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    Super! Thanks for the advice - looking at the contents, that seemed to be what to do, but I wanted to be sure.

    These machines are great, and worth the expense! The only thing I noticed is that applying a redstone current to one of them will also apply that current to adjacent blocks - a bonus if you want to warm up a few machines with one switch, but a drawback if you like to manage power more carefully. In the end, I spaced them between non-redstone machines like the Recycler and Canner.

    Thanks so much for this! Much cleaner looking and intuitive!

    I couldn't even get my electrolyzer to WORK before this. I could not put the uncharged water cells in either of the left hand boxes, I had dropped them in what seemed to be a space on the right but nothing was happening, even though my MFSU is at 97%. Swapped in your GUI picture and tried to move the cells into the left-side slot, and viola!

    You've done noble work here, sir. No one needs to die today, thanks to you. :thumbup:

    OK. I managed to get client and (non-bukkit) server updated.



    Thanks for the fix - I saw Direwolf's video and decided I have to get these machines! However, I need some more clarification before I go ahead and do this.

    Do I copy your fix into the jar for the original mod? Or do I just drop the "fix" into the mods folder? Or does your fix replace the original mod entirely? Given the way things get booched if something's installed improperly, it's far easier to have the instruction beforehand. Thanks.

    I saw the OP calling to swing the nerfbat and wondered if I'd accidentally stumbled into the WoW forums.

    Are we talking about shamans vs. paladins here, or can we accept and admit that everyone is on a level playing field in this game and "nerfing" something doesn't improve the game for anyone (else)?

    Maybe people wouldn't have to rely so heavily on solar power if other forms of generation were more dependable. Improve water mills, make windmills less fickle, and if solar is still better than nuclear, then it's the reactor that needs the buff. I haven't noticed my 39-panel solar wing outstripping my humble 2-chmaber, 3-cell reactor yet... and fuel hasn't been an issue for me, even playing several hours a day. Maybe it's because I'm not running vast, automated setups - if I'm not logged in, my machines aren't using any power anyways.

    What Rick said.

    Any idea that relies on nerfing windmills, of all things, is insane. People already don't use them due to their unreliability. Solars are fine - the expense to make compared to the output sees to that, as well as the space and wiring to make an efficient solar grid.

    The wing on my roof was originally enough to power my first modest workshop, but it has since been relegated to a supplemental role.

    I'm not even sure why we have someone calling for nerfs in Minecraft, of all things. It doesn't matter how other people play, and in SMP, everyone is on an equal footing. The problem isn't that "solar is OP", the problem is that windmills are fickle and water mills are useless. The key lies in changing how machines interact with bodies of liquid - and the proper fix is one that would make water mills work better in larger bodies and/or moving water as well as making pumps work more effectively.

    All of my cooling cells returned to normal but the IHDs now have (full) green bars beneath; I assume this prevents them from being used later to say, create additional reactor chambers? Or do I need to let them sit even longer and fully recover? (I don't recall them having health-bars before)

    This is the design: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…b6=1n10101001501521s1r01r

    It's a +3 chamber Mark II-1 EC, but it's much lighter on resources.

    I'll give this one a try when I'm ready to expand. I'm currently using your 2-chamber design so this is an ideal choice for my next upgrade.

    I have also noticed that the IHDs don't ever seem to fully "heal" as the cooling cells do. Perhaps it depends on their placement - see if location in the grid matters, or (during cooldown) surround them by cooling cells so that they can transfer all the heat out? Not sure if either idea will work but it's worth a shot.

    Here's a 2.33 with less resources:

    Mark I-0 EC : 35eU/t eff=2.33 Core+2

    This is also cheaper than the 6HD design above since the chambers it adds consume HDs and other resources.

    That is the design that I am currently using - thanks for the plan! Its output and efficiency are sufficient for my needs and I only use reactors that I don't have to babysit. It's nice to know that I can have this reactor right under my workshop, and all I have to do is drop new fuel cells in there once in a while.

    I've been trying to rearrange the plan to accommodate use as a breeder - without removing the water around it or adding/removing any chambers. So far, this is the best I have come up with:


    It doesn't require building any new components, just taking some out for the cycle. However, I'm wondering if it's possible to set it up in such a way that I can enrich 4 more cells in the lower half, yet still stay cool enough to run the full cycle. Is it possible to make a setup for this reactor that can safely do this? I'm not good enough at reactor design to figure out how to cool it. Any suggestions?

    Flat versions: (33 solars, 1 solar will fill up a part of the storage during day, no problem that cant be handeled.)
    Stage 1=bat box, cables 2 colors

    Stage 2=Solars

    Thanks so much for this design! I hadn't really done anything more than simple wiring up until now, and what started as a 5-panel flower on my roof in the earliest days of my workshop, had grown into an untidy design that was probably hogging more CPU than it ought to...

    Your picture showed me just what I needed to do, and helped me to understand the next step in learning wiring. Not to mention, this design fits PERFECTLY on the roof of my tower! I've got the batbox feeding an MFSU in the ceiling of the floor below the array (for accessibility) that outputs into a MassFab.

    Thanks to your good advice, I'm turning sunlight into DIAMONDS! Muahahahahaaaa... Well, more likely iridium - diamonds are easy to make. Though now that my Quantum Suit is complete I'm not exactly sure WHAT to do with my UU-M.

    wouldnt the MSFU quickly fill up sense it only outputs at 512 EU/t? so after a bit it would overfill and be wasted?

    Have you tried to calculate how long that would take? 820 EU per tick, 20 ticks per second... that means more than ten hours of real time to fill an MFSU. And that's assuming constant daylight in game. So, under normal circumstances, call it 20 hours of play. Does that sound like "quickly" to you? :thumbup:

    When I use a miner, portability is the keyword. I don't run a wire out to it, I bring the power generation to the site. My miner setup fits into a 4x2 meter footprint.

    At the back, a generator atop a batbox. One wire goes from the batbox to the miner, another wire goes from the first into the pump beside it. In front of both sits a double chest. Usually, one can of coalfuel is just about enough for the dig.

    If you're using a diamond drill and an OV Scanner, you can use a geothermal generator and an MFE if you find you don't have enough power otherwise. If you are running wire from your base to a remote site, you're just wasting power.

    Thanks for the armor textures! They look GREAT - I especially like the Nano and Quantum skins. I just finished building my Quantum Suit and I feel like Iron Man in it!

    The suit design almost looks like an Iron Man suit - any chance you could do it up in red and gold to match?