...
    That batch didn't work for me, neither with the -server option nor without it :D
    It just started the JVM, which ended up ... slowing down my computer to a halt.
    Any other ideas?

  • It just runs the minecraft launcher. We all know that minecraft slows down your computer to a halt. :P It does sometimes take a while to appear, as with the normal launcher :P

    (Are you sure you put it in the same folder as minecraft.exe?)

  • I am just asking now hurry or anything but when do you think you are gogin to update this mod to the new IC2 1.337b