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    The scaner is meant to get exact values.

    The first effect is called smog. I did not yet get that working. It is meant to be a visible filter, like when in thaumcraft there is some eldritch stuff going on. Air becomming brown and muddy. This i meant to start early before any real effects come out.

    So far i tried to do the effect for a few hours so far, but i will try it later once again. Coding stuff about visuals is certainly not my strengh.

    Despite changing the config, end asteroids seem to be extremely few and far between (I see 1 like every 1000 blocks). Does anyone know if something is interfering with world gen? (e.g. climate control mod or smth)

    The default chance is 1 Asteroid every 300 chunks. So, did you lower the number to get more asteroids?
    I:AsteroidProbability_300=1 would result in every chunk containing a asteroid.

    Also the visibility in the end is really bad. that results in missing many of the generated asteroids.
    As linked again, oreprocessing with GT only is fully possible. It only ends up as huge clusterfuck and needs an gigantic amount of materials. for your order issues, maybe allow some overflow even trough it does not go trough the most ideal path then, also restrictive pipes for the order might help.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    From me you all get a new GT update!

    Fix usablility of Single use batterys.(by Timeslice42)
    Fix Gas turbines/Diesel generators generating infinite fuel when using Universal Fluid Cells.(by Dimach)
    Fix Adv Miner II outputting wrong ores.(by codewarrior0)
    Fixed burn time of wooden covers.(by Dimach)
    Fix fluid regulators ignoring shutters.(by Dimach)
    Fix Plasma flow tooltip.(by Techlone)
    Add progress bar for last forge loading phase.(Recipe load)(by Данила Большаков)
    Fix Diesel Engine Tolltip.(by codewarrior0)
    Fix Diesel Engine output when boosted.(by codewarrior0)
    Fix efficiency calculation on large gas/plasma turbines.(by codewarrior0)
    Fix Oil Cracker tooltip.(by codewarrior0)
    Fix unlimited EU in Dynamo Hatch bug.(by codewarrior0)
    Fix mining laser recipe change.
    Disable markDirty Function of TileEntitys.(Achieved huge memory improvements in GT6, no testing in GT5 so far)
    Fixed ore harvest levels for new stone types(marble/basalt ores)(by Dimach).
    Various Fixes for Modular Armor.(By dgabehar)
    Fix ULV&LV cable recipes.
    Add marble and basalt to ore typefilter.
    Wrong type of steam inserted in steam turbine will now get voided to avoid getting stuck.
    Fix processtime calculation of LuV+ disassemblers.
    Fix food can recipes.
    Change hot coolant energy value to better fix IC2 heat exchangers.
    Fix efficiency data of Diesel engine.
    Add Magic super fuel recipes that work without thaumcraft.
    Naq Gen MK3 now needs molten enriched naquada instead of dust.
    Add new usages for Graphite(Neutron reflectors, 8+32V solars, carbon conversaton).
    Fix scanning for oil.
    Fix naquadah fuel rods heat bonus.
    Reduce damage senses take when harvesting ic2 crops.
    Fix sound when using the plunger.
    Fix Chlorine and Hydric Sulfide fluid states.
    Rebalance Rocket Fuel production costs.
    Fix broken Hydric Sulfide recipe.
    Add missing metaitems for GT++.
    Fix pollution effect coordinate calculation.
    EBF efficiency changes for better coils(-5% EU/t per 900K free heat capacity, One tier overclocking without efficiency loss every 1800K)

    Doing the oreprocessing with GT machines only will get big.
    Including AE2 and/or EnderIO Conduits allows for much more compact systems.

    Adding to that i can quote some tipps i made a few months ago:

    The setup i posted also looks really complex, but using EnderIO pipes or Applied Energistics can make it much more compact. I can try to list some important improvements/points i have... Input goes into type buffers: Ore, crushed ores, impure dust, dust. Ore into one single universal macerator, that output loops back into input. Crushed ores get split by filters. Chemical bath with mercury and sodium persulfate get filtered out, remaining with lowest priority into normal ore washer. buffer chests of chembash full triggers redstone to close shutter, so nothing flows over into normal washing. Purfified crushed ores go again trough type filter, remains leave oreprocessing. Purfified get filtered for sifting or thermal centrifuge, remains go into macerator. Some purefied dusts go directly into smelting, remains into centrifuges. Now all the output gets filtered for tiny/small dusts or nuggets and typefilter+superbuffer+packager setup turns them into dusts/ingots. Dusts that need Electrolyzing or centrifuging get filtered out again and looped back. Now all coming out gets filtered for dusts that need smelting. Also there are some special lines for other materials that need centrifuging or fuel rods that need thermal centrifuge. The machines are all Low Voltage besides the High voltage macerator. Also are the machines set up so, that stacking them as much as needed is no problem. Remember that (type)filter only need energy for auto output. push pull them with other mods and everything is fine without powering them. Doing that using enderIO is actually quite easy.

