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    Actually, if the Miner were coded to consider lava (and water) "valuable ores", wouldn't the pump basically pull up all of it within the range of the scanner?

    Pulling up all the liquid in a 9x9 (or 5x5) area is still sufficient and should avoid the world-killing problem you mentioned.

    Exactly that's what i've meant.
    Geo-Gen supporting a battery-like fuel object.
    Next up would be people requesting pumps being capable to fill them with lava, etc...

    Well.. I don't use BuildCraft (nothing there that really catches my fancy), but if you were to implement something like that in IC, I'd find a use for it!

    Ah, OK. So one can turn off just the IC2 sounds, then? That's good to know.

    I suspect that this isn't so much an IC2 issue as it is a Minecraft/Java issue overall. I'm not sure, but I'd suspect that Java does not use hardware acceleration for sound. Which is a pity, because I'm sure my sound card can handle at least 64 voices simultaneously (it does on other games).

    I'll meet you half way and agree that reducing power production wont accomplish everything.

    All it will really accomplish is to push players to make more solars than before to get the same output. I'm not sure what that solves.

    I guess we still have to identify what the real "problem" is, and if it's actually a problem or not. Most of the time, nerf calls boil down to "I don't like the way the other guy plays" but really, how does it affect you? You can do the same things, everyone's on a level playing field. So it's not an issue of haves and have-nots.

    If the problem is that it discourages use of other methods of power generation, then those methods need to be examined for improvement. If it's a matter of server performance, nerfing solars cannot fix that issue unless you make them utterly useless.

    So I'd be interested in knowing what, exactly, you do think reducing solar power production will accomplish.

    Wait a minute. It occurred to me... maybe I'm not being teleported into the Void after all. My destination pad is set into the floor in a small room, it's possible that I'm just being teleported into solid matter. That would explain why I don't die instantly - what happens in the Void? Does a player take damage? I'm playing on Peaceful so I'm not sure.

    I'll test it again in the morning, see if it shows coordinates when I'm in the black place I'm sent to.

    Maybe that's it - or maybe it's the Void after all. Could be either. I'll let you know what I find.

    I haven't used the wood gasificator yet (don't expect to) but the Miner is everything an advanced miner should be. I love the fact that I can use a Lapotron crystal instead of rigging up a geo and MFE in the field!

    When I use it in conjunction with a pump, it also seems like the pump will extract more lava than just whatever is directly below it. I don't know if you added lava to the valuable ores, but if you did you have my thanks! As I mentioned above, I use geo when I'm working in the field, and a lava cell is a valuable thing!

    Hmmm.... hadn't thought of that! It's a definite possiblity. And with the pads only being about 50m apart in my base, I can't imagine it would use much energy.

    Direwolf's video had implied that you could power a teleporter with a dedicated MFE. Is this true? I would rather not waste resources on a pair of dedicated MFSUs when the power usage would not warrant it.

    My containment vessel has an "airlock" with a reinforced door on the outside, then another one in the block just before the inner chamber itself. Both are cotrolled by a lever above the door.

    So there's a small tunnel, one wide by 2 high (with an extra space above the inside door). I don't need to actually go into the water to service the reactor (I can stand outside the inner door) but I can enter the chamber if need be for maintenance.

    I have yet to test the design for explosion resistance, but honestly I should never need to. It's one of MJ's designs and heat never goes above 29. Something catastrophic would have to happen to the water source ring to affect that - in fact, I could just fill the inner chamber and leave it at that, as evaporation never occurs. But for hotter models, or those which rely on outside control or cooling, you definitely want to make sure it's bomb-proof.