    And its time for GregTech update 5.09.26!

    Fix crash with Fossils Archeology Revival.
    Basic IC2 Classic compatibility.
    Fix Forestry Wood Cover recipes.
    Fix missing paperboard recipes.
    Fix ore in basalt or mable not triggering achievements.
    Fix Disassemblers above Insane Voltage(These tiers now work faster without efficiency loss).
    Lowered sodium fuel value because mods with endless salt sources allowed too efficient power generation.
    Exploding GT machines now drop randomly some of their crafting components.
    Add missing GT Food Crops.
    Fix GC Compressed Aluminium recipes.
    Add Duranium/Tritanium as highend tool materials between HSS and Neutronium.
    Add radon and naquadria fusion recipes.
    Fix ImmEng adding simple recipes for Steel/Iron/Aluminium rods.
    Added compat to EnderIO Rocket fuel+GT Recipe.
    Cleanup recipe code.
    Add all missing potion recipes to GT.
    Make Dough by throwing flour into filled cauldron.
    Allow Oil Drills to pump oil in void worlds without bedrock.
    Hide Covers for Forestry woods if forestry is disabled.
    Hide Disabled Crates.
    Show missing Mining Pipes in Adv Miner II GUI and missing turbine rotors in large turbine GUI.
    Fix Reinforced stone dropping as TNT.
    Wrench shift click can move machine front direction.
    Fix Quicksilver nugget dupe.
    Improved Magneticraft compatibility.(Imported instead of reflection, add sifter recipes, remove processing exploits for tungsten, iridium or osmium, change carbite recipe, add oil products to fuels)
    Immersive Engeneering compatibility.(Crusher recipes, Excavator has GT oreveins, bio fuel in diesel generator)
    Add fuel values for PneumaticCraft fuels.
    Fix crash in some Processing Array recipes.
    Naquadah Fuel Rods.(Mox fuel stats with 10x runtime)
    Fixed some broken Assemblyline recipes.
    Added special mode to needsmaintainance cover for large turbine rotor damage detection.
    Detect GT++ and enable materials for it.
    Item Transfer now tries to move full stack instead of single operation.
    Rare dropping of items in combination with double chests fixed.
    Add Automatic Maintainance Hatch.
    New Recipes for Lapotron Crystals, Mining Pipe, Mining Laser and Quantum Armor.
    Change gravisuite armor recipes to assembly line.
    Fix missing pulverization byproducts.
    Add EnderIO Alloy recipes.
    Rebalance Pollution. (…/common/ for details)
    Fixed some Pollution Bugs.
    Added some more Pollution Effects.
    Fixed Powderbarrel processing client side.
    Fix the generation of uncraftable turbine rotors.
    Fix Translation of Multibock Tooltips(This time for real)
    Fixed Broken crop orepreocessing recipes.
    Turn off AdvMinerII once reaching bedrock.
    Turn off Oil Drill once all oil is drained.
    Fix ignoredOredictList not working.
    Fix scanner looking at wrong chunk for pollution in negative coordinates.
    Fix Large Turbine tooltips.

    Revised the modular armor.
    Recipes are now enabled.
    Basic, non electric, Modular armor should work fine, testing needed.
    Electric modular armors still with a bunch of strange behaviors, will be fixed in the next updates, helping with testing would be nice.
    Modular armor now has a config to change its values. Balancing proposals would be nice.

    The Alloy Smelter is the most steam hungry GT steam machine and constantly running it takes a bunch of boilers. I think 3 or 4 was the right number.

    I my case i start using it by running the boiler until it's internal tank is almost full and then put a small amount of materials inside, so it does not run out. About 3-4 runs should work if i remember right.

    I do not really understand why you disconnect the pipes? Give the machines only so much material to process so they will not run out of steam. They will not use any when not working.

    But the tool you are likely looking for is the soft hammer/mallet. Hit a machine with it to turn it off.

    After that i recommend to upgrade the steam storage asap with some tank. For example railcraft or whatever you have in your modpack.

    Is this bug?

    Scanner is not accepting the IV Piston and Data Stick. It worked for the motor and pump but not the piston. I tried this for the new scanner, new piston and new data stick.

    Also, in this setup, when I remove the data stick from the scanner, it disappears.

    Yes, a bug. But did just fix it and uploaded a new build to OneDrive.

    These centrifuge recipes could get removed without breaking anything and are just for lazy players.
    They are meant to be inefficent. The correct way to get Plutonium is in the IC2 nuclear reactor.

    To make the whole nuclear reactor system more technical correct would need a bigger rewrite where i'm the one too lazy doing that for now. Still, i'm always open for help, the code is on github.